Thursday, December 27, 2007

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer photos (Mike Simon)

Ian MacDonald of Sky High Ranch keeps ahead of No.12, and his cards close to his chest as they approach the shoulder of Mt Mac

Alpine Vet Race Day Saturday Jan 26th

30 days to go, to round three. Don't forget the warm up races at the Carbon Hill, Mt Lorne Community Centre on the 19th.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas from Puck

Puck is in training and looks forward to meeting all the Big Dogs at the Rendezvous Freight Pull (2009). Puck also wants to continue the Snowpigs tradition of Skijoring and Wheel Dog Rotties! 

Merry Christmas to everyone, and especially our sponsors!!

With the recent falls of snow, the trail just keeps improving. Merry training, and safe sledding and ski-ing!

Remember to visit our sponsors, now, and in the New Year:

Yukon Brewing for most excellent beers and other goodies

Sportees; H. Coyne and Son; Alpine Vet; Duffy's Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply; Oscar's electric; Icy Waters Ltd for the Twister League, and

Yukon Brewing, Air North, and Hot Hounds (a wholly owned subsidiary of CHT Enterprises) for that initially illegal gambling chance "Reach for the Sky and take the Beer" thing fronting as a Dog Race Poker Run.

Taplow/First Mate Pet Foods for the Dec 1st Freight Pull (and now famous 13th Place prize in this season's Twisters)

and don't forget to buy your booties and other good dog stuff from Aurora Booties

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

H Coyne & Sons Dec 15th Race Day by Jessica Simon (

Heavy snowfall and cool temperatures drew 15 sled teams and one skijorer to the H. Coyne and Sons race day.
Teams started in one minute intervals, and the first five hundred metres of trail is a no-passing zone, yet by the midway loop eight teams were nose to tail. Crispin Studer posted his first win of the season when his five dogs completed the 12 mile course in 52:14, ahead of Luc Tweddell’s 55:22. Martine Lelevier placed third in 58:34, and lucky 13th finisher, Yoann Voyer took home the spot prize of Taplow dogfood. All contestants completed the course in under two hours.
Heather Swyston’s single dog, Kodiak, was the sole entrant in the 5-kilometre pet dog class, and posted a time of 14:42 on skis. In the under-14s, first time racer Katarine Atmanspacher didn’t finish the course, but we’ll cheer her on at January’s meet.
In between Twister heats, the Arctic Winter Games held their time trials. Followers of the league’s debut will recognize the roster. The Kinvigs and Twister veteran Eilidh Lucas joined Jeff Diment, who also got his start in the 2006 season. Lucas, the Yukon’s only entrant in the juniors, sped over the 17 kilometre modified Twister route in 52:27 on Saturday and had some "problems" with a 1:27:09 Sunday.
A familiar rivalry played out in the juvenile division. After ceding top spot in the kid’s Twister to her brother in 2006, Rachel Kinvig edged Ben out for top time (combined) this weekend. Although Ben beat Rachel on Sunday with a time of 9:30 compared to her 9:42, on Saturday Rachel blasted past Ben in 9:24 compared to his 10 minutes for the 5 ‘k’. Good luck to all the Twister-trained teams.
Alpine Veterinary Clinic is the race day sponsor in January. Mushers meet at 9 a.m. on the 26th at Icy Waters, Mile 4 Fish Lake Road. Volunteers are always welcome.

Sat Jan 26th 2008 - Alpine Vet Race Day

1 Pet Dog Race 5km;--- Kids Race 5km: 2-4dog sled, 1-2 dog skis
12 mile Twister, 2-6 dog sled, 2-4 dog skis
9am, Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd
Volunteers always welcome, delicious Arctic Charr Fillets for volunteers

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Alpine Vet Race Day Saturday Jan 26th

First CHT of the New Year, and third of the series - Can Luc Tweddell hold onto his top League position, will Bill (Speed Mad) Stewart and Lee Kirkpatrick return to challenge young Usurper Crispin Studer, will Jon Lucas pack on the body armour and skijor with 4 dogs, and try not to slide under Rene's LaPierre's Heavy Brigade? - who knows, who cares? - but if you do, be there with 2-6 dogs for sleds, 2-4 for skis at Icy Waters at 9am (c'mon guys and gals, let's really try for 9am this time).

