Sunday, August 26, 2007

Colin Morrison gets ready for the off with Kombu, whilst Assman patiently waits... ready




15 Dogs and 11 sets of wheels left the start line Saturday. Racing through the trees on a winding, climbing , falling trail neither the dogs nor their monkeys could afford to lose concentration over the short 3/4 and 4 mile courses. Numerous tyre drags around tighter than expected corners, or to negotiate tree roots attested to the technical nature of the Marsh Lake Community Centre's X country Ski Trails.

And what a great centre, as a club, it has a restaurant and bar, the perfect way to relax after an evening having fun with dogs and dodging trees. It would probably make for a very fun sprint sled and skijor competition, to add to the famous Marsh Lake Ski and Bike Loppets. Many thanks to the centre and Simi Morrison for letting us use their trails, and cliub facilities.

With recent rain the trails of damp earth made for cool temperatures and the dogs had a great time. Race vet Cayolynne Fudja DVM, doubled as Official Timer, and Laura J. Lucas was Race Marshmallow as Gene "I do really have a boyfriend, it's just no-one else can see him" had an "important" date with Mr Invisible - I mean, c'mon, get your priorities right next time. Becky Cadsand dodged out of a wedding reception to compete!

Asha the Rottie made it 2 out of 2, winning the Pet dog again, and Assman of Snowpigs came storming back after having some "leading issues" in recent training to take the 1 sled dog, closely followed by local Marsh Lake Musher Colin Morrison (trading in his long distance sled for a bike) teaching long distance Khombu that sprint is much more fun. Baby Jesus was unfortunately feeling unwell after pigging into a sack of dog food and looked about 8 months pregnanat so Susie Rogan took Texas the muscle monster and a scooter, but was sadly unable to catch Assman - perhaps next time eh? or not. Linda Krafta (running Drag n Fly) beat Tony Radford into second in the gruelling 4 mile 2 sled dog category. No-one showed for the Canicross class, which really was a missed opportunity to pick up $50 for taking your dog for a 3/4 mile walk.

Everyone used bikes this time, except Jonathan Lucas, and Susie Rogan, on scooters.

1 Pet Dog 1 mile

1 - Asha - Jon Lucas - Snowpigs - 3.47
2 - Becky Cadsand - 4.30
3 - Linda Kafta - 6.01 (but her dog got back a lot earlier than the cyclist......)

1 Sled Dog 1 mile

1 - Assman - Jon Lucas - Snowpigs - 3.11
2 - Khonboo - Colin Morrison - Pinocchios Springs - 4.06
3 - Texas - Susie Rogan - Gatt Kennel - 4.14
4 - - Becky Cadsand - 5.26

2 sled dog 4 mile

1 - Linda Krafta - Drag n Fly - 18.39
2 - Tony Radford - Drag n Fly - 19.11
3 - Jon Lucas - Drag n Fly - 19.35
4 - Becky Cadsand - Drag n Fly - 20.09

Next race - ICY WATERS LTD, Saturday Sept 15th, 5pm -earlier time, the nights are drawing in, and the snow is coming)
All prizes: Arctic Charr for dogs and monkeys; and this time the 1 mile is a full one mile. Pot Luck BBQ afte the races.

Photos coming soon

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday 23rd Aug - Situation Report for Phillipe's Bike Repair Races, Sat 25th August

Trail good: packed earth; a short stretch of soft sand (should sort the bikes from the scooters); there was a small tree trunk across the 4 mile trail - easy to scramble across, we'll see if it's still there on Saturday. Water will be in position at the 2 mile point on the 4 mile course; both the 1 mile (actually 0.75mile) and the 4 mile are loops, so there is no head-on passing in this race; there are some proud tree-roots but I got across them ok on a scooter so you softies on big wheeled bikes should only slightly rattle your fillings.

See you out there... if you think you're hot enough....

Monday, August 20, 2007


Contact Phillipe on 867 633 5600 for all your biking needs - new bikes, bike hires, bike repairs, body armour and helmets, all with a quick, efficient and friendly service

Marsh Lake Community Centre (MLCC), Saturday August 25th at 6.30pm.

Take the Judas Creek subdivision road, travelling South from Whitehorse turn right off the Alaska highway after Old and New Constabularies.

6.30pm Registration. First race - Canicross class at 7pm, wheeled races to follow.
Pot Luck BBQ all evening, courtesy of MLCC, or purchase your food from the Centre, serving delicious Arctic Charr (amongst other tasty stuuf). Bar available all evening.

