Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Show me the Money!

Road Runner Sponsors come through and the money starts to come in - Many thanks to Arctic Backhoe, Icy Waters Ltd, Whitehorse Motors, CKRW, and Klondyke Dental Clinic.

You too can sponsor the Inaugural Road Runner 100, simply make out a cheque to DPSAY - see that was easy, and contact DPSAY through www.dpsay.wordpress.com !

Monday, January 25, 2010

RR100 (beep beep) Newsflash

Veterinarians Carolynne Fujda (Lots of Latitude Mobile Vet) and Helen Eddy (Alpine Vet Clinic) confirm as your RR100 vets!!

January Pooper Scoop

Jim Hajash and Lee Kirkpatrick's entire dog yard took a run on the first 8-Mile Copper Haul of the new year.
Here, Jim takes a corner with four puppies on a training run. Although skittish in head-on passes, when the right wheel, Smith, tied it up in a snowbank, the string stayed taut to be untangled before the final loop.

Tony Radford hitched six Drag-n-Flies to the Risdon Rig he purchased from Dave and Heather Desmarais. Along with testing the agility and flex of the cambered steering rig, right, Tony took it on a crash test with Jeff Diment in the blind corner at the electric fence. Not exactly bombproof, Tony's red racer did earn him a speedy first place start to the new year.

Moderate temperatures, firm base, soft light and snowfall gave Laura Lucas with Jonathan's Grizzly Snowpigs perfect conditions for dog sports. "I groom this trail all the time for the Twister, but hadn't realised how much fun it was on a dog sled, even with only 4 dogs in a 6 dog race."

SPOT test and the Yukon Quest:

Wendy Morrison recruited Twisters Laura Lucas, Claudia Wickert, Jim Hajash, Tony Radford, Cythnia Corriveau and Gunter Glaser to test SPOT tracking devices for the Yukon Quest. As a new sponsor to the 1000-mile sled dog race, SPOT has supplied tracking devices to all mushers who want them. Twisters also tested carrying pouches supplied by SPOT.

"We were brainstorming about how to mount these to sleds and came up with this idea," Morrison said. "We'd like you to test them before we send them down a thousand miles of trail," she told Twisters.

SPOTs tend to work better if mounted so they are unobstructed to the sky, rather than tucked in a jacket. Twisters mounted the palm-sized satellite trackers to the inside stantion, crossbar under the bow, and on the brush bow. All units displayed perfect tracking functions. Help signals will be monitored by the Race Marshall and Yukon Quest staff. The units are optional this year, Morrison said, but they allow the Quest to monitor mushers' progress on the trail in case of emergency.

Mike and Jessica Simon will be trailside, keeping water liquid for Jocelyn LeBlanc, Hans Gatt, Gerry Willometzer and all the other Quest mushers who pull into Scroggie Creek checkpoint. We won't be at the next CHT meet, though. So if you need to volunteer for the CHT, we'll need the help in February. Good luck to all the mushers out there and happy trails.

5 km Kids:
Erin Spicer demonstrates the techniques that have earned her the top spot in the kids league.

And here, Jesse Dougherty zips through the trees to a first place meet finish.

5-km Pets:
This month's pet league seems to have benefitted from the resolve of pet owners across town to spend more time with their dogs. Below Sandro competes in the 5 k canicross:

League darling, Tiramisu, took second this month, after a sit-down strike on last weekend's Carbon Hill Race. Today, "she was really perky at the start and into the final loop, but coming back, it was more of a walk," Pippa Lawson said.

In this clip league newcomers Honzo Balar and Cynthia Friedrich glide into the bushes.

Thanks to Race Day sponsor Oscar's Electric for boosting the purse, and all our prize sponsors: Yukon Agriculture Association, First Mate Dog Food, Yukon Grain Farm, Icy Waters, Yukon Brewing, Yukon Honda, Drury's Elk Farm, and Grizzly Pigs Farm.