The Pet Dogs' $125 League prize is wide open, with Asha and Kodiak level with 10 points each, and 4 more outings this season.

The climb to the quarry road now has snow, and will be re-inserted into the course - creating some added Twisting. This time we'll station the photographer at the "Mt Mac road post" oh yes, that luverly post, with all the little nicks, cuts and grooves and about bush bow height.

Merry Training!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

More H Coyne & Sons Twister photos (Jon Lucas)

Three days after leaving Switzerland Alain Broye finds himself on the back of a dog sled, wondering what happened to his 2 week sport fishing holiday in Florida he paid for back in sun, no sea, no heat...they were right about the girls tho' .....
Maren Bradley breathes a sigh of relief after finally passing Pierre Duc, as Jack Frost really starts nipping at her face
Quest Musher Kyla Boivin sings and chats constantly to her dogs for the 12 mile Twister; the leaders run faster to escape the incessant chatter
Eilidh Lucas finishes Day 1 of the AWG Trials; Peyton and Bluto in swing and wheel living up to the kennel name.
Dominique Ouleray starts the head-on pass, sandwiching Pierre Duc as Maren Bradley finally makes a move to get past Pierre
Striding out, lone skijorer Wendy Morrison somehow dodged the "leader neckline rule"  and took home an Aurora Booties dog jacket as a prize.
Perfect head-on pass - the Twister is a great training race
Rene LaPierre's "Heavy Brigade" leads from Jeff Butler's "limp-along" team (just) after passing Yoann Voyer, who finished in the coveted 13th position to win 20kg of First Mate's Extreme Dog Food.
Martine Lelevier

Photos from the Trail

Maren Bradley moves up on Pierre Duc and beats him by 11 seconds (photo Jon Lucas)
Race Vet Carolynne Fujda racing for the half-way point (photo Jon Lucas)
Wendy Morrison enjoying the trail (photo Jon Lucas)
The Charge of the Heavy Brigade - Rene LaPierre's Malamutes (photo Jon Lucas)
Martine Lelevier chases down Lary Alaochiche (photo Jon Lucas)

H Coyne & Sons CHT Results

l6 competitors won cash and prizes from H. Coyne & Sons, Aurora Booties, Yukon Brewing, Taplow/First Mate Dog Food. Volunteers received Arctic Charr from Icy Waters and draw prizes from the sponsors.

-9'C, Overcast, light snow gently falling. Trail: 4” fresh snow over very hard pack. Trail was drag packed on Friday evening but it didn't get cold enough to “set-up” overnight.

Timing by Greg Kent of Yukon Alpine Ski Racing and Gene Ennis, CHT official timer.

1 Pet Dog Class 5km

1.....Kodiak....Heather Swystun.....14:42.....skijour

Kids Race 5km

Katarine Atmanspacher-Wirth...3 dog sled...DNF

12 Mile Twister

1.....Crispin Studer.................52:44........5 dog sled
2.....Luc Tweddell..................55:22........5 dog sled
3.....Martine Lelevier.............58:34.........5 dog sled
4.....Kyla Boivin....................59:04.........5 dog sled
5.....Maren Bradley................1:01:56......5 dog sled
6.....Pierre Duc.......................1:02:07......4 dog sled
7.....Carolynne Fujda..............1:03:12......5 dog sled
8.....Dominique Ouleray.........1:06:53......4 dog sled
9.....Lary Alaouchiche............1:10:19......5 dogs sled
10...Jeff Butler........................1:13:03......5 dog sled
11...Lucie Waidhaus...............1:13:06......5 dog sled
12...Melanie Bedard...............1:14:02......4 dogs sled
13...Yoann Voyer....................1:14:10......5 dog sled
14...Rene LaPierre..................1:19:28......5 dog sled
15...Alain Broye.....................1:50:06.......4 dog sled
16...Wendy Morrison.............1:54:04........2 dog skis

Saturday, December 15, 2007

H Coyne & Sons CHT - 16 teams, great snow, great show!

