Monday, January 31, 2011

ICY WATERS Ltd Sponsors DPSAY River Runner 130

Come and race and get the money - 22 spots left! 3 sled teams already signed up

Monday, January 24, 2011

Call for Support

Finally a politician with dog sense!
Twister and Hot Hound fans know MIKE SIMON as a volunteer on countless races. He's running for nomination to be the Liberal candidate in Lake Laberge riding.
The nomination meeting is at the Hootalinqua firehall
(Mile 4 Mayo Road, right hand side after Takhini Gas)
at 7 p.m. on this THURSDAY, JANUARY 24.

Please come out to show your support, even if you don't live in the riding. You don't need to be a party member and this is a chance to ask a future member of the territorial legislature about those pressing issues such as:
  • Can you make the City relax their 3-dog limit?
  • What's your position on animal protection?
  • Can we get the Dog Sled Track lease back?
  • or, anything else that's got a burr in your fur.
Hope to see you at 7 this Thursday at Hootalinqua. Regardless we'll be out on the trail again this Sunday!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Duffy's Pets race POSTPONED!

It doesn't often happen, but it really is predicted to be just too cold this Sunday. Blame the La Nina effect.

Very sensibly the Duffy's Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply Race Day has been POSTPONED to
and becomes a most excellent warm up for that slightly less important YQ300!

See you all on the 30th! Keep warm.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Duffy's Pets & Tanzilla Harness Supply Race Day - Race ON!!

Inspiring new poster design courtesy of "LONE TRAILS PHOTOGRAPHY", Stefan Wackerhagen and printing by long-term sponsor INKSPIRATIONZ GRAPHIX.

Thanks to Claudia Wickert and Fabian Schmitz for organising this one, so if you have any complaints you know were to take them... and receive the time-honored CHT response "if you don't like it, race somewhere else!"

So, to the info and goodies - Duffy's Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply have put up the $$ purse, and most valuable merchandise prizes have been kindly donated by Icy Waters Ltd, First Mate Dog Food, Aurora Booties, Muktuk Adventures, Yukon Brewing T-shirts finely wrapped in glass and aluminium, C&D Feeds (we know some of you have a cat, cos the prize is cat food), Yukon Honda, and Yukon Grain Farm (with their $7/bale straw - where could you buy cheaper? or better? or hasn't burnt I don't know how much fossil fuel and pumped out climate changing CO2 getting up here?).

Meet 10am Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd, Sunday Jan 16th - 10.5 mile Twister sleds 2-6 dogs, skis 2-4; 5km 1 Pet dog running erm oh yes, 1 Pet dog (and if it's cold Jon might just Canicross the whole thing with Asha enjoying trotting behind!); 5km Kids, 1-4 sleds, 1-2 skis.

Volunteers required and made very welcome (Arctic Charr as a thank-you, plus a prize draw! we like our volunteers!), please let Fab + Claude know at 335 2920 if you want a fun day out, and some delicious Arctic Charr!