Wednesday, July 28, 2010

YUKON MEAT & SAUSAUGE - THE DELI, presents the "Three Creeks Dryland Races"

- or slightly moistland after you've been through the three creeks...twice.

Sunday August 15th, 5pm (the nights are fair drawing in) meet in the parking area where Annie Lake Rd first meets Annie Lake at approx km 15/16. The two mile trail starts from the road and runs the Carbon Hill 30 in reverse, for a mile, up the sandy hill, through a small, medium, and slightly larger than medium creek before looping round and returning through the creeks and down the nice hill. The Canicrossers have a nice flat 1 mile trail, without any water crossings, and the two 1 doggers simply go half the distance of the two milers (yes, you get the hill too - but don't forget you come down it as well).

Simple, straightforward, the trails will be well-flagged by local volunteer Hugh Neff. Any possible complaints regarding trail flagging should therefore please be directed to Mr Neff.

Prizes for 1-3rd in the 4 races are delicious cash certificates (ok, the stuff you buy with them is delicious, the certificate itself may not actually be delicious, although I havn't tried it) from the delectable goodies stocked in Yukon Meat and Sausage - The Deli, whilst supporting prizes are kindly provided by Icy Waters Ltd, Aurora Booties, Muktuk Kennels, C&D Feeds (luverly cat treats (ok, I havn't tried this either, but I'm sure it's tasty) I know some of you have cats!), and there's still a most popular T shirt from the Yukon Agriculture Association amongst the prizes.

Following the prize ceremony, Normand Casavant and Carine Grenier have kindly agreed to host the pot-luck BBQ at their kennel at Km 8, Annie Lake rd, thank you Casaventures!

A sample from YM&S, the Deli - to receive the actual certificate just turn up for the race with a dog tied to you and run or cycle very fast...simple! but if you don't want to go fast (nothing wrong with walking in the Canicross, I've done it, the dog likes it), don't worry, there'll be something for everyone; just come out and have fun!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The Yukon Meat and Sausage - the Deli, Hot hounds Dryland race is now Sunday 15th August, at Annie Lake Rd, with post race in-depth analysis BBQ at Normand Casavant/Carine Grenier's Kennel. We borrow part of the Carbon Hill 30 mile trail which features many super fun water splashes and a delightful not really long at all, not really sandy, well a bit, hill - which means you do get to come down it as well - look on the bright side: my glass is always half-full, except that isn't my glass at all, mine was full, who took it? Sorry, I digress - NEXT RACE:
details to follow.

DPSAY Summer RAFFLE - win prizes of $400-$995!

The DPSAY summer raffle , still going, get your tickets now, only 250 in total!
1st Prize - your choice of a Skookum Brand Northern Garments Anorak, value up to $995; 2nd Prize - 2 x $200 Canoe training course from Yukan Canoe; 3rd Prize - 2 x $200 full day horseback trips from Sky High Wilderness Ranch.

Tickets $10 each from any Board Member, and soon at the Kopper King Fas Gas
Draw held before the first race of the Mongrel Hordes Hot Hounds on September 12th

Sky High Wilderness Ranch
Yukan Canoe

Monday, July 19, 2010

Those Cadence Cycle photos in full - thanks to Clark Rogers

Marcelle Fressinau grits her teeth for the downhill section!

Giant Dog leads Maren Bradley to second in Pet Dog, and Maren said she doesn't run...

The colour co-ordinated black team of Board Member and RAFFLE organiser Vi Sarrazin makes their racing debut

Fast Man-Fast Dog combo, Ryan "Ringer" Leif and Grizzly tore round the mile in just 4m 56!

Alexandra Rochat races through the scenery

Jon Lucas "Jeez this is hard work", Bluto "aha, so now you now how it feels, two-legs, try pulling as well!"

The now familiar sight of Mark Manolis "sleep-racing", whilst passing Janet Keller and her 3 month old veteran

Newcomer (to racing, although RR100 Mendenhall timer veteran) Robert enjoying the Pet Dog Race

Maren Bradley deep in concentration, or is it the "I said GEE!" face?

Marcelle Fressinau of Alauyuk Adventure closes on Roxanne Mason in the Canicross

Jon Lucas leans over to give the impression he's going fast (it was only an impression...)