Luc Tweddell finishes second to Crispin Studer in H Coyne & Sons CHT, but maintains pressure on League with 18 points from first two races

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Trail is Waiting, Calling....

Photo:Dave Mondor

Trail Report Fri 14th Noon

No.7 Leaves the launchpad approaching escape velocity.    Photo Dave Mondor
Last night Jon was able to use his skis to edge into the trail - it had been getting very hard packed but Tues/Weds' snow had set up a great firm top layer. We think Jon falls over a lot because he's simply poor at skiing, but he couldn't blame the trail on Thursday.
Snow is presently steadily falling and will provide a great run for everyone tomorrow.
H.Coyne & Sons Race Day
Arctic Winter Games Dog Sled Trials
Registration for all races, 9am, Sat 15th, Km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd, ICY WATERS LTD.
3-5 Dogs for Sleds, 2-3 dogs for skis in the 12 mile Twister

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stay FAR away from these crazies!!!

Look familiar? This is really what goes on behind closed doors in the Race Marshmallow/Race Organizers home...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trail Report Tues 11th, 10pm

Fresh Dense snow has improved the trail - it's not so fast and it's possible to edge.  See you all Saturday, don't forget wood for the firepit and something for the post race potluck.

Happy Training, and ask the Race Marshmallow about her new Training Scars :) :) :( ooops


Over 1.5 inches has fallen on the CHT trail since Monday. Now Tuesday at 12.30pm and firm, dense, packing snow is still falling. Trail will be run  this evening and packed by skidoo and drag (for the first time this season!) if necessary.

The H Coyne & Sons Twister is ON. 9am Sat Dec 15th, Icy Waters Ltd., 
km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd.
Sleds 3-5 dogs, Skis 2-3 dogs
Random position prizes - 20kg bag Taplow/First Mate Extreme dog food + Aurora Booties + Yukon Brewing

Thursday, December 6, 2007

CHT Trail report, Thurs 6th Dec

8 laughing dogs tipped Jon Lucas all over the CHT this afternoon (actually it's because he isn't very good on a sled). Surprisingly Jon was able to set a hook in the middle of the main trail...and it held! The "slight" glaciation 2 miles in has stopped growing thanks to the recent cold. The City has finally clued into the burnt out wreck (not Luc Twedell's sled from the "Reach for the sky..." although his equipment did suffer serious ice damage) on the trail and dug it out. Trail is hard and fast (if you have fast dogs, that is) and still looks good for the 15th. Remember the 15th H.Coyne & Sons Twister is 2-5 dogs for sled, 2-3 for skis.

Happy training. Buy your Booties from Aurora Booties, the best, and local!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

REACH FOR THE SKY AND TAKE THE BEER photos (see below for upcoming Twister race dates)(photos, not captions, Laura Jane Lucas)

Annie Lake Musher Jeremie Matrishon prepares for the race by entering the trance-like dream state he perfected in the latter stages of the 07 Quest 300

After the Race - "was that it? Don't know what all the fuss was about. My greedy monkey never shared his beer tho...I'll remember that"

January Twister now SATURDAY 26TH

Jon Lucas puts his water ski training to use as Bluto, Peyton, and Assman charge out of the Sportees chute, Nov 24th (photo Dave Mondor)

Although the CHT previously advertised its January race for the 19th , the Carbon Hill organisers have recently set  the 19th as their race day. This clashes with the planned Alpine Vet Twister. The Twister doesn't clash with other races so the January Twister is now Saturday 26th, 9am Icy Waters Ltd.
But that's next year - get polishing those skis and runners for the December 15th, H.Coyne & Sons Twister and Arctic Winter Games trials, 9am, Icy Waters Ltd.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


5 km kids race: sleds 2-4 dogs; skis 1-2 dogs
5km 1 pet dog race: use anything (even your feet) but stay attached to your dog
12 mile Twister: SLEDS 2-5 DOGS; SKIS 2-3 DOGS
MEET 9AM ICY WATERS LTD, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd
Arctic Winter Games Trials (see Sport Yukon website), meet same place, same time, your races are interspersed with the H. Coyne & Sons races.


