Friday, July 31, 2009

Phillipe's Bike Repair - photos from Stacie Zaychuk

"You all have to understand, I have to win!". Nice shot of Valerie's intact collarbone

Baby Jesus takes off, proving Susie Rogan doesn't weigh more than 480lb (his final pull in the freight pull)

Canicrosser Pascale with her giant dog Juska, she could put a saddle on him!

Head on passing, near the start/finish line - probable combined speed 30mph; ever been hit by a bike at 30mph? ever come off a bike at 30mph? get some armour people!

Grizzly: "Oh on, a crazy lady's got me, Darryl, stop grinning and help me get away"
Alexandra and Sammy go out for a stroll

Vern : "C'mon Chena, let's go". Chena "C'mon yourself, you've got pedals, anyway what's the rush, I just won you a sack of First Mate in the Freight pull!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Philippe's Bike Repair - Race Photos from Clarke Rodgers

Susie Rogan with Tundra and Sassy

Darryl Sheepway driving hard for the double, having won the 1 sled dog 1 mile with rocket dog Grizzly

Fabian Schmitz, relaxed in his shirtsleeves

Jon Lucas, not so relaxed in his transformer exoskeleton (comment atributed to JF Latour)

Hennifer Pascale, first ever Canicross race

No, White dogs and red shirts are not mandatory gear for Canicrossers...Christel Bartzcack bounds down the trail

Susie Rogan encouraging Baby Jesus down the trail, after Jesus pulled 480lb to take second in the First Mate Freight Pull

Gaetan Pierrard's relaxed pose belies his drive for second place in an under 4 minute mile

Stephan Poirier thunders down the trail in his inaugural Dryland Race

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Philippe's Bike Repair Race Day! Smashing Success!


27 teams and 5 muscle dogs turned out at Drag n Fly Kennel Saturday for the Hot Hounds Dryland Races and First Mate Extreme Freight Pull.

Results Flash - details and photos to follow



1...Janet Keller....Aissa...200lbs.


1...Jon Lucas...Asha...560lbs.

2...Susie Rogan...Baby Jesus...480lbs

3...Vern Selman...Chena...160lbs in 14.79 seconds

4...Darrell Sheepway/Amil Dupois Rossi...Tipi...160lbs in 17.37 seconds


1 Pet Dog 1 mile (all bikejour)

1... Wilson...Wendy Morrison "The Zoo"...5:18
2...Ruby...Janet Keller "Grizzly Blizzard"...8:17
3...Adak...Alexandra Rochat...9:07

1 Sled Dog 1 mile (all bikejour)

1...Grizzly...Darryl Sheepway "Smokin Paws"...3:27
2...Ibex...Gaetan Pierrard...3:43
3...Baby Jesus...Susie Rogan...3:47 
4...Buddha...Stephan Poirien..."Sky High Wilderness Ranch"...4:09
5...Polar...Amil Dupois-Rossi..."Smokin' Paws"...4:16
6...Nahanni...Cynthia Corriveau...4:43
7...Ringo...Janet Keller..."Grizzly Blizzard"...4:55
8...Sammy...Alexandra Rochet...5:57
9...Chena..Vern Selman..."Grizzly Blizzard"...6:28

1 Dog 1 Mile Canicross

1...Velvet... Ben  Goddien...6:02
2...Siggy...Crystel Bartczak "Drag n Fly"...6:47
3...Juska...Hennifer Pascal...10:20

