Thursday, December 27, 2007

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer photos (Mike Simon)

Ian MacDonald of Sky High Ranch keeps ahead of No.12, and his cards close to his chest as they approach the shoulder of Mt Mac

Alpine Vet Race Day Saturday Jan 26th

30 days to go, to round three. Don't forget the warm up races at the Carbon Hill, Mt Lorne Community Centre on the 19th.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas from Puck

Puck is in training and looks forward to meeting all the Big Dogs at the Rendezvous Freight Pull (2009). Puck also wants to continue the Snowpigs tradition of Skijoring and Wheel Dog Rotties! 

Merry Christmas to everyone, and especially our sponsors!!

With the recent falls of snow, the trail just keeps improving. Merry training, and safe sledding and ski-ing!

Remember to visit our sponsors, now, and in the New Year:

Yukon Brewing for most excellent beers and other goodies

Sportees; H. Coyne and Son; Alpine Vet; Duffy's Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply; Oscar's electric; Icy Waters Ltd for the Twister League, and

Yukon Brewing, Air North, and Hot Hounds (a wholly owned subsidiary of CHT Enterprises) for that initially illegal gambling chance "Reach for the Sky and take the Beer" thing fronting as a Dog Race Poker Run.

Taplow/First Mate Pet Foods for the Dec 1st Freight Pull (and now famous 13th Place prize in this season's Twisters)

and don't forget to buy your booties and other good dog stuff from Aurora Booties

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

H Coyne & Sons Dec 15th Race Day by Jessica Simon (

Heavy snowfall and cool temperatures drew 15 sled teams and one skijorer to the H. Coyne and Sons race day.
Teams started in one minute intervals, and the first five hundred metres of trail is a no-passing zone, yet by the midway loop eight teams were nose to tail. Crispin Studer posted his first win of the season when his five dogs completed the 12 mile course in 52:14, ahead of Luc Tweddell’s 55:22. Martine Lelevier placed third in 58:34, and lucky 13th finisher, Yoann Voyer took home the spot prize of Taplow dogfood. All contestants completed the course in under two hours.
Heather Swyston’s single dog, Kodiak, was the sole entrant in the 5-kilometre pet dog class, and posted a time of 14:42 on skis. In the under-14s, first time racer Katarine Atmanspacher didn’t finish the course, but we’ll cheer her on at January’s meet.
In between Twister heats, the Arctic Winter Games held their time trials. Followers of the league’s debut will recognize the roster. The Kinvigs and Twister veteran Eilidh Lucas joined Jeff Diment, who also got his start in the 2006 season. Lucas, the Yukon’s only entrant in the juniors, sped over the 17 kilometre modified Twister route in 52:27 on Saturday and had some "problems" with a 1:27:09 Sunday.
A familiar rivalry played out in the juvenile division. After ceding top spot in the kid’s Twister to her brother in 2006, Rachel Kinvig edged Ben out for top time (combined) this weekend. Although Ben beat Rachel on Sunday with a time of 9:30 compared to her 9:42, on Saturday Rachel blasted past Ben in 9:24 compared to his 10 minutes for the 5 ‘k’. Good luck to all the Twister-trained teams.
Alpine Veterinary Clinic is the race day sponsor in January. Mushers meet at 9 a.m. on the 26th at Icy Waters, Mile 4 Fish Lake Road. Volunteers are always welcome.

Sat Jan 26th 2008 - Alpine Vet Race Day

1 Pet Dog Race 5km;--- Kids Race 5km: 2-4dog sled, 1-2 dog skis
12 mile Twister, 2-6 dog sled, 2-4 dog skis
9am, Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd
Volunteers always welcome, delicious Arctic Charr Fillets for volunteers

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Alpine Vet Race Day Saturday Jan 26th

First CHT of the New Year, and third of the series - Can Luc Tweddell hold onto his top League position, will Bill (Speed Mad) Stewart and Lee Kirkpatrick return to challenge young Usurper Crispin Studer, will Jon Lucas pack on the body armour and skijor with 4 dogs, and try not to slide under Rene's LaPierre's Heavy Brigade? - who knows, who cares? - but if you do, be there with 2-6 dogs for sleds, 2-4 for skis at Icy Waters at 9am (c'mon guys and gals, let's really try for 9am this time).

The Pet Dogs' $125 League prize is wide open, with Asha and Kodiak level with 10 points each, and 4 more outings this season.

The climb to the quarry road now has snow, and will be re-inserted into the course - creating some added Twisting. This time we'll station the photographer at the "Mt Mac road post" oh yes, that luverly post, with all the little nicks, cuts and grooves and about bush bow height.

