Monday, December 20, 2010

Oscar's Electric RESULTS!

A chilly -33'C (and some sun, but that didn't appear to warm anything: Snowpig's dog truck still died in the dog lot - but then that's the point of these local races - find out what's going wrong near to home, rather than a Sunday afternoon in Tok, for example) greeted the hardy mushers on Sunday. The snow packed trail was a little sticky. almost gritty at times with the temp but the times were great:

10.5 Mile Twister
(all 5 dog sleds unless otherwise stated)

1...Crispen Studer...44.47
2...Alexandra Rocket...49.20
3...Stephan Wackerhagen...49.22 (2 dog skis)
4...Darrell Sheepway...49.24 (3 dogs skis)
5...Gaetan Pierrard...49.30 (3 dog skis)
6...Dave Mason...49.50
7...Kyla Johnson...51.42
8...Jon Lucas...60.12
9...Eilidh Lucas...60.36 (4 dog sled)

5km Pet Dog

1...Mark Manolis and a pet Husky...24.22
2...Asha and Jon Lucas...25.03

Thanks to everyone for turning out including of course the volunteers who had to stand around in the cold, pointing everyone in the right direction and OSCAR'S ELECTRIC for the $$$, and First Mate Dogfood, Yukon Grain Farm ($7 a bale straw), Yukon Honda, C&D Feeds, Muktuk Adventures, Aurora Booties and of course host Icy Waters Ltd.

That wraps up Jon's organising of 4 seasons of Hot Hounds and 4.4 seasons for the CHT - thanks everyone, in the words of Vinnie Jones "It's been emotional" (first to tell me the movie that comes from, I'll buy a beer: Yukon Brewing of course, unless somehow that violates some Lotteries/Liquor Bd regulation).

Next Race, Next Year - January 16th: Duffy's Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply Race Day, kindly organised by Claudia Wickert & Fabian Schmit, live at Icy Waters Ltd.
Anyone care to step up and organise the February Race? Everything is in place except an organiser, and Jon's written out the "how to do it" checklist.

Keep watching the blog (I'm not giving that up!), Cheers, Merry Christmas and Happy Training!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Oscar's Electric Race Trail - Hard n fast

Jon ran 9 dogs down the CHT Friday night and collected a nice line in yellow fleece booties courtesy of the last musher - anyway, he didn't crash, the snow is very deep and easy to set a firm hook.

Trail to be skidoo run and smoothed with a pallet alter today

All good for tomorrow Sunday 19th, 10am Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oscar's Electric Race Day Sun Dec 19th!

Registration 10am, then SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING (see details posted by DPSAY Board on DPSAY Blogsite), then Musher's Meeting and Bib Draw

10.5 mile Twister: Sleds 3-5 dogs, Skis 2-3 dogs
5km 1 Pet dog Race
5km Kids Race, sleds 2-4 dogs, skijor 1-2 dogs

Most Excellent prizes from OSCAR'S ELECTRIC, Aurora Booties, Icy Waters Ltd, First Mate Dog Food, Yukon Honda, Yukon Grain Farm, C&D Feeds, Yukon Brewing

So turn up and race for those great prizes, and attend the meeting, it's rather important for the future of DPSAY's races.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More photos - rewind to our First Twister this season

Photos thanks to snowboarding fanatic Stanislas Freiheit:

Marine Gastard of Sky High

Multiple Passing - the Twister has all your training needs! See Pierre Duc pegging like mad to get away from Claudia Wickert as Alex Rochat's team politely waits before taking the gee up the hill

Alexandra Rochat

Jon Lucas, cross-dressing from sled to skis

Fabian Schmitz

Pierre Duc, smiling into second place

and a blast from the past of the archives: Eilidh Lucas with charging Rottweillor Asha, rumour is they'll both be competing in the Twister on the 19th!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Photos from the Shoulder of Mt Mac - Nicolas Dory

Just as the mushers reach the summit of the last climb, Nicolas was there to snap those happy expressions....
Harvey Van Patten, Raven in lead, is looking for the beer

Claudia Wickert - "Thank ****, the top"

Fabian Schmit...nearly there
C'mon Darryl, a few more pushes....

