Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Purse confirmed at $300 cash from CHT (+ 50% entry fees) + $300 Air North Certificates + $200 Yukon Brewing Certificates. Poker run for sled teams of 4-14 dogs, 22 miles overall with a climb of 2000' up over the shoulder of Mt MacIntyre, and of course the descent back down again. Sat Dec 1st, from Icy Waters Ltd. Info to be updated.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yukon Brewing Growler Races a hit with Canicross in Haines Junction

Four Canicross teams turned out Saturday, the best turnout of the season. Slippery ice in the afternoon sun made the trails treacherous and Carmen Muhlemann hit the ground hard at the turnaround when Mory spotted her husband and launched off to say hi. As compensation for the bruising Carmen wins the Yukon Brewing T shirt sympathy prize. That was the worst crash all season - Susie Rogan's flip over the handlebars in the first race barely caused a scratch and hardly justified the prize, however both went on to win their races so perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt. Carmen plans to repeat her victory celebrations by running the 5km Pet Dog with Mory in the SPORTEES Race Day of the YUKON BREWING CHT League on Dec 17th at ICY WATERS LTD.

Fran MacKeller and a possibly slightly overweight Clio tried, but couldn't close the gap and finished 1m 15s later.
Debbie Thomas planned to stroll around the course , but Taz had other ideas and "encouraged" Debbie into a brisk trot, whilst Katherine MacKeller and Kassie were passed by Mum Fran to come in 3rd.

AURORA BOOTIES ensured all competitors and volunteers took home booties, collars or jackets for their dogs.

In the wheeled categories Jon Lucas and Asha made it 4/4 with a win in the 1 mile pet dog, and lack of competition enabled the Snowpigs Kennel to sweep the board in all wheeled races and take home a large amount of YUKON BREWING's most excellent Growlers. Snowpigs had their INKSPIRATIONZ sponsored kennel flag flying high all day, and Jon pronounced himself happy with the days events: "Well obviously the pressure's off when no-one else bothers to show, but the dogs don't know that. I ran with inexperienced dogs today, to test their leadership ability and it all went very well. Very glad I had my body armour, what with all that ice." Jon is also sponsored by SKOOKUM BRANDS NORTHERN GARMENTS, and will be modelling their latest anorak at the SPORTEES race day on Nov 21st.

The race attracted over 10 spectators and Gene Ennis amd Martin Jahr did great service as Marshall/Timekeeper and turnaround volunteer respectively.


1 mile 1 dog Canicross (1.2miles)

1st - Carmen Muhlemann - Mory - - - - 8m 34s
2nd - Fran MacKellar - Clio - - - - - - - 9m 49s
3rd - Katherine MacKellar - Kassie - - - 11m 46s
4th - Debbie Thomas - Taz - - - - - - - 21m

1 mile 1 pet dog (1.2miles)

1st - Jon Lucas (scooter) - Asha - - - - - - - - - -6m 52s

1 mile 1 sled dog (1.2 miles)

1st - Jon Lucas (scooter) - Bluto - - - - - - - - - -5m 40s

4 mile 2 sled dog (2.34miles)

1st - Jon Lucas (scooter) - Tutshi and Jedai - - - -10m 26s

The Hot Hounds Dryland racing season is now over for 2007. The races earned over $250 for the Copper Haul Twister organisation, and part of this will be ploughed into the purse for the Dec 1st "Beer Worth Climbing For" 22 mile race out of ICY WATERS LTD as YUKON BREWING, AIR NORTH, and CHT create a $1000 purse for the poker run race that "Reaches for the Sky" - that's what it feels like as you climb 2000' up over Mt MacIntyre.

Thanks again to the Hot Hounds Sponsors: YUKON GARDENS, PHILLIPE'S BIKE REPAIR, ICY WATERS LTD, YUKON BREWING; the organisers, volunteers, competitors, and overall the dogs that had such a good time this summer - clearly, they simply did not get too hot to run!

Friday, October 19, 2007

News Flash!!

Air North sponsors Dec 1st 22 Mile Hill Climb. $300 in Gift certificates from Air North joins $300 cash from the Copper Haul Twister organisation to make this a $600 purse.....and climbing.

Watch this space!

Details - read below, sometimes way below!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Th Last dryland race - running, cycling, scootering with dogs is on. Trail report from a recently married and overtired Sean Fitzgerald states 1 mile and 3.5 mile courses are flagged and good to go, so come on out and have fun with your pet and sled dogs. Great prizes from Yukon Brewing and Aurora Booties.

Meet at 2pm, Fast Dog Kennels Haines Junction. When driving from Whitehorse turn left just after the Green Muffin and carry on along the gravel till you see the Fast Dogs sign. Pot luck BBQ after the races.

YTG Highways - No Permit Required!!

Hooray! YTG Highways decided today that non of the 6 Yukon Brewing CHT races requires a $100 permit, and nor does the "Reach for the Sky and Grab the Beer" proposed 22 mile race of Dec 1st. Economy priced entry fees can continue!