Next month, meet on Valentine's Day at 10 a.m. for more Twister fun at Icy Waters km 4, Fish Lake Road. Volunteers encouraged.

posted by Jessica Simon yukonwriter@lycos.com
photos and footage by Mike Simon

Sunday, January 24, 2010

OSCARS ELECTRIC - Record Pet Dog Turnout

Crisp, fresh snow seemed to make for a slower trail (except for Tony "the Bandit" Radford), but under the sunshine at -13'C today was a fun day out for dogsports enthusiasts. 15 teams vied in the 8 mile, whilst 9 pet dogs variously pulled and ran alongside their owners in the 5km; In the Kid's Race Erin Spicer, although coming second to newcomer Jesse Doherty, added handsomely to her Kid's League points total.

With Snowpig's Jon volunteering, and no-shows from a number of CHT League contenders, the points now show the league to still be wide open, at this half way point:

Tony Radford No 20
Jon Lucas Yes 16
Crispin Studer No 14
Trevor Braun No 12
Luc Twedell No 8
Darryl Sheepway Yes 8
Cynthia Corriveau No 4
Dave Johnson No 4
Kyla Boivin No 2
Jim Hajash Yes 2

To have a League position finish and some of Yukon Brewing's loverly cash, you have to volunteer on the 8 mile (and therefore miss one race).

The Kid's League

Erin Spicer - 18
Louve Tweddell - 10
Jesse Doherty - 10 (V)
Lori Tweddell - 8

Only Jesse has had someone volunteer for him so far

Pet Dog League

Pippa Lawson, Tiramasu, 28
Jon Lucas, Asha, 22 (V)
Honzo Balar, 10
Cynthia Freidrich, 8
Kam Davies, 6
Kyla Johnson, 2
Sandro, 2

Anyone who aspires to a League Position and prize will need to volunteeer on the 8 mile, however this does not mean they have to miss a Pet dog race.

Remember 1 new rule for next race:
You must show the RM 4 booties per dogs at the start line, and

One Rule retroactively applied to 10am today:
Any errors in the timing stand as far as prizes are concerned, however League points are redistributed according to the corrected timing. ie if a timing error put you 8th, but later it's found you were actually 3rd, you keep your 8th place prize (with good grace) and collect 6 points towards your League total. That also means the person who thought they were third gets to keep their third place prize, but will only collect 4 points (for fourth).


8 mile, all 6 dog sleds unless otherwise stated

1...Tony (The Bandit) Radford...26.27
2...Trevor Braun...4 dog skis...32.42
3...Darryl Sheepway...4 dog skis...33.45
4...Cynthia Corriveau...2 dogs skis...33.54
5...Jim Hajash...34.09
6...Darrell Otto...34.49
7...Pippa Lawson...2 dog skis...36.02
8...Claudia Wickert...36.04
9...Maren Bradley...36.50
10...Gunter Glaser...37.50
11...Stefan Wackerhagen...2 dog skis...38.51
12...Jeff Diment...43.30
13...Franziska Bouner...45.03
14...Laura Jane Lucas...4 dog sled...45.52
15...Wendy Morrision...2 dog skis...59.12

5 km Kids Race, both 4 dog sleds

1...Jesse Doherty...12.30
2...Erin Spicer...15.17

5km 1 Pet Dog, all skijoring, unless otherwise stated

1...Honzo Balar...15.44
2...Pippa Lawson...17.14
3...Jon Lucas...18.30
4...Cynthia Freidrich...20.06
6...Kam Davies...21.24
7...Helen Eddy...22.58
8...Collin MacDonald...23.20
9...Jason Doucet...25.22

A great 26 team turn-out, and really great to see the Pet Dog race filling out - thank you everyone, especially the volunteers!

Next race Sunday Feb 14th, 10 am, Icy Waters Ltd. 8 mile race - sleds 2-5 dogs, skis 2-4 dogs; Kids race sleds 2-4, skis 1-3; Pet dog, erm, 1 Pet Dog!

Have fun!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

RACE ON! Oscar's Electric Race Day is ON

Trail packed and marked; great big yellow sign in place to tell you which way to come back at "the rock" - and if anyone nicks it overnight there's a great big pink arrow on the rock behind it.