A scenic view, with Kyla Johnson in the foreground

Pierre Duc, not yet knowing he holds the 2nd prize hand
The 4 "didn'ts" of Ed Hopkins today:
"I didn't get lost; I didn't crash the sled; I didn't lose the team; and...I didn't win"
(But I'm sure it was a great training experience for the dogs - although Ed didn't actually say that one)

Almost a smile there, under all the masking, from Ian Stewart

Sunday, December 5, 2010


First Mate Extreme Freight Pull

(position...Dog...Owner..weight pulled)


1...KARA...Yvonne Bohlig...280lb
2...IBEX...Gaetan Pierrard...120lb


1...ASHA...Jon Lucas...320lb


1...PUCK...Laura J.Lucas...200lb

All entrants won 160lb First Mate Extreme dog food, retail value approx $200

Reach For the Sky and Take the Beer poker run

Kindly sponsored by:



1...Crispin Studer...8 Dogs...2.11.20
2...Ed Hopkins...12...2.14.35
3...Maren Bradley...8...2.22.15
4...Pierre Duc...8...2.28.15
5...Marine Gastard...8...2.30.00
6...Marcelle Fressinau...8...2.32.15
7...Deb Knight...8...2.33.00
8...Michelle Phillips...8...2.33.45
9...Kyla Johnson...8...2.34.20
10...Darryl Sheepway...8...2.39.40
11...Genessee Keevil...8...2.42.50
12...Alexandra Rochat...6...2.43.50
13...Fabian Schmidt...6...2.48.55
14...Ian Stewart...6...2.58.35
15...Claudia Wickert...6...3.08.20
16...Harvey Van Patten...6...3.22.58

Of course times are really not important, who won the money?

1 - $450 Cash + $100 AN Cert Marcelle Fressinau 4 x 10 + 1 Ace
2 - $250 Cash + $100 AN Cert Pierre Duc 2 x Q + 2 x J
3 - $150 Cash + $200 AN Cert Crispin Studer 2 Q + 2 x 8

Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable day out, and to Gaetan Pierrard RM, Colin Morrison ARM/Timer + Chilli Chef; Mark Manolis + Brian MacDonald at Jackson Lake; Ingabritt Scholven + Steve Reid at Sunshine Valley; Jocelyn LeBlanc at Sky High; Guillome Gravel on Fish Lake; and Jessica and Mike Simon up on Mt Mac!

See you all at the next Twister on Dec 19th!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer - Run ON, 1st Mate Freight Pull - ON

Unfortunately Guillome blew his snowmachine's clutch (breaking another trail) on Thursday so Jon ran his trail machine up to Sky High this morning and marked the trail with new orange tape, although the faded hot pink from last year is still pointing the way. The creek crossing 15 mins from the start still has a steep downhill into it, and it was just starting to overflow slightly at 12.30 this aftenoon. We do not go through the KDFN Healing Village but turn off through the sand pits just before, and arrive at the same place on Jackson Lake rd, ready to take a card and venture onto the shallow and patchy overflow (at noon) of Jackson and Louise Lakes. Sky High are marking the trail on to the base of Mt Mac. From there it is just up through an undoubtedly drifted-in trail given the winds up there today, and then you meet Jessica and Mike Simon for another card and a refreshing beveredge from Yukon Brewing. It's all downhill from there!

Meet 10am Icy Waters Ltd for registration+mushers meeting, expected race start time 11am.
Purse - $1250 cash n certificates - courtesy of Air North, Yukon Brewing, and all you summer Hot Hounds racers.

First Mate Freight Pull - Meet at Noon at Icy Waters Ltd, $10 entry fee (mis-type on poster).

See you all there!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer Poker Run + First Mate Freight Pull 2010

Both held on Sunday 5th Dec at Icy Waters Ltd -

First Mate Freight Pull - 720lbs FM Extreme Dog food up for grabs, $10 entry fee: Lightweights 0-60lb; Mediums 61-99; Heavies 100lb+.

Register (FREIGHT PULL ONLY) at Noon

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer MEET AT 10am: 4-12 dogs, complete the course (22 miles, 2000 ft climb in the first 14 miles, then 2000 back down in the middle 4 miles, then 4 miles of flat) in under 4 hours, and collect 6 cards along the route, make the best 5 card poker hand. Purse - $550 from DPSAY Hot Hounds; $300 from Yukon Brewing; 4 x $100 flight certificates from Air North. .Free Entry

RM - Gaetan Pierrard, ARM/Timer Colin Morrison

Trail packed by Darryl S on Tuesday who carved through the overflow on Jackson lake, temps up there tonight at -35'C which should set it up nicely. Guillome Gravel is taking his Skandic over the course and flagging it Saturday.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lots of Snow

Darryl Sheepway spent most of Tuesday punching through all the new snow to make a trail for Sunday, thanks Darryl! Although too much snow for grooming, the trail is now defined.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer Poker Run + First Mate Freight Pull 2010 Races ON

Air North + Yukon Brewing + Hot Hounds $1250 combined purse confirmed. Best three hands take the money; no entry fee. YECL kindly cut the water to the creek across the trail by the "F***" Cabin (you'll see it, it's 3' high lettering) above Icy Waters Ltd so the creek crossing is flat strong ice. Sky High will be running the loop this coming week.

Card pick-ups at the start, Jackson Lake (Brian McDougall), Sunshine Valley (Ingabritt Scholven + Steve Reid), Sky High (Jocelyn LeBlanc), Mt Mac shoulder (Mike + Jessica Simon), and finish (Gaetan Pierrard, RM - no arguing), make your best 5 card hand.