2 Sled Dog 2 Mile (all bikejour except as noted)

1...Emma + Assman...Jon Lucas "Snowpigs"...7:55...Scooter
2...Grizzly...Amil Dupuis-Rossi "Smokin' Paws"...8:04
3...Benji + Spell...Crispin Studer...8:26
4...Fry + Coho...Darryl Sheepway "Smokin' Paws"...8:31
5...Klein + Appleton...Fabian Schmitz...8:50
6...Nemo+ Hydro...Claudia Wickert...10:00
7...Nina + Popeye...Bruised, Broken, and Bloody from a spectacular wipe-out but determined to finish before seeking treatment...Valerie Bussieres "Sky High Wilderness Ranch" where the iron-hard mushers live...10.09
8...Tundra + Sassy...Susie Rogan...10:18
9...Yan + Ar....Janet Keller..."Grizzly Blizzard"...13:13
10...Esther + Pooh Bear...Stacie Zaychuk..."Chaos"...14:21
11...Dolly + Dusty...Vern Selman..."Grizzly Blizzard"...20:01
DNF...Nahanni...Cynthia Corriveau

Thanks to Race Marshall Gene Ennis; press-ganged timers Alexandra Rochet and Jon Lucas; and Darrell Otto for the turnaround control out at the end of the course.

Best Wishes to Valerie for a quick recovery and speedy return to the track!!

and to our Sponsors:

Phillipe's Bike Repair (who don't put old patched inner tubes under your new tires on your new bike, and who also sell very protective body armour); First Mate Dog Food; Icy Waters Ltd Arctic Charr; Aurora Booties; Grizzly Blizzard Kennel; Yukon Meat & Sausage; Dazhaw Du Chiropractic Clinic - BUY THEIR STUFF, THEY KEEP US RACING!

Next Race

Susia Rogan and Hans Gatt host
Eagle Pack's "Mongrel Hordes"

at Susie's place out at Golden Horn, Saturday August 22nd, 5pm

Friday, July 24, 2009

From The Weatherman - Philippe's Bike Repair Dryland races are ON!

"Warm, but not too warm" reported the Weatherman, observing the Weathernetwork print-out.

SATURDAY July 25th, 6pm, km 1.0 Old Alaska Highway, Drag N Fly Kennel:

Philippe's Bike Repair Races + First Mate Extreme Freight Pull

Freight Pull, 3 categories, light 0-60lb; medium 61-100lb; heavy 101lb+
Prizes for each category: 1st - 3 bags; 2nd - 2 bags; 3rd - 1 bag Extreme Dog Food (40lb)

Dryland Races:
use any unpowered means of transport
1 Pet dog 1 mile
1 Sled dog 1 mile
2 sled dogs 2 miles 

 if 3+ Canicrossers show we'll have a Canicross race with prizes from Icy Waters Ltd - the run for charr!

Powered Transport
Formula 1, Quad + 4-8 dogs, 2 mile

Potluck BBQ and  bring your own bar afterwards on the Kennel's lawn.
Thanks to Lee Kirkpatrick and Jim Hajash for hosting the event. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Phillipe's Bike Repair - Dryland Dog Races Saturday July 25th

and the First Mate Summer Freight Pull!!

Live at 6pm, Drag n Fly Kennel, km 1.0 Old Alaska Highway - Lee Kirkpatrick and Jim Hajash's Kennel.

Community service warning - If coming by taxi please bring correct change for fare; and nothing but soft drinks or 0.5% if imbibing whilst spectating - remember, you can be arrested...Susie.

After registration, and DPSAY membership is completed for all you non-members, we'll have the start draw and straight into the 1 Pet Dog 1 mile (if we have 3+ canicrossers in total they will have their own race with delicious Icy Waters Arctic Charr as prizes) - will Keno the house mongrel husky hold onto the Pet Dog Crown? Asha's down and out with delicate paws after a gravelly training run, so who will challenge Heather Desmarais? Winston? calling Winston? or Aklak the Bouvier (who chases the dog going the other way after a head on pass - oh alright I know these are all "in" comments, but you do have to be there to see all the fun - come on out and spectate, enjoy the BBQ, mingle with world famous Dryland racers). Once the excitement of hte Pet dog is over we're into the serious stuf with the 1 Sled Dog 1 mile, where we expect Susie "Are you arresting me" Rogan to bring Baby Jesus to the fray for an exhilarating run and a chance to take another nibble out of the photographer. Bombproof Outdoor Gear (suppliers of the freight pull trolley) will be fielding at the very least Sneaky (I think we'll go this way actually, Mr Monkey) Peat, and we expect to see Smokin' Paws'  leader Grizzly (which way! which way? where do I go? I go fast, where do you want me to go?) dancing in all directions at the start before tearing away at mach 4.

