Sunday, April 3, 2011

Uncommon Journeys Season Finale - Great Turnout

On a surprisingly variably cool and warm day, 16 Twister teams, 2 slightly crazed Open Teams*, 3 Kid's Teams and 2 Pet Dog teams turned out for the season finale - one of the best turnouts this season.
(*because the trail was very hard and quite fast enough without hooking 9 or 16 dogs up to featherweight sleds - but hats off to those two, they did it, and fast!)

Results will be posted on the DPSAY site , click over on the right there, but this race sealed the League results:

Kid's League leader Seth Carey ran his race to complete 3 victories, gaining 30 points overall, the League Crown (ok, title) and $125 from Yukon Brewing: Well done Seth! See you next season!

Asha had competition from Tiramasu, and whilst canicrossing vs skijoring appeared a one sided race, it was interesting to see Jon slogging up the the hills, slowly catching Pippa, and then fascinating to see Pippa take off on the downhills! Still 2nd = 8 pts, and for a total of 36 pts Asha takes the Pet Dog League and $125 from Yukon Brewing for Jon.

The Twister! Aha, Stefan with a 6 point lead gallantly volunteered as Race Marshall, and Darryl came so close - finishing 3rd he equalled Stefan's 22 points (the first time we've had a tie for the Champ's position), however in the case of a tie the winner is the one with the fastest time, in any race over the season sooo:

1 - League Champ and holder of the famous Copper Trophy for year and $250 from Yukon Brewing - Stefan Wackerhagen!!! 22 points

2 - Darryl Sheepway, 22 points, $200

3 - Jon Lucas, 14 points, $150

4 - Fabian Shmitz, 12 points, $100

5 - Claudia Wickert, 8 points, $50

Many thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers, and organisers that made this season possible! see you all in oh er 6 weeks for the Dryland season!!!! Time for wheels, running with dogs never ends!!

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