Meet 10am Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd, 4-6 dog teams start 11am, 7-12 dog teams 11.30 am ish

15 mushers signed up already, 15 places left

First Mate Extreme Freight Pull - meet IWL at 12 noon, $10 entry fee.

Lightweights 0-59lb
Mediums 60-99lb
Heavies 100lb+

Pull ever increasing loads 16' in under 60 seconds; must pull initial empty sled (120lb) then may skip up to 2 rounds.

1st - 3 bags dog food (120lb) First Mate Extreme
2nd - 2 bags
3rd 1 bag (40lb)

See you all there!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alpine Vet Race Day - loads of snow, fast times!

Although both Jon and the KSA packed the trail on Saturday night, another 3" had fallen by morning and it kept snowing all day. A very good natured and fun loving group turned out to race the straightforward route, with few turns and little head on passing the races went off smoothly. Thanks to all the skidoos out there who were very courteous and slowed, pulling to the side of the trail whenever they met a team.

Cynthia Corriveau was triumphant in the somewhat straightened "Twister", the 2 dog skijorer "only started training 6 days ago"; "Oh dear, that's not good" thought Jon. "Why did I bother starting in August?" Persistance Kennel's 4 dog sled charged to second, pushing skijoring Snowpigs to third.

The Pet Dog was a 2 way fight between Jon n Asha the (fat) Rottie and Sandro Bumblebee and his dog with lots of teeth. The lead see-sawed through the surprisingly long 5km as both dogs took time out to roll around in the snow, pee, and generally enjoy themselves without actually pulling very much at all (which is what the pet dog race is all about). Sandro made a bid for the lead at the base of final hill, which Jon just managed to foil by stripping off his skis and canicrossing the last 80m of uphill.

Due to the low turnout the prizes were doubled up with the entrants winning Alpine Vet's Cash, Aurora's Booties, First Mate's Dog Food, Yukon Brewing's Beer and Yukon Honda's Certificates - a most satisfactory conclusion all round.


10.5 mile Twister


1...5...Cynthia Corriveau...2 dog skis...51.28

2...4...Pierre Duc...4 dog sled...53.17

3...3...Jon Lucas...3 dog skis...54.05

4...1...Claudia Wickert...4 dog sled...59.55

5...6...Fabian Shmidt...4 dog sled...1.04.10

6...10...Marine Gastard...4 dog sled...1.08.38

7...7...Alexandra Rochat...4 dog sled...1.10.44

5km Pet Dog

1...Asha, Jon Lucas, skis, 24.34

2...Toothy, Sandro Bumblebee, skis, 25.20

Many thanks to RM Gene Ennis and the volunteers who make it possible to race. Thanks also to Mike and Jessica Simon who have been great supporters of these races, and were sadly unable to make it today, we look forward to seeing you next time.

Next race Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer "Poker" Run, 4-12 dog sleds, 2-3 dog skijor, Sun Dec 5th, 10am IWL + First Mate Freight Pull 12 noon IWL - keep watching for updates.

18 places left in Poker Run, 12 signed up already.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Race Trail packed, smooth n white

After another 3" snowfall today, the trail was packed this evening, looks good for Sunday, and fine for skijoring.

Two notes - the City's concrete blocks are clearly movable, as two of them have moved from the gates 30m + 50m down the trail and two sets of truck gouge tracks bypassed the gates.

and mushers with quads - c'mon guys and gals, there's over 6" snow on the trail, why are you gouging it up with your quads? You're causing as much damage as the trucks. It's pretty ironic (not to say sad) to campaign for two years to get gates put in, to protect the trail and then have mushers chew it up with their quads. Yeah, they were mushers cos there were lots of little dog prints between the quad tyre're busted.

Alpine Vet Race Day - Race ON

More light snow falling, and a final trail pack tonight means we're set for a great day tomorrow.

Meet at Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd at 10am to register:

5km 1 pet dog
5km Kid's race 2-4 dog sled, 1-3 dog skijor
17km Twister, sleds 2-4 dogs, Skijor 1-3

Thursday, November 18, 2010

End of 2010 Race updates

Asha - "awww do I have to do Freight Pull again, I wanna Reach for the Sky and try on a Yukon Brewing T-shirt, c'm'ooon"

Alpine Vet Race Day - race on - Jon packed the trail this evening and more snow is falling. The drag moved most of the skijor-damaging cobbles out of the way at the affectionally known "Abyss" section (don't worry, you don't go into it...unless you really want to...and you are mad) and he'll be running 9 dogs along it tomorrow. You'll see how successful that was on Sunday by counting the bruises. We welcome Gene Ennis back as Race Marshall, so don't even think of arguing. We are still under the DPSAY banner (just) so you do have to join DPSAY if you are not a member - a snip at a mere $15 membership fee. Cash from Alpine Vet for positions 1-5 in the Twister, Pet Dog, and Kid's Races - but never fear, most of the merchandise prizes for all the other positions are worth more than your entry fee and you get a block of Icy Waters Arctic Charr Heads and Racks dog food for finishing! Thanks in advance to Mike & Jessica Simon for being trail volunteers!

