Friday, May 13, 2011

Yes, this Blog is still alive!!!~and......FIRST MATE EXTREME comes through again!

The July Hot Hounds event will again be held at Drag n Fly Kennel - home of the infamous "bone-breaker" gravelled trail, and the unforgettable "Are you arresting ME?" incident when a lone RCMP officer attempted to grab Ms S Rogan for daring to drink a can of Superstore's potent 0.5% "lager" at the roadside, and was then politely asked if he really was going to fit about 30 mushers, and their dogs in his cruiser...anyway to the important future event -

FIRST MATE EXTREME have AGAIN sponsored the Yukon's unique and one and only:


18 bags of FM up for grabs across the 3 categories, get 'em out there training pulling tyres!!

Upstart Pretender Puck will be challenging Asha for the Mediumweight title...or will he....who else is out there?

Stay tuned as the July race gets set up...looking like Sunday 3rd or Sunday 24th with lotsa luverly Omega 3 and Vitamin D rich Arctic Charr from Icy Waters Ltd to race over (well win, it'll get a bit gravelly if we race over it...)

Could've got the sled back out up here yesterday.....

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