Cynthia Corriveau having a bad day but actually finishing this race! Well done, 1 out of 3 ain't bad!

Smokin' Paws "B" Monkey Amil Dupuis-Rossi

Carine Grenier wins the Pet Dog! C'mon Carine, give us a smile, it's supposed to be fun!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cadence Cycle + First Mate Extreme Freight Pull RECORD turnout

37 teams signed up at Drag N Fly Kennel for the Cadence Cycle Hot Hounds. A cool evening breeze made fro good low temperatures for the dogs, and the gravel/hard earth trail caused no major injuries (although Jenet Keller looked like she was about to be cut in half when Tutshi faked haw and then gee'd at the last moment leaving Jon Lucas scootering relatively fast on the other side with the line stretched across Janet's all worked out well though).

In the First Mate Freight Pull, newcomer Ibex pulled the cart for Gaetan Pierrard and earned himself second place and $90 of dog food in the lightweights, whilst Zoya pulled to victory earning Janet Keller $135 of dog food. Many thanks to Bombproof Ooutdoor Gear for the freightpull trolley.
Go Zoya!

Tippy pulled the cart to second place for Amil Dupuis Rossi in the Mediumweights
"Tippy, this way, leave Jim's vegetables alone"

Whilst Asha returned to take the mediumweights for the third year
"This is so much shorter than those Skijors he takes me on!"

More photos from Clark Rogers in future posts.

The Results! All monkeys rode bikes unless otherwise stated

2 Mile 2 Sled Dog

1. - Darryl Sheepway - "Smoking Paws" - Fry + Coho - 7.29
2. - Claudia Wickert - 7.54
3. - David Mason - 8.16 - Scooter
4. - Jon Lucas - "Snowpigs" - Tutshi + Flicker - 8.28 Scooter
5. - Adam Robinson - "Slaves of Sky High" - 8.34
6. - Sandro Bumblebee - "Bumblebee" - 9.18
7. - Maren Bradley - "Persistence" - 11.50
8. - Janet Keller - "Grizzly Blizzard" - 13.30
Scratch - Cynthia Corriveau -

Speedy Sheepway wins the 2 mile
1 Mile 1 Sled Dog

1. - Darryl Sheepway - again - 3.24
2. - Claudia Wickert - again - 3.56
3. - Amil Dupuis-Rossi - Smokin' Paws - 4.02
4. - Gaetan Pierrard - Ibex - 4.10
5. - Jon Lucas - Bluto - 4.20 - Scooter
6. - Alexandra Rochat - 4.21
7. - Cynthia Corriveau - 5.09
8. - Marcelle Fressinau - Alauyuk Adventure - 6.15
9. - Maren Bradley - 10.20

Gaetan Pierrard with the beautiful Yukon as the backdrop, unfortuntely Gaetan is d/q for signing his disclaimer with an "X" - witty, very witty...

1 Pet Dog 1 Mile

1. - Carine Grenier - 4.37
2. - Maren Bradley - 6.12
3. - Janet Keller - 7.08
4. - Robert Siefke - 7.22
5. - Mark Manolis - 8.50 - Running
Scratch - Cynthia Corriveau, not having a good day.

GO MARK! This is what we mean by a Pet Dog! are his eyes shut again???

1 Mile Canicross - Record Entries!

1. - Ryan Leef + Grizzly - 4.56
2. - Sandro Bumblebee - 5.39
3. - Jon Lucas + Bluto - 6.01
4. -Chrystal Bartczak - 6.30
5. - Mark Manolis - 7.33
6. - Adam Robinson - 8.25
7. - Simi Morrison - 8.41
8. - Roxanne Mason - 8.55
9. - Virginia Sarrazin - 8.58
10. - Janet Keller - 9.08
11. - Marcelle Fressinau - 11.20
12. - Christiane - 11.38

Many thanks to hosts Tony Radford and Chrystal Bartczak, at Lee Kirkpatrick and Jim Hajash's kennel; thanks to all of you for coming out and having a great time, and RM Simi Morrison, Timer Jocelyn LeBlanc, on course volunteer Tony R. Also to Cadence Cycle for great prizes, First Mate Dogfood for yet more dogfood and Aurora Booties, Muktuk Kennel, Icy Waters Ltd, Chocolate Claim, and Yukon Ag Association for supporting prizes.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

DPSAY Summer RAFFLE - win prizes of $400-$995!