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer Poker Run - Matthieu Renner is the first Mt Mac loop trail blazer tomorrow, followed by Jon on Tuesday - therefore race is ON, Dec 5th - FREE ENTRY (cos DPSAY didn't get their act together to get a Gambling Licence), 30 places, Gennesseee Keeevill just beat Harvey Van Patten to sign up first, followed by Peter Fleck (Hugh Neff dogs) and Ray Zaidan (running Snowpigs), so 26 places left - apply via the comments section! - Air North $400 Flight Certs; Yukon Brewing $300 cash; Hot Hounds $550 cash up for grabs to be split amongst the 3 best poker hands! 4-12 dog teams.

First Mate Freight Pull - Dec 5th - bring your Lightweights, Mediums (Asha will be there), and Monsters (hi Puck!) (Heavyweights) to win First Mate Dog Food, whilst the mushers are climbing 2,000 feet up Mt Mac to try on a T-shirt at the top!

OSCAR'S ELECTRIC RACE DAY - 19th Dec, 2nd CH Twister of the season Sleds 2-5, skis 2-3 dogs, with guest jockey Engineer (apprentice) Eilidh Lucas running the Snowpigs sled!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SNOW! 5" fall on Copper Haul today

Race trail looking good for Sunday - definitely good for sleds (6 dog sled team ran it this afternoon), still one small rocky section for skijorers - but you can take off your skis and canicross that 50m! Keep checking for trail updates.

Anyone want to bring a snowmachine out and pack it? Or shall we race "au naturale'?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aurora Booties - Can You Help?

Cindy Carey of Aurora Booties has solidly supported with a significant amount of merchandise prizes the CHT since its start four seasons ago, and also four seasons of summer Hot Hounds racing.

Last year, Cindy was the victim of a horrific road accident and was unable to work, ie make booties, collars, dog jackets, fur and leather work - and now the insurance company is playing the tune of "well, how do you know you lost any earnings, who was going to buy your stuff last year, and how much were they going to buy?"

So, if you placed, or were even planning to place, an order with Cindy last year, please email her at reminding her what you were going to order - it's the least we can do for such a staunch supporter!

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer Poker Run + First Mate Freight Pull 2010

Josh Clark of Air North confirms $400 of Gift Certificates! + Yukon Brewing Confirms $300 cash - just waiting for DPSAY confirmation of cash from Hot Hounds races to finalise purse.
Race Date either Dec 5th or 19th, tbc depending on snow conditions

First Mate Extreme Dog Food have supplied 720lb for the Freight Pull Purse, held on the same day as the Poker Run.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CHT Trail Report

Nov 11th - another inch fell today and the 10.5 mile race loop looks better. Snowpigs' 2 x 5 dog teams ventured onto the 18.5 mile loop to Sima and found it passable, with slight roughness right at the end, and although worn, armour was not required. Jon was reminded that unlike in skijoring, where your team remains attached to you at all times, this is not the case in sledding. Consequently messing around behind the sled during a break is not recommended as when the hook is popped you have further to run to catch up - Jon can sprint when he has to...apparently.

Oh yes, black saloon EXE 73, please don't drive on the Trans Canada Trail and park on the Mt Mac Rd -it's against City By-Law and damages the trail, and to the owners of the light turquoise SUV that nearly ran the leaders down on the Mt Mac rd - get out and walk, it's non-motorised at this time of year.

Merry training

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Copper Haul Trail report

Snowpigs sent two 5 dog sled teams from Icy Waters Ltd to the Mt Mac Road and back, 11 miles (so 10.5 from the start line) - Snow not deep but fine for a small team and sled, you can even get the hook in. Not yet passable for skijorers (even Jon won't try it), as three short stretches do have some rock/iced gravel showing, and needs another couple of inches of snow.

The new gates on the trail at the start line should prevent too much motorised trail vandalism this year, and they pose little problem if you are starting in the parking area there, however if approaching from the other side of Fish Lake rd and going towards Mt Sima exercise extreme caution on the approach, there is a way round on the right but it is flanked by hard concrete blocks and the camber for easy balancing is all wrong.

