Sunday, June 15, 2008

ACAAF funds study into nutritional value of fish plant secondary processing products

The ACAAF - Advancing Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Foods - programme, administered through the Yukon Agriculture Association (YAA) has funded a project to analyse the nutritional value of Arctic Charr secondary processing products for livestock feed - eg. hogs, poultry, and dogs.

Analysis was performed by CANTEST, Vancouver, and it is hoped the results will help livestock and kennel owners feed these products efficiently to their animals. Samples for analysis were provided by Icy Waters Ltd.

Unfortunately "Blogspots, Blogger" cannot handle tables of data very well (as anyone trying to follow the CHT results knows!). So to interpret below, the first figure after the category name (eg Protein) is the value in the guts/offal, the second is the value in the Rejected Whole Fish, and the third is the value of the Heads/Racks/Trim

Guts/Offal Rejected Whole Fish Heads/Racks/Trim

% Protein 8.7 17.1 21.1
% Fat 45.41 7.85 4.93
% Moisture 45.9 73.1 72.2
% Ash 0.9 1.9 1.6
% Carbohydrate <0.1 <0.1 0.2
% Omega-3 Fatty Acids 10.42 1.96 1.5

Calories/100g 440 139 129
kJ/100g 1840 583 542

A (Retinol) IU/100g 20074 950.6 <33.3
E IU/100g 4.5 <1 <1
C mg/100g <0.42 2 2

Friday, June 13, 2008


Sky High Ranch has kindly offered to host our "Thank-you party" for all the sponsors, volunteers, publicists and other organisers, oh, and of course you racers out there!! If you were involved in the CHT last season, or the Dryland Hot Hounds in summer, Sky High Ranch at the end of Fish Lake rd, Whitehorse is the venue - Beverages supplied by the CHT Org & Yukon Brewing; Moose Burgers from Sky High Ranch; Arctic Charr Burgers from Icy Waters Ltd; and Desserts and Chocolates from the Chocolate Claim.

7pm, Saturday, June 28th. Star DJ Jocey LeBlanc has a boom box for the dust bowl dance floor, and Jon has a stack of dance music in his own inimitable style - I can assure you, you'll love it...or find a quiet spot amongst the trees. Overnight camping freely available, as is the Sauna. Yeesss a Sauna, remember to bring swimwear, this isn't Sweden.

And it's all thanks to: Yukon Brewing (5% rewards discount when you buy from the Brewery), Sportees (for all your outdoor gear), Alpine Vet (all your vet needs, and first to confirm they are back for a Race Day in 08/09), Oscars Electric (nothing electically too big or too small, they install or fix everything),  Duffy's Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply (why go mail order, it's all there in town), H Coyne and Sons (sand, gravel, drilling, excavation, they do it all and more) and Icy Waters Ltd (Freshest Fish in town - from tank to fillet in 15 mins, retail sales from the farm, and good for you!) and don't forget Aurora Booties, Klondike Snowmachine Association, Air North, and Taplow/ First Mate Dog Foods.

See you at Sky High!!