Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hot Hounds Dryland returns on June 13th!!

Hosted by Icy Waters Ltd at km 4,2 Fish Lake Rd, the evening has a two dog, 5km, mini-mass start; the 1 mile 1 Pet Dog; 1 mile Canicross; and 1 mile 1 Sled Dog, with BBQ and T-shirts afterwards - sponsored by the ever popular:


Prizes from Chocolate Claim, Aurora Booties, Icy Waters Ltd

Stay tuned for more details later in May

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Great DPSAY Litter Pick-up

DPSAY is holding its annual litter pick-up on Weds May 19th, meet at 7pm at Icy Waters Ltd.

We will be picking up the litter and discarded beer cans (am I allowed to mention alcohol?) from Turbine no.1 Fish Lake Rd (adjacent to Icy Waters Ltd (IWL)) down to the Alaska Highway (just 4km downhill). Two Board members are bringing their trucks to carry away the rubbish and tough used feed bags for rubbish collection are provided by IWL.

Many hands make light work and this pick-up raises $250 for DPSAY's coffers - we need this cash for insurance, so please turn out, bring tough gloves (it's amazing, and frankly sometimes disgusting, what people think is ok to dump from their vehicles).

This is an open invitation to DPSAY members, and the public - come out and clean up Fish Lake Rd! Keep the recyclables - make money and feel good at the same time!