Merry training!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

CHT Race Events (provisional) till Jan 1 2011

Asha says "It's time to rock n roll!"
(photo, Laura Jane Lucas)

Mark your calendars for:

Sunday Nov 21st, 10am mushers meeting - Alpine Vet Copper Haul Twister

10.5 mile, 2-4 dog sled/2-3 dog skijor; 5km Kids Race 2-4 dog sled/2 dog skijor; 5km 1 Pet Dog race

Sunday Dec 5th, 10am mushers meeting, Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer Poker Run

From Icy Waters Ltd, 22 miles up n over Mt Mac (2000 ft climb - enjoy) and back to Icy Waters Ltd, 4-12 dogs, 4 hour time limit

Sunday Dec 5th, 11.30am - FIRST MATE FREIGHT PULL, Icy Waters Ltd

Sunday Dec 19th, 10am mushers meeting - Oscar's Electric Copper Haul Twister

10.5 mile, 2-5 dog sled/2-3 dog skijor; 5km Kids Race 2-4 dog sled/2 dog skijor; 5km 1 Pet Dog race

All events meet at Icy Waters Ltd/Eagles Eye Estates, km 4.2 Fish Lake rd, Whitehorse


Sunday, October 31, 2010


With teamwork we can make it to the top

Without it there won't be many DPSAY races this season, Board Members and organisers needed, please contact Darryl at if you can help out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

$7 straw - Yukon Grain Farm

CHT merchandise sponsor Yukon Grain Farm has given us 12 bales of straw, for 2 prizes per race for the upcoming season - thank you! - but if you can't wait to win it, they have more, at the startlingly reasonable price of just SEVEN bucks a bale. Additionally Grain Farm owner Steve is around after hours, so you don't have to be there in shop hours - just call 633 4092 to book a pick up time.

Whilst you're there buy some Yukon grown potatoes and carrots - supporting our local sponsors is a tasty business!

Yukon Grain Farm, 633 4092

STRAW $7/bale

The CHT Org

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mark Manolis - In the ZONE

Sleep-racing Master - Mark Manolis, captured live by Jonathan Russell of the Whitehorse Star, as he navigates the trail through deep-thought meditation techniques and Decaf provides ocular senses - or is Mark really telepathically connected to Decaf? (is that allowed? check the rules-ed.) Throughout this Hot Hounds season, "Sleep-Master" Mark has been photographed sleep racing in every event, even whilst bikejouring!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yukon Brewing Dryland - small turnout, lotsa fun, everybody wins!

Eleven teams competed across the 4 categories in a light hearted and fun end to DPSAY's 2010 Summer Hot Hounds Series. This meant there was enough packs of T shirts for every entrant, and one for long suffering Summer Race Marshall Simi Morisson, who said "Thanks, but I don't wear Beer T-shirts, my husband Colin will be happy though!"

Highlights included 9lb Lola taking on 94lb Asha in the Pet Dog; Stefan W's chain not breaking; Jon's rear derailleur locking up on a steep uphill; and Darryl only winning twice and thus ending the season with only 10/11 firsts..."I'm a bit disappointed" Darryl mentioned later.

Trail marking was excellent (Darryl + Mike) and hostmanship from Jessica and Mike Simon most excellent, thank you, and thanks to the 6 trail volunteers who made sure we took the right turns and indicted we should really think about slowing down for the next section.

In the 1-3 dog 2.5 miler, Darryl ran 3 dogs and stayed upright throughout, which required considerable skill when winding downhill through the trees in the slush; Stefan and Jon ran one dog each, rationalising neither really wanted to start the snow season wrapped round/impaled upon a tree - there's plenty of opportunity to do that properly on skis later.

And so to the results:

1 Mile 1 Pet Dog

1...Asha, Jon Lucas, Bike, 6.39
2...Lola, Mark Manolis, Feet, 11.05

1 Mile Canicross

1...Grizzly, Darryl Sheepwins...7.43
2...Decaf, Mark Manolis...8.32

1 Mile 1 Sled Dog (all bikes)

1...Stefan Wackerhagen, 4.23
2...Darryl Sheepsecond, 4.37
3...Jon Lucas, 4.46
4...Gaetan Pierrard, 4.55

2 Mile 2 sled dog (all bikes)

1...Darryl Sheepwon, 10.44
2...Stefan Wackerhagen, 11.21
3...Jon Lucas, 15.58

(editor's note: small entry fields are great, takes so much less time to type it all in)

Many thanks to everyone who made this summer such a great success: sponsors, volunteers, racers, it really was fun!; remember, to make this winter a similar success DPSAY needs people to join the Board, we have the sponsors, we have a crew of race day volunteers, we need some behind the scenes organisers and volunteers to put it all together.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yukon Brewing GRR GRRR Growler Races Confirmed - We Go!

Which means the races are on - at Mike and Jessica Simon's - It is illegal to advertise alcohol as prizes, please view the totally unconnected product that is available from our sponsor's brewery shop - don't forget to ask for your 5% rewards program discount when buying there, and Growlers attract no deposit, nor enviro-fee - it's win win win at Yukon Brewing!

Race location - from Whitehorse drive to the Mayo Road (Road to Dawson) intersection, turn right, cross the Takhini River, pass Takhini Gas, then go into the 6th Driveway on the left that has the "Simom" sign just before it, and orange flagging at the driveway.

