Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yukon Brewing Grr Grr Grrrowler Dryland Race

Slightly lower key, with about 21 entrants across 4 classes the races were nonetheless thoroughly enjoyable and great fun with a warm and friendly potluck afterwards. These were perhaps the hardest trails of the Dryland circuit with a lot of uphill through soft sand...

Official Results and photos delayed until Friday when our blog editor returns from Vancouver, however:

Canicross - 1st Alexandra Rochet

1 mile 1 Pet dog - 1st Asha + Jon Lucas

1 mile 1 sled dog - 1st Grizzly + Darryl Sheepway

2 mile 2 sled dog - 1st Assman + Tutshi, Jon Lucas

Tune in on Friday pm for all the rest of the info, & expect a post from host and Yukon novelist Jessica Simon!

Yukon Brewing Grr Grr Grrrowler Dryland Race - ON

Weather perfect - cool and damp - Trails marked on firm sand -

See you there! I'm racing for tasty refreshing T shirts!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A mystery no more

Available October, along with t-shirts, fish, socks, booties, and other fabulous CHT prizes, From Ice to Ashes, the new mystery by trail volunteer Jessica Simon. The adventure crime novel features Aux. Const. Markus Fanger and everyone in the Yukon. You're invited to the launch at Mac's Fireweed Books on Friday, October 23 from 4 to 6 p.m. Mystery prize winners can pick up their autographed copies at Mac's as soon as they're signed. Look for this cover on your shelves.

Yukon Brewing Grr Grr Grrrowler Dryland Race

Sunday Sept 20th at 5pm is the Hot Hounds Dryland Racing Finale at Mike and Jessica Simon's, Mile 4,5 on the Mayo Rd - see map below.

Back to the usual format for these slightly hilly (just a tad) 1 and 2 mile loops. The uphill sections will favour bikes over scooters, but the trails are hard packed sand, so no worries about any early ice.

As always there is the 1 mile 1 pet dog, 1 mile 1 sled dog, 1 mile Canicross (and we're opening the field to 1-2 dogs, for extra power, or drag if you slip), and 2 mile 2 sled dog, and of course the Formula 1 for those with teams of 4-8 and a powered (or otherwise) quad.

Most imbibable prizes from Yukon Brewing of T shirt filled Growlers and brown bottles; Icy Waters Arctic Charr for the redoubtable Canicrossers, and good stuff from Aurora Booties and C&D Feeds, with a few "IWL "Dog Fish" certificates thrown in now it's getting cooler. In addition every race has a mystery prize (now it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, but these mysteries are from Jessica Simon and the CHT Org; and Jennifer will nominate mystery prize position in each race once registration closes)

and on that, after a bit of chaos at the Mongrel Hordes - it's been decided that you need to
a) turn up on time
b) register at the Musher's Meeting for all the races you want to do
c) Pay at registration, which is before the race.
d) All races $5 - special offer!!

OK so the on time bit can be a little flexible (but it won't be in November at the CHT), but we just can't have people rushing up to the RM as the race is starting and asking to sign up...and pay later....

After the fantastic publicity we received regarding not actually wearing regulation helmets (front page of the News, inside the Star):
and helmets do stop your brains falling out, and your relatives suing the organisers

Right-oh, lectures over, don't forget the Pot Luck BBQ (winners of Yukon Brewing Growlers remember you win a Growler and certificate as they have a wide choice of T-Shirt on tap in the Brewery)

See you all 5pm Sharp on Sunday, please don't hassle the RM or Timer for your time - Race Marshall Gene Ennis is keen to enforce the penalty rule for such impatience!

Looking forward to skis myself!

Map to Simon's Cabin

Here's the map to Mile 4.5 Mayo Road for the Growler Finale at Mike and Jessica Simon's. We haven't moved, but the neighbourhood has, so there are a few more features, including the new Miner's Ridge subdivision. We're 4 driveways on the left after that, one driveway before Klondike Upholstery. If you get lost, call 633-3566. See you there at 5!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yukon Brewing's Grr Grr Growler Races

Dryland Season Finale is at Jessica & Mike Simon's, mile 4.5 Mayo Rd, Sunday Sept 20th, 5pm.