The course is then extended for the 2 Sled Dog 2 mile when we'll see if Chaos Kennel's' Mendenhall course record of 2 handlebar flyovers, and a team releasing wipe out can be bettered on the gravel of the Drag n Fly trail - bring body armour if you have it - those that have it look at the scrapes and cracks in the plastic and wonder what might have will be signing a disclaimer. Then straight into the only powered race of the day with teams of 4-8 dogs hitched to quads for the Formula 1, 2 mile race, as Laura Jane Lucas's Jolly Roger crew defend their recent triumph.

And it's not over yet - three categories of freightpull: lightweight dogs 0-60lb, Mediumweights 61-100lb, and Heavies at 100lb +, compete to pull the heaviest load 16 feet in under a minute!

Entry Fees - Freightpull $10; First race $10, succeeding races $5.

Prizes - goodies from PHILLIPES BIKE REPAIR  (go there for bike stuff, Phillipe doesn't fit used, patched inner tubes under your new tires....) and other goodies from Aurora Booties, Chocolate Claim, and Icy Waters Ltd.Freight PUll prizes from FIRST MATE dogfood

Pot Luck BBQ after, and bring your own bottles - can I say that? yes, alcohol is not a prize here, so bring your own drinks and food and have a great time in the apres-race atmosphere, swatting the odd mossie.

Volunteers and spectators welcome

Race Marshall Gene Ennis - after a minor surgical toe operation she'll have even less patience, and if you even tap her foot expect a season penalty of at least 30 mins per race!

See you out there, looks like a dusty one, bring eye protection, gravel has been known to sting when flung into the eye by dogs' feet - although your dogs don't go fast enough for that, do they Mr Sheepway? 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Philllipe's Bike Repair - Dryland Race Day & First Mate Summer Freight Pull

Thanks to INKSPIRATIONZ GRAPHICS for the most excellent poster printing

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Newsflash! 100-200 mile race trail proving

July 11th - Trail proved Whitehorse - Mendenhall. See DPSAY blogsite (look to right and scroll down) for more info. Mendenhall - Otter Falls trail proving Weds July 15th, all welcome, contact Jon at

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Record Dryland Turnout At Chaos Kennel, Mendenhall for Yukon Meat & Sausage Race day

Photos courtesy of Stefan Wackerhagen

Fabian Schmitz takes a break from canoeing in the Wheaton river

Kyla Boivin tries for a break with a maximum points somersault over the handlebars further down the trail

Amil Dupois-Rossi shortly before a wipe-out that released both dogs for a free-run romp

Jon Lucas with helmet-cam whirring away, capturing a nice fly-over the handlebars later on. Now if he could just work out how to download it, we might all have a laugh

Susie Rogan to Baby Jesus "oh Jesus! Don't bite the cameraman!" 
The reply "Why not....looks tasty...looks fleshy" 

Keno, Pet Dog champ, pounds down the trail pulling a smiling Heather Desmarais

Wendy Morrision with galloping Wilson

Laura Jane Lucas returns victorious in the Formula 1 duel with host Stacie Zaychuk, proving that 6 is not necessarily faster then 4, and that a 4 dog ball is definately easier to untangle than a 6 dog one! Emma and Assman enjoy their second race of the day, Assman: "I prefer the girl monkey better" ,Emma: "Yes, at least we win with her, not like with that dolt on the bike" ,Assman : "No, I like the girl monkey, what's this "winning" thing anyway?"