See you all at 5pm! Meat and Veggie burgers courtesey of Mike & Jessica, bring everything else for great season finale pot luck!

Yukon Brewing GRR GRRR Growler Races STILL on!!

Trail report 13.30 Saturday - light snow dusting on trails, no problem for wheels.

Trail update noon Sunday, but all looks good.

Jessica and Mike are supplying burgers and rolls for the pot luck apres-course soiree, so if you can, please bring complimentary offerings (salad, dessert, pies etc :) )

See you at the start line!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yukon Brewing GRR GRRR Growler Races on!!

Trails scoped and checked by Mike Simon and Darryl Sheepway last night - all good and Darryl promises to flag it well pre-race on Sunday - so you know who to complain too if you get lost (not that it'll do you any good).

1 mile 1 Pet Dog, 1 mile 1 Sled dog, and 1 mile Canicross (for the hard people) follows the same 1 mile trail as last year - remember the lovely soft sand climb up off the power line? here's hoping it's frozen hard this time.

2 mile 2 sled dog, is a 2.5 mile trail twisting through the trees, and dog limit is 1-3 dogs for this race. According to the trail description of tree roots, turns, climbs and declines etc Jon thoroughly recommends body armour (very reasonably priced at sponsor Cadence Cycle). Why does Jon wear armour anyway? you may ask; and the answer is because he didn't used to, and bikejouring and scootering hurt a lot and Laura wisely pointed out "you won't spend $70 or so, so off you go to chance putting yourself out for the season, or longer" that was enough and on the next run with armour Jon met a rock that shattered his shin plate (the armour plate, not the shin, although it would have been without the armour)...which is one reason everyone signs the disclaimer.

Meet at 5pm at Jessica and Mike's, see previous post for description/map of how to get there; Mike has kindly cleared out his shop and cleaned out the log stove for the post race potluck - eat and reminisce about going the wrong way in warmth, whilst savouring Yukon Brewing's glass wrapped T shirts! DPSAY spares no luxury for its racers!

Many thanks to YUKON BREWING for T shirt prizes for 1st-3rd, and Aurora Booties, Icy Waters, C&D Feeds, Muktuk Kennel and possibly yet another Yukon Ag T shirt! as supporting prizes.

IMPORTANT FINAL NOTE - this is Jon's last race as DPSAY President and race organiser - after organising 4 summer and winter seasons all the stuff he hasn't been doing has caught up with him. To keep the races going we need a few people to step up to design & put up posters, talk to the newspapers, flag a course or two, groom the odd trail, speak to sponsors, keep the Board going (to access funding like the $4,900 DPSAY has got for the Road Runner this season) - small stuff if spread amongst many people, too much if there's less than a handful. Contact Darryl on if you can help out.

and was fun!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Yukon Brewing's "The Growler" Dryland Races!

Design and printing thanks to Inkspirationz Graphix!
How to get there:
So, meet at 5pm, Sunday Oct 17th, all the usual races -
1 Mile 1 Pet Dog; 1 Mile 1 Sled Dog; 1 Mile as-many-dogs-as you-like-being-dragged-by Canicross; and the 2 Mile 2 Sled Dog.

Anything non-motorised can be used.

Many thanks to Mike and Jessica Simon for hosting the event, don;t forget the pot-luck BBQ after, and thanks to Yukon Brewing for the prize T-shirts, and Icy Waters Ltd, Aurora Booties, and C&D Feeds for the supporting prizes!

Last race with wheels before more snow flies!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eagle Pack Mongrel Hordes - photos, Clark Rogers

Simi Morrison and pup Monjo

Susie Rogan keeps ahead of Ian and Marine in the mass start

Stefan gains on Sandro in the 1-2 dog

Janet Keller chases Moe Boksa to the finish in the Canicross

Jon Lucas, going too fast to the camera (or was Clark simply sneezing?), just before slipping past chainless Stefan in the mass start

Ian Usher, Marine Gstaard, and Cynthia Corriveau vie in the mass start

Finn Boksa, Canicross, clearly a student of the Mark Manolis "Sleep Racing" technique

Sandro Bumblebee buzzes along fast in the Canicross - he makes it look easy...

Darryl Sheepwins works hard up that Hill

Claudia Wickert pushes the scooter up that big hill in the 2 dog - probably faster than a number of bikejourers made it up there - and what a delight that soft woodchip section was, right near the top!

Alicia - this Canicross looks like hard work - and it is!

Alexandra Rochat having a fun blast in the mass start

1, 2, & 3 in the Mass Start...almost: at the last turn, 50m from the finish Stefan's chain broke, Darryl Sheepwon shot through to lead, closely followed by Fabian Schmitz and the "Foxy Rocket", with Jon Lucas and (get me out of this race) Simba racing, past a by now coasting Stefan, to 3rd. It ain't over till it's over, as Jon said later "I didn't hear a fat lady singing till we crossed the finish line, and Tutshi started howling!"