See you all at 10am, Icy Waters Ltd tomorrow!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

SPOT ON! Oscar's Electric Race Day looking good

The CHT is helping out the Yukon Quest this Sunday - all you lucky mushers will be testing out the SPOT system by having a genuine to-be-used-on-the-Quest Spot thingy affixed to your sled to ensure the rigours of the trail can't rip it off, and it will actually work - just think you may be handling something that in a few short weeks may be handled by such famous mushers as Hans Gatt, Lance Mackay, Jocelynn LeBlanc, the list goes on - treat them with care - or not, they have to last 8 miles on Sunday, 1000 in the Quest, so actually give them a good thrashing (erm, perhaps should that be "testing"?). As Skijorers don't really have much hardware to attach stuff too, I am afraid they will have a few grams advantage on Sunday.

To the Oscar's Electric Race, the weather looks good at a predicted -13 to -16, nice for the volunteers, and the trail has plenty of snow that Jon, the KSA and the public are keeping packed down. Possible soft spot at the top with the big view to Lake Laberge, just stay on the obvious trail.

8 mile Twister - sleds, this is your biggie, you have 2-6 dogs; skis 2-4 dogs;

5km Kid's Race - sleds 2-4 dogs, skis 1-3 dogs

5km 1 Pet Dog - 1 dog, attached to you, using anything unmotorised, even legs.

Meet 10 am Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd - ON TIME please - for a chance to win Oscar's Electric's hard cash; and various prizes from Icy Waters Ltd, Yukon Brewing, Yukon Honda, Drury's Elk Farm, Yukon Grain Farm, First Mate Dog Food, and Grizzly Pigs Farm,

Pot Luck after; bring a handler, bring a volunteer. $10 entry each race.

Race Marshall Carolyn Campbell

and...don't forget the great sponsors of the Feb 27/28th Road Runner 100 - Arctic Backhoe, CKRW, Icy Waters Ltd, and Whitehorse Motors

Monday, January 11, 2010

OSCARS ELECTRIC RACE DAY, Sun 24th Jan, 10am Icy Waters Ltd

Welcome to 2010! The second race of the year after this weekend's Carbon Hill. 8 mile Twister - sleds 2-6 dogs, skis 2-4 dogs, and after yesterday's snow there's plenty to hook down into; Jon only just found the trail today on the skidoo! Pet dog and Kid's 5km (2-4 sleds. 1-3 skis) on thee CHT loop as usual.

Volunteers always welcome and always get Arctic Charr fillets from Icy Waters Ltd - call Jon at 668 7012 to watch the excitement and help the monkeys round the course.

Thanks to Oscar's Electric, and Drury's Elk Farm, Yukon Grain Farm, Yukon Honda, Yukon Brewing, Yukon Ag Assoc, Icy Waters Ltd,

See you at Oscar's Electric CHT - where all the cool dogs go!

Friday, January 8, 2010


All paperwork and info for the race now posted at www.DPSAY.wordpress.com

The race takes a massive step forward thanks to all the hard work of the Board and volunteers - the paperwork is done! (well 95% of it!).

Thanks also to Whitehorse Motors, CKRW, Icy Waters Ltd, and Arctic Backhoe for sponsoring the RR100 (meep meep).

The 100 mile Whitehorse to Haines Junction Road Runner, dog sled and quite possibly longest skijor race in North America, starts at 11am , February 27th, Shipyards Park, downtown Whitehorse! That's right, Rendezvous Saturday!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

...and 2010 has brought some relatively cool weather with it! the CHT 8 mile and Kids & Pets loops are hard packed, but not icy. Skijoring today Jon was able to edge round the turns, and didn't even fall going down the "Dump Road By-pass" - amazing!

Next Race is the Oscar's Electric Race Day, 10 am at Icy Waters Ltd, Sunday 24th January.

8 mile Twister - Sleds 2-6 dogs; Skis 2-4 dogs.

Remember, to qualify for any League position (Twister, Pets, Kids) you have to volunteer on the 8 mile course. For you kids, you have to coerce your parents to volunteer out there.

And, new for 2010, I'm afraid legalities are starting to catch up with us and as well as the participants signing the disclaimer, we have to introduce a waiver for all our superlative volunteers - sorry everyone, but you have to sign your rights away just like the racers. We know, it sounds daft, you are volunteering and everyone is so grateful that you do, and then we have to ask you to sign away your rights to sue - that's our legal advice and the race can't go on without it...and you! Volunteer draw prizes and the thank-you Arctic Charr fillets remain unchanged though!

See you on the 24th! or perhaps at January 16th's Carbon Hill at the Annie Lake Rec Centre