Trail a little more hilly than the Yukon Gardens Race, and watch out for the tree roots - could be a bit bouncy (you miss out on all this fun when it snows)

Weather forecast is good - overcast and showery. Here's a little of what the trail looks like:

Asha Charges Uphill

Taz, the world's smallest sled-dog hauls a huge weight uphill

Aklak and Keno calmly bring Heather downhill

CHT Enterprises:

Dryland Race Rules July –Oct 2007

All rules subject to amendment by Race Marshall
Race Marshall may create new rules for unforeseen circumstances at any time
Race Marshall’s decision is final, there is no appeal.

Please do not embarrass yourself by whining and complaining if you do not like the Race Marshall’s decision.

Race Day Registration and Mushers Meetings

6.30pm Registration (July, August)
5.00pm September
2.00pm October

30 mins post registration
Mandatory Mushers Meeting, Registration can continue throughout meeting

Being late for mandatory mushers meeting jeopardizes entry, do not be late

All races are of one class, age 8 and up, anything non-motorised, or on foot (canicross)

First Race: 1 dog (any type of dog), 1 mile CANICROSS Class

Second Race 1 pet dog, 1 mile

Third Race 1 Sled-dog, 1 mile

Fourth Race
Heat 1 2 sled dogs, 3.5-5.5 miles
Heat 2 2 other sled dogs 3.5–5.5 miles
Heat 3 2 different sled dogs (to heats 1 and 2) 3.5-5.5 miles
(teams may enter 4 dogs to run 2 heats, or 6 dogs to run 3 heats, fastest combined time of any two heats wins – i.e. a 6 dog, 3 heat team can discard its slowest heat)

The Race Committee would like to thank the Silver Sled and Carbon Hill and CHT as their rules form the basis of this rule set. The terms dog driver, skijorer, musher, and monkey are interchangeable

1) No dog drops. Fatigued or injured dogs must be carried to the finish line by the same team they started with.

2) Mandatory Gear: Protective Helmet, dogs to be attached to vehicle, or monkey.

3)Any dog abuse results in instant disqualification, and refusal of entry to subsequent Dryland races.

4)Competitors disqualified for dog abuse at other races at any time may be barred from competing in the Yukon Brewing CHT Race League and Race Days. Race Marshall will make decision under advice from Race Committee and Race Vet.

5)Any team can accept help from volunteers throughout the race, with no penalties.

6)Passing Rules:
1)competitor must be within 50 feet of team to demand trail
2)competitor must allow passing team 1 minute to untangle
3)5 minutes must be observed before re-passing.

7)Absolutely no littering, take your, and your dogs’ waste away with you.

8)Protests must be submitted in writing to the Race Marshall within 30 minutes of reaching the finish line.

9)Extreme weather conditions are defined as over +10 in bright sun. Advice on heat will be taken before each race, and final decision made at the meeting of each case. Local conditions are highly variable.

10)The Trail must be followed as marked.

11)If it is necessary to stop, pull off the trail

12)Bibs (if available) must be worn at all times.

13)Age of Entrants
8 or over (below 19 with parent’s consent).

The Committee reserves the right to deny entry to any class to any participant that is deemed too inexperienced to participate safely for that class.

14)Entry Fee, all races $10. Please bring correct change.

15)Disclaimer. Disclaimer must be signed by all competitors and volunteers. Any competitor under 19 years must have their parent or legal guardian sign the disclaimer.

16)Photographs – Any photographs taken during the Race Day may be used in the Dryland and Copper Haul Twister promotional materials, or by our sponsors.

17)Necklines are mandatory for any paired dogs

18)Commercial Operators
Any Commercial Operators allowing someone else to run their dogs in the Dryland races for monetary gain must have liability insurance under the Yukon Wilderness Guides Act. Commercial Operators’ insurance policies must include the Dryland races as “an additional insured’ in order for their clients to enter the race/ (Proof is required for entry).

19) Three is no “no-man’s land”, respect calls for trail up to the finish line.

19)Sportsmanship and Trail Manners
Everyone will behave in an acceptable manner in terms of sportsmanship, including respect for all dogs, competitors, volunteers, spectators, race officials and the use of proper language. Rude, or inappropriate behavior by any competitor or handler will result in a penalty and/or disqualification and/or refusal of future entry.