The "Hill" makes Fabian Schmitz work!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Drawn on Sunday Sept 12th, at Susie Rogan's and Hans Gatt's, under the watchful eyes of about 30 people:

1st Prize - Skookum Brand Northern Garments Anorak, value up to $995


2nd Prize - Yukan Canoe Training Courses for 2, value $400


3rd Prize - Sky High Wilderness Ranch, 1 day riding trip for 2, value $400


Many thanks to everyone who bought tickets, everyone who sold them, Virginia Sarrazin for doing all the work setting the raffle up. Gene at Fas Gas Kopper King seems to be the place to buy them, as all the winners bought their tickets there.

The raffle raised a net $1600, towards the DPSAY insurance premium of $2500 - thank you!

and if you didn't win, don't be disheartened, there's another raffle for the winter and another $995 Skookum Brand Northern Garments Anorak up for grabs as well as other great prizes - all for another stake of a mere $10!

Thanks everyone!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eagle Pack Mongrel Hordes Results in full!

Karine Grenier

1 Mile 1 Pet Dog

1 - Susie Rogan - 6.41
2 - Jon Lucas - 7.58
3 - Karine Grenier - 8.37
4 - Ian Usher - 9.04

Jon Lucas and Asha "Don't take a photo, we're just having a stroll!"

1 Mile Canicross
(tying a dog to yourself and running - pure torture: you can't even coast, you have to run with the dog, or to slow it down you have to work to hold it back, but it is for all ages: from kids to grandmothers!)

1 - Sandro Bumblebee - 8.44
2 - Paul Adams - 9.25
3 - Adam Robinson - 10.22
4 - Simi Morrison - 10.32
5 - Alicia Power - 10.41
6 - Fin Boksa - 11.31
7 - Janet Keller - 13.35
8 - Maible Boksa - 14.29
9 - Moe Boksa - 15.03
10 - Christina Reeve - 21.22

Maible Boksa, having fun

Adam Robinson, indentured Kennel Slave of Sky High Wilderness Ranch obviously cannot even afford to buy clothes, apparently someone overheard him say he'd be eating the Eagle Pack he won - can someone at least get the poor man a shirt from the Salvation Army?

2 (well, nearer 3) Mile 1-2 Sled Dog

1 - Darryl Sheepwon - 11.24
2 - Cynthia Corriveau - 11.26
3 - Adam Robinson - 11.47
4 - Jon Lucas - 11.57
5 - Claudia Wickert - 12.27
6 - Susie Rogan - 12.28
7 - Fabian Schmitz - 12.51
8 - Marine Gastard - 12.52
9 - Ian Usher - 13.23
10 - Sandro Bumblebee - 13.47
11 - Alexandra Rochat - 14.15
12 - Stephan the Photographer - 15.36
13 - Janet Keller - 22.51
14 - Fin Boksa - 24.46

1 Mile MASS START (bikes, scooters, runners, 1-2 dog)

1 - Darryl Sheepwins - 3.35
2 - Fabian Schmitz - 3.36
3 - Jon Lucas - 3.37
4 - Stephan the Photographer - 3.41
5 - Susie Rogan - 3.43
6 - Ian Usher - 3.48
7 - Cynthia Corriveau - 3.49
8 - Marine Gastard - 3.50
9 - Alexandra Rochat - 3.53
10 - Deb Knight - 4.56
11 - Claudia Wickert - 5.22
12 - Janet Keller - 6.18
13 - Sandro Bumblebee - 6.41
14 - Simi Morrison - 8.28
15 - Andy - 9.01

Many thanks to Susie and Hans for hosting, trail work, and delicious food; Simi Morrison RM, Virginia Sarrazin for all the DPSAY Raffle work (results posted soon), and Eagle Pack, Aurora Booties, Icy Waters Ltd, YAA, and C&D Feeds for all the race prizes. Thanks to Clark Rogers for all photos.
Hans, where's your dog? and it's non-powered bikes only!...oh, you're trail marking....

Sunday, September 12, 2010


43 teams turned out for the 4 races, in a fun filled afternoon at Gatt Kennel.

Blog editor is tired and worn out after an exciting day at the races, but stay tuned for Race Results and photos from Clark Rogers, coming your way on Monday evening.

Thanks everyone for a great afternoon/evening!

Saturday, September 11, 2010



Sunday 4pm, Susie Rogan/Hans Gatt Kennel, Golden Horn; Turn off the Alaska Highway south of Carcross Cut-off onto Gentian Lane, 1.6km down lane turn right (at orange flagging tape), continue straight downtrail till you can't go any further (....because you are there!)

Eagle Pack Dog Food kindly sponsoring prizes 1-3 in the 4 races. Other prizes from Aurora Booties, Icy Waters Ltd, C&D Feeds, Muktuk Kennels, and another YAA T-shirt!!

