Monday, March 28, 2011

Lotteries Yukon comes through! Show me the Money!

Funds from LOTTERIES YUKON for the RR100 costs!

Uncommon Journeys sponsors Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister League Season 5 Finale!

At press time this correspondant was still a bit unsure of what trail we'll be using on Sunday April 3rd - but the RACE IS ON! Meet at Uncommon Journeys, just off the Old Alaska Highway at Scout Lake Rd at 10am with your dogs and gear, volunteers most welcome and you can sunbathe whilst watching the sweaty (rather than frosted) competitors slog by - gonna be a warm one!

Season Finale, Darryl Sheepway can take the League trophy and Yukon Brewing's lovely cash if he gets 1st or 2nd - no pressure Darryl, enjoy your race :)

Sleds 4-6 dogs, skis 2-4, plus the Kid's Race - that League is yours for the taking Seth Carey, get your Dad up and make him drive you there! and the Pet Dog Race - can Asha haul Jon Lucas and his ridiculously hot red bunny suit to enough points to take the Pet League laurels?

You know you want to be there, 10am, Uncommon Journeys, Sunday 3rd April

more and better details at the DPSAY site, just look to the right and click the link!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Muktuk Adventures Race Day: A Great Day out, and up, and down, and up again....

Mike and Jessica Simon set up a real Twister at their estate today - 10 miles of twisting, climbing, falling (plenty of that) trail through the woodlands and along the power line (ed: there were two...really? I was too busy concentrating on staying upright). Excellently marked, it was a competition of both speed, and command leaders.

In the Kid's class lone Seth Carey took 2 dogs and a sled round a shorter section of hills, and in the Pet Class Asha took Jon for a walk (canicross) through the same.

All results in depth at - just click on the link at the right. But what do today's results mean for the lucrative League standings, and the future possessor of that very attractive Copper Trophy?

To qualify for the league, Twister racers must volunteer for a full Twister and compete in 3+ races, although points can only be counted from a maximum of 4 races; Pet Dog and Kid's racers must compete in 3+ races (counting points from a max of 4) and volunteer for the Twister (or get a parent to in the case of kids...only). Which means with one race left this season we have interesting situations:

So long as Seth makes sure his Dad brings him to the last race, he's won the Kid's League, he has 20 points and Dad Steve volunteered today - $125 just waiting for you to turn up, run, and claim it Seth!

Pet Dog - Asha is out in front with 28 points from 3 races and Jon's volunteered, Sandro has 14 points from 2 races so needs to volunteer and run next race; Cheryl Kawadja has 18 points from 2 races so again must volunteer and race at the last race meet. If Cheryl wins (quite likely on past form) and Asha doesn't place, then Cheryl get's the $125 & League Title. (Pet dog league 2nd is $100, 3rd $75)

The Twister! AHA! Claudia and Fabian sit with 8 points each, both have volunteered; Jon has 12 and volunteered; Darryl S has 16 and volunteered; Stephan W has 22 and NOT volunteered.....ahh a dilemma - if he races the last race he's out of the League, if he volunteers and Darryl gets 1st-3rd, Darryl wins. Theorectically Jon could get 10 points (ha ha!) but that's so theorectical we can forget it right now. So Stephan (how wettbewarbsfahig are you?) - $200 for second place in the League guaranteed if you volunteer, possibly $250 and the trophy if Darryl doesn't make the top 3; Darryl, go for it, 1,2,3 and you get $250 and the shiny copper trophy for a year! You're pretty certain to get $200 anyway, whatever happens....nice, it's all down to the last race. And thank you Yukon Brewing for another season and another load of cash -
Yukon Brewing, sponsored over $8000 in cash on the CHT since 2006

Go buy their most very excellent beer so they can keep sponsoring us!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister: March 13th

For all details, see the DPSAY blogsite!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Next Twister Race Day - Sun March 13th

At........Jessica & Mike Simon's, km 5 Mayo Rd.

New venue, new trail!!...keep tuned for race confirmation details and number of dogs.