Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Icy Waters Ltd Race Day photos by Dave Mondor

Heather Swystun + Kodiak and a friend working hard

Erin Spicer with Dad Darrell Otto's dogs shoots out the start chute

Monday, April 14, 2008

Trails turning to Slush? Need one more run....

to close the season - try Fish Lake - This is Jon & six of the Snowpigs, Friday 11th April, 6pm
Just drive to the end of Fish Lake rd. Tie off at the landing and follow a snowmachine track to the left side of the lake where you meet the established trail. Hard, good trail. Watch out for the delightful glaciation at 4.5 miles.


HOT HOUNDS DRYLAND RACE 1 - Venue: Drag n Fly Kennel (Lee Kirkpatrick/Jim Hajash) Old Alaska Highway (just outside the Whitehorse City Limits), July. Watch this blog for further details.

More Icy Waters Ltd Race Day photos by Dave Mondor

Yet more footage of the Tagish Tornado with the fancy Streeper sled passing Debbie (not) Last (enough of that joke - ed.). Although Debbie's wheel dog does look like he's sizing up a quick snack.

Freuchie, Smersh patron of Snowpigs, Albino, deaf, 3/4 blind but with over-developed senses of taste and smell adores our sponsor Yukon Brewing's fine ales above all others. Don't damage your senses on inferior beers, drink Yukon Brewing, and receive a 5% discount when you buy at their brewery - and tell them you read that here! (photo Jon Lucas)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yellowknife, Arctic Winter Games March 2008

Foxy, the AWG mascot greets Snowpigs jockey Eilidh Lucas (Team Yukon), whilst touring the tie-out yard and start line on Back Bay Yellowknife. The dogs went wild trying to get at the fox (a giant fox walking amongst tens of tethered dogs, think about it)

Snowpigs Revenge!