Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Oi! You're Nicked!"

The customary Dryland Hot Hounds half-time streaker was replaced last Saturday with a star performance from what can only be described as a brilliant three person theatre troupe entitled "The Kidnapping Taxi Driver (apparently); The Kidnapped American Tourist (alledgedly); and The RCMP Officer (really)"

But first the results:

1 Pet Dog, 1 Mile

1st    Jon Lucas + Asha - Scooter - 5.10
2nd  Cathryn Wallis - Bike - 5.22
3rd   Adam Smith - Scooter - 5.54
4th   Wendy Morrison - Scooter - 7.21
5th    Chrissy Murray - Canicross - 9.21

1 Sled Dog, 1 Mile

1st    Hans Gatt + Tundra - Bike - 4.59
2nd  Janet Keller - Bike - 5.01
3rd   Vern Selman - Bike - 7.14

2 Sled Dogs, 2 miles

1st    Jon Lucas + Assman & Emma - Scooter - 7.48
2nd  Susie Rogan + Tundra - Bike - 9.39
3rd  Stacie Zaychuk + Jack n Harris - Bike - 10.03
4th  Earl Shaw - Scooter - 10.09
5th  Piemond Gaetan - Bike - 10.29
6th  Martin Jahr - Scooter - 11.39
7th  Sebastian Schnuelle - Scooter - 11.46
8th Janet Keller - Bike - 12.49

Formula 1

1st    Gene Ennis, Quad+4 Dogs - 7.37
2nd  Jon Lucas, Quad + 4 dogs - 8.02

First Mate Freight Pull
(Bombproof Outdoor Gear's wagon)
1st     Suko + Janet Keller    285lb
2nd  Ripper + Stacie Zaychuk

1st    Asha + Jon Lucas   565lb
2nd  Baby Jesus + Suzie Rogan
3rd   Sherpa + Debbie Last
4th   Chance + Jim Hajash

Suko prepares to pull the winning load

Monday, July 28, 2008

Shock and Awe - Controversy Dogs Dryland Races

RCMP Officer Grabs Suzie Rogan whilst shouting "Be quiet! I can arrest all twenty of you!", Hans Gatt gets ready to intervene whilst Sebastien Schnuelle on a scooter thinks "Wow! the Iditarod isn't half as much fun as the CHT's Dryland Racing!"

Full story later!! Read all about it!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Appalling training accident - injury prevented by Phillipe's Bike Repair

First Prize in the coming "2 sled dog 2 mile" race on Saturday is a Phillipe's Bike Repair helmet identical to this one that recently averted terrible injury to a budding bikejourer in training . None other than Race Marshmallow Laura Jane ("you'll never catch me on a bike pulled by dogs") Lucas' noggin was fully protected whilst secretly training.

This is why Hot Hounds helmet wearing is mandatory, and we recommend Phillipe's body armour as well: road rash itches like mad, but a smashed kneecap can often be more debilitating.

(all animals except the monkey were treated with great care and respect in the making of this training short, and no dogs suffered any injury whatsoever. Actually they had a jolly good laugh). 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


With an awful lot of chilled T shirts, the CHT remains the:
 Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister League
 for the third straight season. Starting November, the six race League is back, with a slightly modified course as the turnaround is now a large hole in the ground (gravel pit). Which we may be able to utilise - nothing wrong with a bit of sidehill eh? eh?

Weather looks good for Phillippe's Bike Repair Dryland Races Sat 26th July!!

Which means it is really awful for summer! High of 18'C, cloudy and showers - well why change the pattern of this summer.

Please bring safety spectacles/goggles as well as helmets. Without them racers are going to have their eyes closed a lot, or lots of sand and gravel in their eyes, and it hurts, let me tell you!

Trail is beautifully groomed. 25 bags of First Mate Dog Food, Chilled Yukon Brewing T-Shirts, Bike Equipment from Phillipe's Bike Repair,  and Icy Waters Arctic Charr certificates are all awaiting new owners - all this for $10 (or $15 for the Freightpull - and thanks to Bombproof Outdoor Gear for the wagon) - and you get the chance to win all those entry fees back in the December legal (honest guv) poker Run up and over Mt Mac!

