Monday, August 31, 2009

Goodnewsflash - AIR NORTH & YUKON BREWING...

...confirm Sponsorship for Dec 13th's 3rd annual running of:


Purse now $800 cash + $400 Air North Certificates
Sponsors - Hot Hounds Dryland Racing, Yukon Brewing, Air North

all you Hot Hounders come and win your money back in this 22 mile Poker Run for 4-12 dog teams, where at least you can sample an ice-cold T-shirt at, quite literally, the high point of the race - it's all downhill from there!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eagel Pack's Mongrel Hordes - Great Success - no blood or broken bones!

(photo Clark Rodgers)
But an exhilarating and adrenalin boosting mass start - to be in amongst or simply to watch... as twelve 1-2 dog teams took off together. The easy acceleration of the scooter team allowed them to take the early lead, but half way down the airsrip the bike teams had geared up and flowed past. The faster teams also flowed through the line of photographers who were too intent on the scene unfolding though their lenses as the line of dogs, metal, and monkeys bore down on them!

Brilliant, let's do it again in the snow!

With 41 entrants across the races, this was the largest Dryland field to date - Amil Dupuis-Rossi, of Smokin' Paws Kennel took the honours in the 1.5 mile mass start, coming first past the post with rocket-booster dog Grizzly. No need for a timer in a mass start! The heavily subscribed 1 mile Canicross saw Boris Delaide and strong-puller Kim lead in the pack of seven teams in 3m 34s! Snowpigs Kennel (flying the flag) cleaned up in the other three races with Asha regaining the Pet Dog Crown, whilst dream team Emma, Assman and that deadweight Jon took first in the 2 mile "track and field" as well as the 2.2 mile "Tour". It's the end of the trail for that partnership though as Emma returns to Drag 'n' Fly kennel for the winter season with a hearty "Thanks" from Jon, and a tear from Assman. Of note was new racer Jesse, 12 years old and bikejouring with Persistance Kennel's K2 in two of the sled dog races.



1 - Boris Delaide - Kim - Alayuk Adventure - 3.34
2 - Remi..... - Alayuk Adventure - 5.34
3 - Alexandra Rochet - Sammy - 7.30
4 - Boris Altdorfer - Kodiak - Alayuk Adventure - 7.38
5 - Jenny Chisholm - Alayuk Adventure - 8.11
6 - Pascal Henninger - Juska - 10.18
7 - Gerhard Fuchs - Scout - Gatt Kennel - 12.25

1 mile 1 Pet Dog (all Bikejour)

1 - Asha - Jon Lucas - Snowpigs - 4.28
2 - Cookie - Deb Knight - Jesaris Kennel - 5.15

1.5 mile MASS START (all bikejour unless otherwise stated)

1 - Amil Dupuis-Rossi - Grizzly - Smokin' Paws - 3.49
2 - Claudia Wickert 
3 - Susie Rogan - Baby Jesus - Gatt Kennel
4 - Fabian Schmitz
5 - Jon Lucas - Emma & Assman - Snowpigs (scooter)
6 - Porteau - Harley & Mouffet - Kasavant's Krazy Kennel
7 - Jesse..... - K2 -  Persistance
9 - Virginie Bernet - Ibex - Sky High Adventure Ranch
9 - Alexandra Rochet - Adak
10 - Darryl Sheepway - Polar & Tippy - Smokin' Paws
11 - Eilidh Lucas - Asha - Snowpigs
12 - Janet Keller - Ringo - Grizzly Blizzard

2 mile "Track and Field" (all bikejour, 1 min starts)
(so named because you race down a track, through a field, then round a well marked but-easy-to-impale-yourself corner, and then more track)

1 - Jon Lucas - Emma & Assman - Snowpigs - 4.31
2 - Fabian Schmitz - 2 dogs - 4.36
3 - Pourteau - Harley & Mouffet - Kasavant's Krazy Kennel - 5.02
4 - Claudia Wickert - 2 other nameless dogs - 5.10
5 -Darryl Sheepway - Coho & Fry - Smokin' Paws - 5.30
6 - Susie Rogan - Total Teeth Tundra - Gatt Kennel - 5.36
7 - Amil Dupuis-Rossi - Grizzly (short-on fuel) - Smokin' Paws - 5.55
8 - Jesse ... - K2 - Persistance - 6.51
9 - Marcelle ..... - unnamed dog - Alayuk Adventure - 7.51
10 - Janet Keller - Aissa & Kurma - Grizzly Blizzard - 9.52