Merry Training!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

More H Coyne & Sons Twister photos (Jon Lucas)

Three days after leaving Switzerland Alain Broye finds himself on the back of a dog sled, wondering what happened to his 2 week sport fishing holiday in Florida he paid for back in sun, no sea, no heat...they were right about the girls tho' .....
Maren Bradley breathes a sigh of relief after finally passing Pierre Duc, as Jack Frost really starts nipping at her face
Quest Musher Kyla Boivin sings and chats constantly to her dogs for the 12 mile Twister; the leaders run faster to escape the incessant chatter
Eilidh Lucas finishes Day 1 of the AWG Trials; Peyton and Bluto in swing and wheel living up to the kennel name.
Dominique Ouleray starts the head-on pass, sandwiching Pierre Duc as Maren Bradley finally makes a move to get past Pierre
Striding out, lone skijorer Wendy Morrison somehow dodged the "leader neckline rule"  and took home an Aurora Booties dog jacket as a prize.
Perfect head-on pass - the Twister is a great training race
Rene LaPierre's "Heavy Brigade" leads from Jeff Butler's "limp-along" team (just) after passing Yoann Voyer, who finished in the coveted 13th position to win 20kg of First Mate's Extreme Dog Food.
Martine Lelevier

Photos from the Trail

Maren Bradley moves up on Pierre Duc and beats him by 11 seconds (photo Jon Lucas)
Race Vet Carolynne Fujda racing for the half-way point (photo Jon Lucas)
Wendy Morrison enjoying the trail (photo Jon Lucas)
The Charge of the Heavy Brigade - Rene LaPierre's Malamutes (photo Jon Lucas)
Martine Lelevier chases down Lary Alaochiche (photo Jon Lucas)

H Coyne & Sons CHT Results

l6 competitors won cash and prizes from H. Coyne & Sons, Aurora Booties, Yukon Brewing, Taplow/First Mate Dog Food. Volunteers received Arctic Charr from Icy Waters and draw prizes from the sponsors.

-9'C, Overcast, light snow gently falling. Trail: 4” fresh snow over very hard pack. Trail was drag packed on Friday evening but it didn't get cold enough to “set-up” overnight.

Timing by Greg Kent of Yukon Alpine Ski Racing and Gene Ennis, CHT official timer.

1 Pet Dog Class 5km

1.....Kodiak....Heather Swystun.....14:42.....skijour

Kids Race 5km

Katarine Atmanspacher-Wirth...3 dog sled...DNF

12 Mile Twister

1.....Crispin Studer.................52:44........5 dog sled
2.....Luc Tweddell..................55:22........5 dog sled
3.....Martine Lelevier.............58:34.........5 dog sled
4.....Kyla Boivin....................59:04.........5 dog sled
5.....Maren Bradley................1:01:56......5 dog sled
6.....Pierre Duc.......................1:02:07......4 dog sled
7.....Carolynne Fujda..............1:03:12......5 dog sled
8.....Dominique Ouleray.........1:06:53......4 dog sled
9.....Lary Alaouchiche............1:10:19......5 dogs sled
10...Jeff Butler........................1:13:03......5 dog sled
11...Lucie Waidhaus...............1:13:06......5 dog sled
12...Melanie Bedard...............1:14:02......4 dogs sled
13...Yoann Voyer....................1:14:10......5 dog sled
14...Rene LaPierre..................1:19:28......5 dog sled
15...Alain Broye.....................1:50:06.......4 dog sled
16...Wendy Morrison.............1:54:04........2 dog skis

Saturday, December 15, 2007

H Coyne & Sons CHT - 16 teams, great snow, great show!

Luc Tweddell finishes second to Crispin Studer in H Coyne & Sons CHT, but maintains pressure on League with 18 points from first two races

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Trail is Waiting, Calling....

Photo:Dave Mondor

Trail Report Fri 14th Noon

No.7 Leaves the launchpad approaching escape velocity.    Photo Dave Mondor
Last night Jon was able to use his skis to edge into the trail - it had been getting very hard packed but Tues/Weds' snow had set up a great firm top layer. We think Jon falls over a lot because he's simply poor at skiing, but he couldn't blame the trail on Thursday.
Snow is presently steadily falling and will provide a great run for everyone tomorrow.
H.Coyne & Sons Race Day
Arctic Winter Games Dog Sled Trials
Registration for all races, 9am, Sat 15th, Km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd, ICY WATERS LTD.
3-5 Dogs for Sleds, 2-3 dogs for skis in the 12 mile Twister

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stay FAR away from these crazies!!!