See you all there!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Eagle Pack's "Mongrel Hordes" - Dryland Races, Sun Sept 12th

The 4th Dryland outing of the 4th season is at Susie Rogan's/Hans Gatt Kennel at 4pm - off Gentian Lane. Gentian Lane is just south of the Carcross Cut-off towards Marsh Lake (that is south? whatever, it's towards Marsh Lake from the cut-off). Turn down the lane and continue down till you see a dirt road off to the right with lots of orange tape around the entrance - turn in there and just keep going straight (don't turn off) past the container truck, until the road ends at the Kennel/House.

Registration at 4pm, followed by the draw for the DPSAY raffle! Then off to the races - Hans is setting out the trails and may be varying the exact race details slightly - Bring dogs, bikes, scooters (or simply yourself for canicrossing), the trails will be 1-2miles, and the Sled Dog, Pet Dog, Canicross categories will be there as usual - Anyone on wheels MUST have a proper helmet (no wired on dog bowls this time please). Please bring something for the post-race potluck BBQ.

We're racing for EAGLE PACK DOG FOOD, and also prizes from Aurora Booties, Icy Waters Ltd, Muktuk Kennels, and C&D Feeds. Design and Printing of poster: many thanks to Inkspirationz Graphix, anyone spot the deliberate mistake? (corrected before printing).

Race Marshall - Simi Morrison - no arguing (you know it won't get you anywhere and time penalties cost you positions :) ) and no sneaking a peek at the times before the official announcements, thank you!

See you all there!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Those Yukon Meat & Sausage results in full!

1 Mile 1 Dog Caniwade

1 - Kyla Johnson - 17.34
2 - Sandro Bumblebee - 18.34
3 - Maible Boksa - 23.46
4 - Moe Boksa - 24.18

1 Mile 1 Pet Dog Bikesplashjour

1 - Karine Grenier - 13.32
2 - Maren (let's fall over again in the pond) Bradley - 14.51
3 - Janet Keller - 17

Deb Knight - Scratches - quite a lot actually, and a few bruises from the rocks

1 Mile 1 Sled Dog Swimajour

1 - Darryl Sheepway - 7.32
2 - Amil Dupuis-Rossi - 9.43
3 - Janet Keller - 12.01
4 - Deb Knight - 12.25

Robert Sifke - Scratched - dog took the other way home

1 Mile 2 Sled Dog Paddleathon

1 - Darryl Sheepway
2 - Ian Usher

Thanks to everyone for turning out and making it such a fun event, don't forget to buy stuff at YUKON MEAT n SAUSAGE - THE DELI
as well as from Aurora Booties, Icy Waters Ltd, C&D Feeds

Next Race - The Eagle Pack MONGREL HORDES, at Susie Rogan/Hans Gatt's on Gentian Lane, mid September, details coming soon.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Splashing Good Times - YUKON MEAT & SAUSAGE - The Deli Watersports Outing!

What better to do in the sun at +30'C than take a dog or two and go running through lots of water - exercise and fun (amazing that those two words are found in the same sentance!)

15 teams "competed" - well it appears Darryl competed, everyone else had a laugh, Grizzly was heard to comment later - "How come everyone else had so much fun ? all I heard was "Go GO!, NOOOO! don't stop, you can drink later, go, faster, GO!" I want a transfer, my paws are still smokin!"

Photos from Clark Rogers - thank you (erm results will come later - well ok , Darryl won the one and two sled dog (again...boring, and well done), Carine Grenier reprised her victory in the pet dog, and proof that guiding gets you fit, Kyla Johnson beat professional runner Sandro Bumblebee (is that really his name?) in the caniwade, in fact Sandro only just managed to stay ahead of hard-driving 7 year old Maible Boksa)

Canicross at its best

Kyla Johnson takes an early bath

Uh-oh, Big Pet dog starts to tip Maren Bradley in for the third time...revenge for the July Race comment of "ah, she doesn't run"


Robert Sifke and Decaf (Smokin' Paws) enjoy the trail

Janet Keller and what looks like a small Polar Bear, driving for the next creek

Smokin' Paws 1 & 2 take Deb Knight just before her intimate impact with the local rocks

Ian Usher, with knee and elbow armour...hooray..."sense in action"! now If Deb Knight had that her crash wouldn't have left all those scabs...

"Jeez Darryl, it's not the Percy you know? and I'd like to have stopped with the other guys in that last pond, that Siberian had some good points on the failure of the Russian wheat crop because of global WARMING!"..."It's a RACE Grizzly! GO! GO!"

Grizzly, winner of this week's longest tongue competition

Maible Boksa makes a break past her Mum Moe - or just having fun in the water with dogs

Taking time in the Caniwade with man's best friend...what better way to spend a hot evening, does it get any better?