2.2 mile "The Tour" (of the Rogan Estate; all bikejour, 1 min starts)

1 - Jon Lucas - Emma & Assman - Snowpigs - 8.44
2 - Darryl Sheepway - Grizzly (refuelled) - Smokin' Paws - 8.58
3 - Fabian Schmitz - those two nameless dogs again - 9.58
4 - Amil D-R - Polar & Decafe - Smokin' Paws -10.02
5 - Susie Rogan - Scout & Tundra = start line "disagreement" = Tundra solo - Gatt Kennel - 10.21
6 - Claudia Wickert - 2 dogs without a name between them - 10.44
7 - Pourteau - Harvey & Mouffet - Kasavant's Krazy Kennel - 10.53
8 - Virginia Bernet - Ibex - Sky High Adventure Ranch - 11.29
9 - Janet Keller - Ringo & Aissa - Grizzly Blizzard - 12.12
DNF - Alexandra Rochet - Adak.

Many thanks to race hosts Susie Rogan (and the title is wrong, there was blood when Tundra and Scout's "disagreement" ended up with Susie actually under her bike being dragged away from the start line - in the right direction, so that was ok then) and Hans Gatt for a great venue, excellently marked trails (Percy DeWolff race please take note), and excellent apres-race pot-luck. Also to main sponsor EAGLE PACK dog food; Canicross sponsor Icy Waters Ltd; Aurora Booties - get your collars, dog booties, dog jackets and much more at, C&D Feeds, and the Chocolate Claim.

Next Race Saturday 20th September, Mike & Jessice Simon's on the Mayo Rd, it's the Yukon Brewing Grr Grr Grrrr Growler Races!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Mongrel Hordes is on! the Mass Start extravaganza of the 2009 Hot Hounds season is ready to roll (around in the mud, snapping and snarling and chewing up bike tyres, Rotties and Labs and Huskys and monkeys  - what's a  broken collarbone when multiple lacerations will do? - no no no, it'll be a very genteeel affair, I'm sure, honest)

Seriously, the race meet is on, Susie and Hans have gone to a lot of trouble to set up the trails and pile up the Eagle Pack prizes, so be there: Go south from the Carcross cut off on the Alaska Highway, turn left onto Gentian Lane and look for the orange flagging tape and take a right.

one Pet dog, one Sled dog, two Sled dogs, Party, BBQ, fun, and apart from Eagle Pack other prizes from Icy Waters Ltd, Aurora Booties, C&D Feeds - remember, all these sposors give us stuff. To be able to give us stuff they have to sell stuff, think of them when you go about your shopping

See you at 5pm tomorrow, Saturday!   

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weather Looks Good for Mongrel Hores...

...mass start or mass melee, one nanosecond after the flag drops at the 1 Sled dog and 1 Pet dog combined mass start on Saturday Aug 29th.

Meet at 5pm at Susie Rogan's/Gatt Kennel for the Mongrel Hordes (not-quite-so) Hot Hounds dryland dog races, just off Gentian Lane, just south of Carcross Cut-off on Alaska highway.

Remember to bring stuff for pot luck BBQ after!

Heather Desmarais with pet dogs Aklak and Keno enjoying a training run (CHT library photo)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Due to heavy rain, the driveway to the race is too slippy/muddy to safely ensure everyone can get in without getting bogged down.

Race is Postponed to Saturday August 29th, 5pm

See you all there NEXT Saturday

Still at least there's now an extra week of training in these delightful conditions

Friday, August 21, 2009


The news just in from Susie Rogan at Gatt Kennel is the race trails are in great shape, and the temperature is good and cool for racing - HOWEVER - there remains a questionmark over the driveway. It's a silt/clay driveway and is becoming slippy with all this rain.

Final decision on the Race will be made Saturday Morning, and posted on the blog here. Check back before noon Saturday to see if we're racing Saturday evening, or we've been forced to postpone!