Look familiar? This is really what goes on behind closed doors in the Race Marshmallow/Race Organizers home...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trail Report Tues 11th, 10pm

Fresh Dense snow has improved the trail - it's not so fast and it's possible to edge.  See you all Saturday, don't forget wood for the firepit and something for the post race potluck.

Happy Training, and ask the Race Marshmallow about her new Training Scars :) :) :( ooops


Over 1.5 inches has fallen on the CHT trail since Monday. Now Tuesday at 12.30pm and firm, dense, packing snow is still falling. Trail will be run  this evening and packed by skidoo and drag (for the first time this season!) if necessary.

The H Coyne & Sons Twister is ON. 9am Sat Dec 15th, Icy Waters Ltd., 
km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd.
Sleds 3-5 dogs, Skis 2-3 dogs
Random position prizes - 20kg bag Taplow/First Mate Extreme dog food + Aurora Booties + Yukon Brewing

Thursday, December 6, 2007

CHT Trail report, Thurs 6th Dec

8 laughing dogs tipped Jon Lucas all over the CHT this afternoon (actually it's because he isn't very good on a sled). Surprisingly Jon was able to set a hook in the middle of the main trail...and it held! The "slight" glaciation 2 miles in has stopped growing thanks to the recent cold. The City has finally clued into the burnt out wreck (not Luc Twedell's sled from the "Reach for the sky..." although his equipment did suffer serious ice damage) on the trail and dug it out. Trail is hard and fast (if you have fast dogs, that is) and still looks good for the 15th. Remember the 15th H.Coyne & Sons Twister is 2-5 dogs for sled, 2-3 for skis.

Happy training. Buy your Booties from Aurora Booties, the best, and local!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

REACH FOR THE SKY AND TAKE THE BEER photos (see below for upcoming Twister race dates)(photos, not captions, Laura Jane Lucas)

Annie Lake Musher Jeremie Matrishon prepares for the race by entering the trance-like dream state he perfected in the latter stages of the 07 Quest 300

After the Race - "was that it? Don't know what all the fuss was about. My greedy monkey never shared his beer tho...I'll remember that"

January Twister now SATURDAY 26TH

Jon Lucas puts his water ski training to use as Bluto, Peyton, and Assman charge out of the Sportees chute, Nov 24th (photo Dave Mondor)

Although the CHT previously advertised its January race for the 19th , the Carbon Hill organisers have recently set  the 19th as their race day. This clashes with the planned Alpine Vet Twister. The Twister doesn't clash with other races so the January Twister is now Saturday 26th, 9am Icy Waters Ltd.
But that's next year - get polishing those skis and runners for the December 15th, H.Coyne & Sons Twister and Arctic Winter Games trials, 9am, Icy Waters Ltd.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


5 km kids race: sleds 2-4 dogs; skis 1-2 dogs
5km 1 pet dog race: use anything (even your feet) but stay attached to your dog
12 mile Twister: SLEDS 2-5 DOGS; SKIS 2-3 DOGS
MEET 9AM ICY WATERS LTD, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd
Arctic Winter Games Trials (see Sport Yukon website), meet same place, same time, your races are interspersed with the H. Coyne & Sons races.


Taplow First Mate Extreme Freight Pull

Aklak gives his Dancing Bear impression: Judges unimpressed, Aklak finishes third
Asha : 1st in the mediumweights, pulled 450lb and took 9 bags of food home for the Snowpigs kennel

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Harvey Van Patten leads the way

Harvey was 1st out of the chute on Saturday. He Reached for the Sky, Took and Drank the Beer and made it back in 2 hours 29mins.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Thirteen teams started the race, Iain McDougall, of Sky High Ranch, took first place on his home turf; Jeff from Limp-Along Kennels took second, and Moe of Furry Moons Kennel paced third. Lucie had a most interesting race and Luc Tweddel scratched with a smashed brake 4 miles into the race. 

Air North, Yukon Brewing, and the Copper Haul Twister's Hot Hounds provided the prizes

In the Taplow/First Mate Freight Pull:
Lightweight - 1st Severn (Genesee Keevil)  - 85lb

Mediumweight - 1st Asha (Jon Lucas) - 450lb

Heavyweight - 1st Titan (Fred Last) - 560lb

Further details, stories, and photos to be posted over the next few days, it was a tiring day! Thanks to everyone and especially the volunteers out there at -10 to -20'C.

Next race - H Coyne and Sons Twister, Dec 15th, Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd 9am; Arctic Winter Games trials same place, same time.