The DPSAY summer raffle kicks off at the First Mate Freight Pull and Cadence Cycle hothounds race this evening at Drag n Fly Kennel. 1st Prize - your choice of a Skookum Brand Northern Garments Anorak, value up to $995; 2nd Prize - 2 x $200 Canoe training course from Yukan Canoe; 3rd Prize - 2 x $200 full day horseback trips from Sky High Wilderness Ranch.

Tickets $10 each from any Board Member, and soon at the Kopper King Fas Gas
Draw held before the first race of the Mongrel Hordes Hot Hounds on September 12th

Sky High Wilderness Ranch
Yukan Canoe

Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Mate Extreme Freight Pull and CADENCE CYCLE Dryland Race all ready to roll!

Trail was run last night - some gravel, some firm sand and earth. Mainly flat and running alongside the Old Alaska Highway makes for good speed and spectating. Cadence Cycle have sponsored us with over $300 of cycling goodies for 1-3rd in the four races, and for everyone else there are prizes from Icy Waters Ltd, C&D Feeds, Aurora Booties, and the Chocolate Claim!!

First Mate Freight Pull has 3 bags of dog food for 1st, 2 for 2nd, and 1 for 3rd, and if your dog just won't pull, there's consolation prizes from the other sponsors. Remember the dog has to stay, attached to the trolley till you have walked the 16' feet to the fininsh, then, and only then can he start moving the trolley (he can bounce around as much as he likes, so long as the trolley doesn't cross the start line). Dog weight categories - 0-60lb lightweight; 61-100lb medium; 101+ Heavies.

Races follow the freight pull, and pot-luck BBQ follows the races!

Registration at 6pm, Drag n Fly Kennel, km2 Old Alaska Highway, Sunday 11th - see you there!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cadence Cycling Hot Hounds and First Mate Summer Freight Pull

Round 2 in the Dryland series features the notorious "bonebreaker" trail - the venue is famous for controvesy (remember Susie Rogan resisting arrest? Valerie leading the 2 dog before crashing and burning (er, surely "breaking"?) 20 yards from the finish?); Lee Kirkpatrick and Jim Hajash are happy to throw open their estate and Drag N Fly Kennel at km 2 on the Old Alaska Highway for another rollicking good time, races, freight pull, BBQ and the occassional quaffing of a refreshing cool T-shirt. Unfortunately they won't be there, which is rather extra cool of them to allow us to race there in their absence - the meet will instead be hosted by Tony "CHT 2009-10 Champion" Radford and Chrystal Bartzak.

The usual set of races on the apparently mellow, mainly gravel, flat and straight trail - if you come off your wheels don't straight arm into the ground, let your hand touch the ground then bend your arm, and roll over onto your shoulder - a crash technique perfected by Snowpigs, because they get a lot of practice at it.

So, Registration at 6pm, be on time please, and thanks for being so punctual at the Chocolate Claim races.

Sunday July 11th, Drag n Fly Kennel, km2, Old Alaska Highway

6.30pm - FIRST MATE Summer Freight Pull, Heavy >100lb; Medium 60-99lb; Light up to 60lb, class, First Mate Extreme 40lb bags of dog food, 3 for 1st place, 2 for second, 1 for third.

7.00pm ish
1 mile 1 pet dog - wheels

1 mile 1 sled dog - wheels

2 mile 2 sled dogs - wheels

(and Sandro) - Canicross - 1 mile, as many dogs as you feel comfortable being dragged down the gravel by - runners/trotters/walkers only with dog(s) attached at all times.

everybody welcome - racers, spectators, volunteers! and this is where the cool dogs go!

Great cycling orientated prizes from CADENCE CYCLE of Wood Street (633 5600), with supporting prizes from Muktuk Kennel, Aurora Booties, and Icy Waters Ltd - search them out and buy their stuff!

Poster kindly printed by Inkspirations Graphix