Weather eh? either drought or downpour!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hello All 


Race August 22, 2009, at 5 p.m.

Here are the events at your next race, Mongrel Hordes by Eagle Pack at the kennel of Hans Gatt and Susie Rogan, located in Golden Horn Omelette.

(Golden Horn does not have Hamlet status like our neighbour Mt. Lorne, and there used to be an egg farm here.)

Directions: Go south on the Alaska highway toward Marsh Lake from Whitehorse. Pass the Carcross Cut-off, stay on the Alaska Highway. Go exactly 3 km past the Cut-off. On your left will be Gentian Lane. Turn onto Gentian. Go exactly 1.6 km down Gentian to our driveway on the right.

If you are early: Join us at the dog yard before we head down to the airstrip. Follow directions to the Dog Yard.

If you show up within 15 minutes of 'Race Time': Turn onto the driveway and follow directions directly to the Air Strip, (Location of the first event).

Next order of business. All events are clothing-optional in the Golden Horn Omelette area, this dog race included. Helmets are mandatory.

Event One:

The Strip: This event is for pets and sled dog class. Pets go one minute behind sled dogs, this should give you a 'chase' advantage. This is a mass start, 1.5 mile race race on the airstrip. It is a loop with a bathtub full of water at the 1/3 mark. Eight teams can line up side by side, with heats at 10 second intervals if necessary.

Event Two:

One Mile Trail Race: Starts at the dog yard, goes along a good, fairly smooth, 15 foot wide hard packed silt road, one sharp turn onto a packed sand/gravel road, back into the dog yard.

Event Two Point Five:

Pet Dog, One mile race: Same as One Mile Trail Race above.

Event 2.75

One Dog and Canicrosser, prizes of Icy Waters Ltd Arctic Charr, One mile trail as above. If 3 Canicrossers show up!

Event Three:

Two Mile Race: Starts the same as the One Mile. However, instead of the sharp turn back to the dog yard, you: Enter The Field. Do a loop around the somewhat bumpy field, which will be better marked this year. The Field ends with a smooth, but trecherous, 4 foot wide transition through large trees back onto the Driveway. Take the driveway back to the dog yard.

Afterward: Music, drinks, awards and barbequed tofu are there to be enjoyed in our log cabin and on the deck, same as last year. We will have some stuff, but bring your own food and drinks too.

Call Susie and Hans at 668-2703 for more information.

Many Thanks to Eagle Pack, Aurora Booties and C&D Feeds for prizes. Please note, no Formula 1 race at this event. See you all there, should be nice and cool.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

EAGLE PACK's Mongrel Hordes Dryland Races, Sat Aug 22nd, 5pm

(photo Laura Jane Lucas)
Ringo would like everyone to come out to Susie Rogan's place on Gentian Lane, just south of the Carcross Cut-off for a sniffingly good evening of dryland dog racing, socialising (or sniffin' for the dogs), and pot luck BBQ!

Turn down Gentian Lane and continue for about 2km, then turn down the driveway on the right with all the orange marker tape and just keep going, following the orange tape.


Mushers meeting at 5pm, including Bib Draw

Race 1 - 1 Pet Dog 1 Mile

Race 2 - if 3 Canicrossers - 1 mile 1 dog Canicross

Race 3 - 1 Sled Dog 1 Mile

Race 4 - 2 Sled Dog 2 Mile

Race 5 - 4-8 Sled Dog, Formula 1, 2 mile, powered or unpowered Quad

Prizes for Canicross  - Icy Waters Ltd Arctic Charr, Prizes for top three places in the other races EAGLE PACK Dog Food, plus prizes from Aurora Booties, Chocolate Claim, Icy Waters, and C&D Feeds.

Race Marshall - Gene Ennis
Race Timer - Valerie Bussieres and her famous mending collarbone.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Newsflash:Sun 2nd Aug 
Stacie Zaychuk and Darrel Otto ran quads from Dimok Timber at the AISHIHIK bridge to Mendenhall, with Jon Lucas in truck and trailer support. Thanks to them, previous recon crew, and Icy Waters Ltd and Bombproof Outgear Gear for today's vehicles, trail now proven Dimok - Whitehorse. Details at