Taplow First Mate Extreme Freight Pull

Aklak gives his Dancing Bear impression: Judges unimpressed, Aklak finishes third
Asha : 1st in the mediumweights, pulled 450lb and took 9 bags of food home for the Snowpigs kennel

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Harvey Van Patten leads the way

Harvey was 1st out of the chute on Saturday. He Reached for the Sky, Took and Drank the Beer and made it back in 2 hours 29mins.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Thirteen teams started the race, Iain McDougall, of Sky High Ranch, took first place on his home turf; Jeff from Limp-Along Kennels took second, and Moe of Furry Moons Kennel paced third. Lucie had a most interesting race and Luc Tweddel scratched with a smashed brake 4 miles into the race. 

Air North, Yukon Brewing, and the Copper Haul Twister's Hot Hounds provided the prizes

In the Taplow/First Mate Freight Pull:
Lightweight - 1st Severn (Genesee Keevil)  - 85lb

Mediumweight - 1st Asha (Jon Lucas) - 450lb

Heavyweight - 1st Titan (Fred Last) - 560lb

Further details, stories, and photos to be posted over the next few days, it was a tiring day! Thanks to everyone and especially the volunteers out there at -10 to -20'C.

Next race - H Coyne and Sons Twister, Dec 15th, Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd 9am; Arctic Winter Games trials same place, same time.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Freight Pull ON; Reach for the Sky... ON

Trail flagged, volunteers prepared, everything is a go.

One small change, max dog numbers reduced to 10 on account of thin snow cover in some places. Cover is complete, but thin occasionally. Flagging is green and orange; Standard CHT race rules apply.

Freight Pull - standard rules apply, your dog has 60 seconds to pull the weight. NO treating during the competition.

Dress warm, it was cold on the trail tonight. Bring a log for the firepit, and something for the potluck. 

Good luck (oh, does that bring the element of chance back in? I'd better call the Gambling Police to check)

Reach for the Sky AND TAKE THE BEER

Race is on, trail is being flagged as I type!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sat Dec 1st - a Feast of Dogsports

Taplow/First Mate Extreme Dog Food Freight Pull

One Tonne of dog food to be won across 3 classes. Meet at Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish lake Rd at 11.30am (very reasonable, even Janet might be able to wake up by then eh Ms. Kerr? Janet was to run in the Sportees Twister, but turned off her alarm clock and rolled back to sleep - shades of Slacker Kennel from 2006 and of course the classic Eilidh Lucas rollover that cost her $100 and a second place in the Pet Dog League - enough embarrassing histories...). Freight Pull (FP) - all you have to do is get your dog to stand/sit/wait whilst it is connected to a sled, then you walk 16 feet to the finish (such a short distance), then you turn, call your dog, and FP Marshall Judith Belair (her word is law) times the dog's pull. You have 60 seconds the complete the pull. If another dog matches the weight, another round ensues. In the event of a tie, the fastest pull wins.

Yep, sounds really easy - try it out on your backyard.

Please do not place bets, this is a gambling free sporting event, I am in enough trouble regarding my alleged illegal dog gambling ring in the "so-called' Poker Run (see below). I am very grateful to the upstanding moral local citizen who reported me to the Gambling Police and has kept dogsports on the straight and narrow. Clearly Yukon dog sports were in grave danger of being sucked into the murky depths of vice in the Yukon.



1st $100 Air North Certificate; $100 Yukon Brewing Certificate; $200 Hot Hounds Cash

2nd $100 Air North Certificate; $100 Yukon Brewing Certificate; $50 Hot Hounds Cash

3rd $100 Air North Certificate, $50 Hot Hounds Cash

Not too shabby for a $ZERO entry fee. A big thank-you to Air North, Yukon Brewing, and all you summer Hot Hounders (and HH sponsors - Yukon Gardens, Phillipe's Bike Repair, Icy Waters, and Yukon Brewing)

Meet at Icy Waters Ltd (IWL) km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd at 8.30am. 