22) All competitors must be in good standing with the any sponsor of the Dryland or CHT League (and its race days). Competitors with unresolved debts to any of the sponsors will not be allowed entry to the races until the debt is resolved.

20)No competitor, handler, or relative of either is to take a motorised vehicle on the course between registration and the end of the races without the consent of the Race Marshall. To do will result in immediate disqualification for the competitor involved.

If relatives wish to act as volunteers on the course they should contact the Race Committee so that such activities can be safely co-ordinated and volunteers stationed appropriately.

21) The winner of Races 1, 2 and 3 is the team with the fastest time. The winner of race 4 is the team with the combined fastest time for two heats.

22) Dog(s) cannot be carried unless the team is retired from the race, or following rule 1. Competing dogs must stay on the ground, not carried in coats etc.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Only on the CHT blogsite: Read the Headline (and Story!) the Yukon News Wouldn't Print:


“Baby Jesus gave me wings and I flew over the handlebars and ate gravel!” laughed an enraptured Susie Rogan after her shock win over Snowpig's Assman at the Yukon Gardens Hot Hounds races Saturday. Rogan continued “it may have been dirt, sure as heck tasted like it, but it tastes better than the crow Jon Lucas (of Snowpigs) now has to eat!” This win marks the culmination of 15 months training to avenge defeat by Skijoring snowpigs in a Carbon Hill race long ago that everyone else has forgotten about. A spokesman for Snowpigs read from a prepared statement to the effect that “they (Snowpigs) have never eaten crow nor will they, as it is a protected bird, and they will accept the rematch on 25th August at the Marsh Lake Community Centre”.

In other races 3 drylanders broke with tradition, threw away their wheels, and ran the one mile race on foot with their pet dogs in the first known CaniCross event the Yukon has seen. Tycho the greyhound dragged Bill “The Running Man” Stewart to a commendable victory over the Keno/Heather Desmarais scooter team but couldn't dent Asha the Rotties' winning time of 5.06.

Tony Radford was out and went for an early bath in the 1 mile 1 sled-dog when Tar decided enough was enough and he could cycle the damn' bike on his own if he wanted to carry on

A refreshed Tony went on the crush the opposition and take the 4 mile 2 sled-dog race with ease.

So began the Hot Hounds Dryland Races season at Drag N Fly Kennel. The weather was cool and damp, spirits high, dogs happy (even those that weren't really sure what to do!), and the hospitality provided by Lee Kirkpatrick and Jim Hajash by hosting the race and pot-luck BBQ second to none. The three, wheeled races will be joined by a seperate Canicross (tie a dog to yourself and run as fast as you can) race at the Phillipe's Bike Repair Hot Hounds races, MLCC 25th August, complete with pot-luck BBQ and bar. Be there at 6.30pm, ...if you think your dogs are hot enough.

All details at ...where all the cool dogs go (in winter)


1 Pet Dog, 1 mile

1 Asha - Jon Lucas - Scooter - 5.06
2 Aklak - Dave Desmarais - Scooter - 6.03
3 Tycho - Bill Stewart - Canicross - 6.05
4 Keno - Heather Desmarais - Scooter - 6.10
5 Swell - Rosemary Stewart - Canicross - 7.41
6 Molly - Rachel Kinvig - Canicross - 7.45

1 Sled-Dog, 1 mile

1 Baby Jesus - Susie Rogan - Bike-jour - 4.24
2 Assman - Jon Lucas - Scooter - 4.52
3 Brodie - Carolynne Fujda - Bike-jour - 5.26
4 Tar - Tony Radford - Bike-jour - 9.40

2 Sled-Dog, 4 mile

1 Tony Radford - Drag N Fly - Bike-jour - 13.47
2 Alex Seroljukov - Gatt Kennel - Bike-jour - 14.34
3 “Sky High” Duc - Sky High - Bike-jour - 14.49
4 Jon Lucas - Drag N Fly - Scooter - 14.54

Dog Days of Summer!

Here's a few photos from the last summer race! Results and updates to follow...

Bill "The Running Man" Stewart and Tycho the Racing Greyhound

Aklak with Dave Desmarais

Baby Jesus on the launch pad with Susie Rogan

Tar: "You like that thing, you ride it on your own. but keep it away from me"
Tony: "C'mon Tar, play nice"

All-Legs Brodie with The Race Vet Carolynne Fujda

Who says Rotties can't run?

Rosemary Plaskett and Swell