Sunday, September 28, 2008

FIRST MATE does it again!!

First Mate Dog Foods has sponsored the 2008 December Freight Pull with ONE TONNE of Extreme Dog Food.

To be held at Icy Waters Ltd, the freight pull will take place whilst all the energetic monkeys are climbing 2000' up Mt Mac in the hopefully-more-legal-than-last-year (eh? wot's a gambling licence?) Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer Poker Run.

More Details to follow - have fun training, be safe - Jon just thanked his body armour after a high speed flight from the scooter through the shrubbery and into the gravel this evening. The dogs had a good laugh, "One of his better ones" mentioned Assman to new boy Grizzly, "Yeah, but he got up a bit quick" added Emma "if we want a good breather lets do it near some rocks next time"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Upcoming Races - Provisional Timetable


The third Dryland of the season - Sunday October 26th, hosted by Jessica and Mike Simon, a short way up the Mayo Rd. Team sizes and race distances may vary a little from previous Drylands to account for cooler temperatures. If the weather continues behaving this way it might even be raced on skis ("Snowland", however race cancelled if it becomes "Iceland"!)


Season starts with the H. Coyne & Sons Race Day, Sunday November 16th (snow permitting): 4 dog sleds and 1-3 dog skis in the 12 mile; Pet Dog Race - 1 pet dog,  5km with skis, feet, kicksled, anything unpowered; and the 5km Kids Race up to 4 dogs with a sled, 2 with skis. 

Meet at Icy Waters Ltd, start at the McIntyre Marsh Lookout, Fish Lake Rd

Back by popular demand:

"Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer" Poker Run

22miles: 15 miles up 2,000', then 7 miles down 2,000'.
 4-14 dogs; all 4-6 dog teams WILL leave 40 mins before larger teams; Three hour time limit - finish in three hours or you are scratched, whether you have 3 Queens and an Ace or not.

Gambling Licence application in preparation through Dog Powered Sports Association of the Yukon.

Entry Fee (if we get the Licence) $25

Purse: $400 CHT Dryland Races + $300 Yukon Brewing  and celebratory iced T-Shirts = $700 cash and still working on it!

Sunday December 14th, Meet at Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish lake Rd

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mongrel Hordes - The results!!

and absolutely no controversy! no Liquor Board investigation, no mad taxi driver, no very nice RCMP officer, no Lotteries Gambling Commission - just a group of dogs happy to get their monkeys together and get them running! almost a first for the CHT!!

1 Mile 1 Pet Dog,

Wendy Morrison races a blinder; Asha hauls overweight Jon uphill ("I didn't realise it was a ... 'ing  freightpull" she commented later) and Haines Junction's smallest dog bravely pulled Sean's potbelly through the willows...

1 "the dog with no name..." and Wendy Morrison , Bikejour 4.16
2 Asha and Jon Lucas , Scooter 4.26
3 Taz and Sean Fitzgerald, Bike jour 5.00

1 Mile 1 Sled Dog

Hans Gatt, with "loads o' teeth" Tundra holds onto first by a mere 3 seconds from Darryl Sheepway  and a dog from his kennel (c'mon give us some names, it's not like Darryl actually did anything, the dog did all the work - credit where it's due), closely followed by Gaetan and his human, with Linda (from Destruction Bay - should have got a prize for travelling the furthest!) on foot with Maureen bringing up the rear.

1 Tundra and Hans Gatt, Bikejour,  3.51
2 Darryl and Dog Leader, Bikejour 3.54
3 White Doggie and Gaetan Pierranz, Bikejour 4.27
4 Running Dog and Linda, Canicross 7.06
5 Dog-I-C and Maren Bradley, Bikejour 9.09

2 mile 2 sled dog

Jon Lucas pays for price for lack of trail recon - "I didn't know the trail, it was a ploughed field; the sun was in my eyes, - yeah yeah suck it up, you lost - ed. In a packed field, Darryl Sheepway with two other unnnamed dogs (is this the "lost kennel" of old canine lore?) leapt from his bike at the start line and began running the course (erm, not exactly, say, hauled out of the saddle at the start line and dragged down the trail until Hans Gatt kindly chased him down and handed him his bike), closely followed by Susie Rogan and Baby Jesus ("How the heck did Lucas lose the trail? It's easy, I skijor it all winter. Whats' the problem? Jeez, what a whiner..."); Valerie, fresh from Europe was heard to yell "Where's the trail?" getting the helpful response from Jon of "What trail?". Maren Bradly, earns the title of "Unbreakable" after a brilliant crash mere yards from the finish line that saw the bike fly into the air as Maren ate dirt. Whilst Martin Jahr of Haines Junction quite wisely simply ran the race nice and slow " teach my little girl how to lead, it is going very well, thank you."

1 Darryl Sheepway, Bikejour 6.55
2 Susie Rogan, Baby Jesus, Bikejour 7.31
3 The Tangle Twins Emma & Assman + Jon Lucas, Scooter 7.39
4 Maren "Unbreakable" Bradly, Bikejour 7.50
5 Jocelynne ZeeWhite, Bikejour 7.54
6=Amil Dupois, Bikejour 8.21
6=Sarah + Brea, Sean Fitzgerald, Bikejour 8.21
8 Martin Jahr, Scooter 9.23
9 Lost Valerie, Bikejour 12.12

Formula 1

Jon Lucas and the superteam , Emma + Grizzly, Assman + Gael sweep all before them, taking first place laurels in the showpiece race; trailing this season's team flag they sped round the course, thrashing all opposition, and coincidentally taking the red lantern as well!!

1 Jon Lucas, Emma, Assman, Grizzly, Gael and a 22 year old Quad!   6.15

Photos to come, next Dryland possibly on the Mayo Rd at Jessica and Mike Simon's, Sunday Oct 26th - as it should be colder, races will be feature more dogs, speed sped speed!! Details to follow!