4-6 dog teams leave at 10.00am, 7+ teams at 10.30 am.
Route: IWL - Jackson Lake - Sunshine Valley Ranch (stakeout lines, heated shop, coffee, hot water - a good place to take a break) - Sky High Ranch (Fish Lake area support skidoo) - Fish Lake - shoulder of Mt Mac (4400')(card drop and pick-up of Yukon Brewing refreshing beverage) - Copper Haul Trail - IWL.

Sign the disclaimer, answer the SKILL TESTING math question, collect 6 cards over the trail (be nice to the people with the cards, they don't have to run after you if you miss the pick-up). At the finish line hand over your cards to Race Marshall Bill Stewart. The best 5 card Poker hand wins.

There's no rush, take your time, enjoy the view, and have fun. Bring something for the prize award potluck!

Disclaimer: This sporting event will not be found in on-line gambling

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sportees Race Day -

Under thin cloud cover and over even thinner snow, 16 teams launched the first meet of Yukon Brewing’s second Copper Haul Twister season.
A slight trail detour, and a one week delay, to the Sportees league opener compensated for November’s balmy weather. “In places the snow looked all fluffy and thick,” said Eilidh Lucas. But when she face-planted near the top of the course, she discovered, “There were big rocks underneath.”
Conditions didn’t slow rookies or veterans, though. Speeds ranged from 15 to 23 kilometers per hour over the 12-mile course. First place went to Luc Tweddell’s four dogs. His 51:04 finish beat his November 2006 time by over 11 minutes. Eilidh Lucas' four-dog second of 52:12 topped her father Jonathan’s three-dog third of 53:51. Eilidh's runners sprayed Dad with snow as she sped past laughing while he wrestled out a tangle among team and skis.
For handler-in-training Faith Green, Saturday’s Twister was her first time on the runners. “Man, it was great! I’ve never had so much fun in my life.” Now she’s considering the “Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer” 22-mile poker run up and down Mt. MacIntyre (and presently the subject of a Lottery Commission investigation – see newsflash below) or the Taplow/First Mate Extreme Dog Food freight pull at Icy Waters on December 1.
In the pet-dog class, the Lucas’ Rottweiler, Asha, stood alone at the start. Bike-joring with Jonathan, she completed the 5-K course in 16:07.
No competitors registered for the kid’s race, so the 5-K under-14 class stays open. Haines Junction musher Sean Fitzgerald was also missed, but Heather and future dog drivers, Sarah Grace and Adelaide Anne, are doing well.
Next month’s junior and youth Arctic Winter Games dogsled trials, hosted by the Twister, should bring out many young drivers. Meet at Icy Waters at 9 a.m. for H. Coyne and Sons Race Day on Saturday, December 15.
Jessica Simon writes about adventure sports from Whitehorse, Yukon.

Monday, November 26, 2007

NEWSFLASH: Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer raided by Gambling Police

Complaints regarding illegal gambling of the so-called "poker run" prompted a raid by Yukon's Gaming and Lotteries Commission on the HQ of the CHT today. The HQ, hidden in a dark backroom inside Jon Lucas's head, was informed that an "entry fee" is the same as a "wager" on a "chance" (taking the cards to make up a "poker" hand), in order to "win" a prize, or bet. Threatened with the RCMP over infringement of the Canadian Criminal Code, the CHT took legal advice and the race is STILL ON, with the following changes:

1) There is NO Entry Fee,  - free racing!! - therefore no one places a wager
2) There must be a skill factor - apparently driving a team of dogs over 22 miles, up and down 2000' , over frozen lakes, glaciation, and dodging trees etc is not the right skill for a dog the disclaimer will have a mathematical 4 step skill testing question - the math question adds the factor of skill and removes any chance in the outcome.

Yes, it would  be most amusing, if it weren't true. Additionally the legal advice still could not guarantee that this would not be breaking the law - well the competitors won't be - the organisers may be ... for holding a free race. 

Very seriously, it's a free race on Saturday, no donations either thank you; answer the math question on the disclaimer, and enjoy the ride.

See you all 8.30am sharp at Icy Waters Ltd - please don't dribble in over 30mins - like some Twisters did on the 24th.