Looking good for a great season, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


WWW.FIRSTMATE.COM , suppiers of quality Pet and Dog foods, available at Duffy's Pets in Whitehorse are supporting the Yukon's 4th Freight Pull competition.

Registration at 10am, Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Road, Saturday Dec 1st, running concurrently with the 1st "Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer" 22 mile hill climb dog sled race.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Last Race of Hot Hounds Season: Yukon Brewing Growler races

Yes, with the snow falling and ground turning to ice, we're set for a crashing finale of the wheeled (and feeted!) Hot Hounds Race Season. Yukon Brewing Growlers are the first prizes for the heavily armoured (it's good idea!) winners of the four races out at Haines Junction, Saturday October 20th.

Will Asha prove Rottweillors are the fastest Pet dogs out there? Will we see a resurection of the Baby Jesus in hte one sled god? Will Running Man Bill Stewart strap on his harness and launch Tycho in the Canicross, or will he stay home with an old black and white movie, reminiscing about when he was a really fast runner......who knows? who cares? get your harnesses out to FAST DOGS Kennel, Sean Fitzgerald's unique Irish style kennel at (approx) km 4, Old Alaska Highway Haines Junction - driving from Whitehorse, turn left just after the montrous plastic muffin.

This is the Yukon Brewing Race Day, providing excellent beers as prizes. Also contributing are Aurora Booties with dog jackets, booties, and collars.

This is the last wheeled race before the snow flies (ok, if it's still there and deep enough wheel put the bikes and scooters in storage and get out the sleds and skis - and no metal edges!)


WE'RE BACK! all Sponsors have returned, so the 6 race day League based out of ICY WATERS LTD (buy their Arctic Charr - it has the highest Omega-3 levels and really high Vitamin D levels, it's tasty and good for you - an unheard of combination).

YUKON BREWING are sponsoring the three leagues to the tune of a lot of money. Buy their beer, it hasn't been hauled up the highway, spewing out greenhouse gases and gobbling up fossil fuels - and it really is a good brew - don't believe me? Then come out to haines Junction on the 20th and race (or walk your dog for a mile, on past turnouts you are going to win a prize) and try it for yourself.

SPORTEES, your local producer of all the trendy, warm, mushing, skijoring, and active outdoor or indoor gear you'll need - winter or summer.

DUFFY'S PETS AND TANZILLA HARNESS SUPPLY, all your dog sports needs under one roof! Equipment, food, even live food to keep your huskies occupied between races (that's what hamsters are for, isn't it? release one in the dog yard and watch the fun! - WARNING: do not try this at home: Hamsters are for life, not for 27 seconds in the dog yard). Anyway, Duffy's also supply many pets, including tropical fish, reptiles, birds, and all the equipment and food, (live or otherwise) you need to keep them happy and healthy.

OSCARS ELECTRIC - no job too small, from installation to tool repair, John and his crew can put the spark back into your equipment. Oscar's can fit, connect and install any electrical equipment, industrial or domestic.

ALPINE VET - Dogs, cats, large and small animals, with 24 hour call-out, the recently expanded staff at AZlpine Vet will respond 24/7 to any animal health problem; also purveyors of dog and cat foods.

H. COYNE AND SONS - Gravel, Sand, Rock, from a half load to a delivery fleet, Coyne's can handle it, also experts in any form of drilling and mining exploration.

ICY WATERS LTD - Fresh and frozen Arctic Charr, in fillets or whole fish, for sale directly from the farm gate. What you buy in the afternoon was swimming that morning - it's that fresh!

All those local companies are supporting our local sport - without them, we wouldn't have this race, so buy their stuff, if for no other reason than it really is good gear!

Provisional Timetable:

SPORTEES RACE DAY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -SATURDAY 17TH NOVEMBER

"Reach For The Sky" - in preparation, 21 mile race up over Mt Mac - climb 2000', then come down 2000' - Poker run, sled teams of 4 dogs+ (unlimited), not suitable for skijoring, provisional Purse $1000. For further details keep watching this space. If interested in volunteering, or sponsorship opportunities email Jon at

Whilst the Poker run is in progress, the TAPLOW/FIRST MATE Freight Pull will be held in the Icy Waters Ltd Car park, with a tonne of TAPLOW/FIRST MATE dog food up for grabs

Both provisinally held Saturday 1st Dec


OSCAR'S ELECTRIC RACE DAY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SATURDAY 19TH JANUARY

TBC - Carbon Hill Saturday 26th January

ALPINE VET RACE DAY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SATURDAY 16TH FEBRUARY

TBC - Silver Sled Saturday/Sunday 1/2nd March

TBC - Pine Lake Sprint Races and Triathlon, Saturday 8th March

TBC - Wilfred Charlie Memorial Sprint Race, Carmacks (+ Freight Pull), Saturday 15th MARCH

H. COYNE AND SONS RACE DAY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY 16th March

ICY WATERS LTD RACE DAY - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -SATURDAY 5TH APRIL

Keep on checking the blogsite for details, it's where all the Cool Dogs go