See you at km 1.5, Old Alaska Highway, 5.30pm Saturday, first race 6pm + potluck BBQ

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NEWSFLASH! Alcohol Police Raid Blogsite drama

Today, the alcohol police quite kindly and politely informed CHT Org Central GHQ (Publicity Division) that it is illegal to display alcoholic items as prizes. Consequently all prizes from most excellent sponsor YUKON BREWING will now be referred to as "T-Shirts".

Please see the offensive article below has been amended.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Phillipe's Bike Repair, Yukon Brewing, Icy Waters Ltd Dryland Racing + Taplow/First Mate Wagon-Pull, Saturday July 26th

Meet at Drag 'n' Fly Kennel (home of hosts Lee Kirkpatrick and Jim Hajash) between 5.00-5.30pm. Located at km 1.5, Old Alaska Highway (off the Alaska Highway, out of town, heading for Haines Junction).
Race Marshmallow: Laura J. Lucas
Race Timer: Gene Ennis
Races start 6pm, dependant on the weather (although over-heating hasn't been much of a problem so far this summer).
Bring stuff for the Pot-Luck BBQ

Races 1-3, 2 minute start intervals

Race 1 - 1 Pet Dog, 1 mile: Canicross, Bikejour, Scooter, or simply   walk your dog on a lead

Race 2 - 1 Sled Dog, 1 mile: similar to race 1, but generally a bit faster.

Race 3 - 2 Sled Dogs, 2 miles: Canicross (if you can take 10 metre steps), Bikejour or Scooter.

Bombproof Outdoor Gear have spare scooters for you all to experience this marvellous sport, just one mile and you'll be converted! 

One Dog Freight-Wagon Pull
(wagon from Bombproof Outdoor Gear)
Three weight categories:
Lightweight - 0-60lbs
Mediumweight - 61 - 100lbs
Heavies - 101lbs+

Dog must stay, attached to wagon, whilst monkey either walks to finish line (16 feet from wagon), or walks to behind wagon. Monkey then encourages dog to pull the wagon the 16 feet. Pull is timed. Winner is the dog that pulls the most weight, in the event of a tie, the dog completing the pull fastest wins. 
Absolutely no treats once the competition has begun, until your dog is out, or wins.

Freight Pull Prizes:
All categories: 
1st=3 bags Taplow/First Mate Dog Food
2nd = 2 bags
3rd = 1 bag
Winner of category with most entrants also receives a Yukon Brewing T shirt .

Race 4 - Formula 1

 4 minute start intervals: 4-8 dogs, powered Quad, 2 miles. 

(the Snowpigs and Drag 'n' Fly Quads are trained for this and quite happy to run several times and are available for any team wishing to run, but cannot bring a powered quad)

Entry Fees:
All races $10
Freight-Wagon Pull $15
please bring correct change

Race Prices - Bike equipment from Phillipe's Bike Repair, T-shirts from Yukon Brewing, Arctic Charr from Icy Waters
and Dog Food from Taplow/First Mate.

see you on the 26th!, where all the Cool Dogs go!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Saturday July 26th - this could be you!!

Assman and Emma out training Jon, last week on the July 26th Dryland Trail
(photo Laura J. Lucas)

Monday, July 7, 2008

2007-08 Season Closes

Sky High Ranch was the venue for the final act of the season - the CHT party to thank everyone involved or making such a great race season. Although a bit cool for July, the great food and Yukon Brewing Beverages made for a fun party as theories and dog stories were discussed around the firepit:
Hugh Neff discusses the merits of long distance mushing vs sprinting with Tagish Tornado's wife Sue Johnson, amongst an equally split audience:

New Season, New Race, Drag n Fly Kennel, Old Alaska Highway, Saturday July 26th, 5pm, prizes frpm Taplow/First Mate Dog Foods, Yukon Brewing, and Phillipe's Bike Repair!

Details shortly!!