Race Leagues after Race 1 (Sportees)

Pet Dog League
1 10 points Asha + Jon Lucas Snowpigs

Copper Haul Twister League
1 10 points Luc Tweddell
2 8 points Eilidh Lucas Snowpigs
3 6 points Jonathan Lucas Snowpigs
4 4 points Dominique Ouleray
5 2 points Maren Bradley

Dogs Love the Twister!!

Moose warms up with a few star jumps just before the off

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Meet Icy Waters Ltd, 8.30am, Saturday Dec 1st.

FREE; 4-14 dogs; Poker Run - you only have to finish (and answer the skill testing question correctly) to be eligible to win.
2000' up, 2000' back down, breathtaking views (if you have any left :) :) - I'm staying done here with the freight pull)
Card stops at Jackson Lake; Sunshine Valley Ranch; Sky High Ranch; and (hopefully) on the shoulder of Mt Mac.
Minimum Purse $300 cash (Hot Hounds and CHTwister) $300 Air North Certificates
 $200 Yukon Brewing Certificates


Getting Ready 1

All competitors won cash and prizes from Sportees, Aurora Booties, Yukon Brewing and Icy Waters. Volunteers received Arctic Charr from Icy Waters and draw prizes from the sponsors.

-5'C, calm, sunny. Trail: thin but continuous cover, and hard packed.

1 Pet Dog Class 5km

1 Asha the Rottweillor - Jonathan F. Lucas - 16:07 - bikejour

12 Mile Twister

all 4 dog sleds, except Jonathan Lucas: 3 dog skis

1.....Luc Tweddell..................51:04
2.....Eilidh Lucas...................52:12
3.....Jonathan Lucas...............53:51
4.....Dominique Ouleray........56:10
5.....Maren Bradley................56:16
6.....Kyla Boivin....................58:09
7.....Pierre Yves Duc..............1:00:1
8.....R. Keri............................1:01:21
9.....Jocyline L.......................1:02:10
10...Jeff Butcher....................1:06:08
11...Y. Voyer..........................1:06:44
12...Brianna R.......................1:07:36
13...Faith Green....................1:12:28
14...Rene L...........................1:14:18
15...Colin Morrison..............1:15:55
16...Lucie W..........................1:16:49

Many thanks to Greg Kent of Alpine Timing, and Gene Ennis for race timing, and Laura J. Lucas as Race Marshmallow, never mess with the Race Marshmallow

Next Twister, H.Coyne and Sons, Sat Dec 15th, 9am Icy Waters Ltd. 

Same time, same place on Sat/Sun 15-16th Dec the Youth and Junior Arctic Winter Games trials ( running alongside the Twisters

Friday, November 23, 2007

Sportees Race Day - ON

Trail is flagged and marked. Ready to roll. See you all at 9am at Icy Waters Ltd tomorrow!

By the way does anyone know why 2 wombats attached to a piece of string are in the title spot of this site?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sportees Race Day, 9am Sat Nov 24th

Trail still good.

Dog Team Numbers + race distances:

Pet Dog - 1 (one) dog, attached to you, skis, sled, wheels, running. 5km

Kids race - 1-2 dogs skijoring, 2-4 dogs sled. 5km

TWISTER - 2-3 dogs skijoring, 2-4 dogs sled. 12 mile

Remember wood for the firepit and goodies for the post-race potluck.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Trail Report, Sunday 18th

8 dogs just hauled an unfit Jon Lucas round the 12 mile complete CHT trail - trail's good, Jon's a little tired, dogs are laughing.
Snow hooks will set in the side trails and at the edge of the wide trail, there's not enough snow to set it and be sure in the wide trail. I hear the skijorers asking "Wot's a snow hook?". Still, these were the same conditions in the 2006 November race, and remember Jon had 8 dogs out there today, the Sportees race allows 3 for Skijorers and 4 for sleds.

So unless there is a major thaw, Race is on! See you there 9am Icy Waters Ltd, Sat 24th, and bring a log for he firepit, and goodies for the potluck

Saturday, November 17, 2007

NOV 24TH, 9am, Icy Waters Ltd, SPORTEES RACES ON

3" snow fell on Thursday night/Friday. It is being nicely packed by the KSA and the public (thank-you) and we have a trail. We may have to by-pass the big wide trail up the hill to the gravel pit, but we do have a 12 mile trail! Phew!