More details after the Symposium

Sunday, September 6, 2009

DPSAY Dog Sports Symposium

An all day extravaganza on Sunday Sept 13th at the Mt Mac Centre. From 8.30 am - 5pm

Food Concession (let's get the important things sorted first!) with Arctic Charr Chowder and thick nourishing tomato/vegetable soup with fresh baked bread; cookies, bottled water, coffee and dessert squares all supplied and prepared by the Chocolate Claim, with certain ingredients supplied by Icy Waters Ltd, and Sky High Wilderness Ranch - worth going just to fill up on the soups! But that's not all -

Various dog-related businesses will on hand to display their wares throughout the day, and there are four information sessions -

Veterinarian John Overell will be detailng how to keep your dog(s) hale and hearty throughout the year.

Agility/Obedience - how to get your dog to do what you want, and actually want to do what you want!

Dog Sports on the fringe - local Skijorer Darryl Sheepway on ....Skijoring; local Environmental Analyst Dave Desmarais on...Freight Pull (gotcha!), or how to get your dog, any dog, to pull a huge load, and win you lots of dogfood, without you having to lift much more than a finger! and Jon Lucas, on why he wears body armour, or how to have fun with two wheels and any dog that thinks it might possibly like to run - officially though - Dryland Running.

and Finally - the Long/Mid Distance Question and Answer panel - local and somewhat famous mushers are going to form a panel, ready to be peppered with your questions, with CHT/Hot Hounds Race Marshall Gene Ennis as Moderator - "Everything you wanted to know about running a team of dogs a long way into the back end of nowhere and back (hopefully) in brutal temperatures, but were afraid to ask"

See you at the Mt Mac Centre on Sunday Aug 13th for a fun, tasty, and informative day! PLease see official schedule below:

Dog-Powered Sports Symposium 2009 – Schedule and Speakers

Date: Sunday, September 13th; Location: Grey Mountain Room – Mt MacIntyre

Doors open at 8:30 am

Free Exposition all day


1) 9:30 am - 11 am

Nutrition for working dogs, Common diseases

Veterinarian John Overell

2) 11:15 am - 12:45 pm

Pet & Sport Dog Training

    Lisa Barnard - Agility

Leslie Jonassie - Cart pulling , breeding and conformation

Cheri Vandelst - Therapy Dog and the Lyrical Hounds Dog Club

Erika Rozsa-Atkinson (Canin es & Company) - pet training

3) 1:30 - 3:00 pm

Skijor, Freight Pull & Dryland

Jonathan Lucas, Dave Desmarais, Darryl Sheepway

4) 3:15 - 4:45 pm

Distance Musher Q & A Panel

Hans Gatt

Gerry Willowmitzer

William Kleedehn,

Sebastian Schnuelle

Kiara Adams

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mongrel Hordes Race Photos - Clark Rogers

Scout takes time off from beating up Tundra to Canicross with Gerhard Fuchs

Boris and Kim lead in the Canicross

Alexandra Rochet and Sammy in the Canicross

Cookie pulls Deb Knight to second in the Pet Dog

Aisha pulls Janet Keller to the Red Lantern in the Mass Start

Asha the Rottie and Eilidh Lucas finish the Mass Start in 11th and....not last!

12 year old Jesse and K2 hold off Ibex and Virginie from Sky High Adventures in the Mass Start

Monsieur Pourteau has his tongue out in concentration whilst keeping his (absolutely NOT regulation) helmet out of his eyes, with a one-legged Jon Lucas in hot pursuit.

uh-oh, Claudia has her "Star" face on, whilst Amil Dupuis-Rossi and Grizzly try to evade hit-man "Leon" behind them

Marcelle from Alayuk Adventure

Fabian "Leon" Schmitz approaching impalement corner

Jon Lucas negotiating impalement corner - too fast for the camera!

Phew, glad to be out of there!

Darryl Sheepway charging into the corner

Claudia Wickert without her "Star" scowl