See you all 9am at Icy Waters Ltd, as usual every participant in the Kids and the 12 mile receives a 25lb block of dog-food arctic charr (secondary processing products), and every volunteeer gets 2 fillets or 6 dressed Arctic Charr.

It's time to RACE!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

RACE POSTPONED - Sportees Race now NOV 24th

The trail still requires another 2" of snow to be safe. Race is postponed to Saturday 24th November, same time, same place - I think we all need to do our snow dances.

Happy training!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Dec 17th SPORTEES Race Day Update

Trail requires another 1-2" of snow. A Final decision on the race will be posted late on Wednesday evening. If necessary the race will be postponed to Saturday 24th November.

Race info:
Metal edged skis are prohibited

Courses are the same as last year

Meet 9am for 9.15am Mushers Meeting, Icy Waters Ltd, Km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd

Volunteers please arrive for 9.15am, all volunteers receive Arctic Charr as a thank-you.

Races in following order:

1 pet dog, 5km (14 years+) running/skis/kick sleds/anything so long as the dog remains attached to you

Kids race (6-13 years), 5km, 1-2 dogs skijoring, 2-4 dogs sleds

12 mile Twister (16+ years), 2-3 dogs skijoring, 2-4 dogs sled.

Entry fee $10. First five places pay a small amount of cash + random place prizes from Sportees, Aurora Booties, and Yukon Brewing.

Anyone can race out of class in the kids or Twister for experience, however entry fee must still be paid but no prize can be won. "out of class" racers will have their time recorded.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Now located in the old Griffiths building on 6th Avenue- larger, brighter, and all you need for out-and-indoor sports, call Andrea at 867 668 2691,, or just check them out in person, or online at

buy local, everyone wins

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The above have combined to send you where the wind blows...high above Fish Lake, on Dec 1st

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Purse confirmed at $300 cash from CHT (+ 50% entry fees) + $300 Air North Certificates + $200 Yukon Brewing Certificates. Poker run for sled teams of 4-14 dogs, 22 miles overall with a climb of 2000' up over the shoulder of Mt MacIntyre, and of course the descent back down again. Sat Dec 1st, from Icy Waters Ltd. Info to be updated.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yukon Brewing Growler Races a hit with Canicross in Haines Junction

Four Canicross teams turned out Saturday, the best turnout of the season. Slippery ice in the afternoon sun made the trails treacherous and Carmen Muhlemann hit the ground hard at the turnaround when Mory spotted her husband and launched off to say hi. As compensation for the bruising Carmen wins the Yukon Brewing T shirt sympathy prize. That was the worst crash all season - Susie Rogan's flip over the handlebars in the first race barely caused a scratch and hardly justified the prize, however both went on to win their races so perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt. Carmen plans to repeat her victory celebrations by running the 5km Pet Dog with Mory in the SPORTEES Race Day of the YUKON BREWING CHT League on Dec 17th at ICY WATERS LTD.

Fran MacKeller and a possibly slightly overweight Clio tried, but couldn't close the gap and finished 1m 15s later.
Debbie Thomas planned to stroll around the course , but Taz had other ideas and "encouraged" Debbie into a brisk trot, whilst Katherine MacKeller and Kassie were passed by Mum Fran to come in 3rd.

AURORA BOOTIES ensured all competitors and volunteers took home booties, collars or jackets for their dogs.

In the wheeled categories Jon Lucas and Asha made it 4/4 with a win in the 1 mile pet dog, and lack of competition enabled the Snowpigs Kennel to sweep the board in all wheeled races and take home a large amount of YUKON BREWING's most excellent Growlers. Snowpigs had their INKSPIRATIONZ sponsored kennel flag flying high all day, and Jon pronounced himself happy with the days events: "Well obviously the pressure's off when no-one else bothers to show, but the dogs don't know that. I ran with inexperienced dogs today, to test their leadership ability and it all went very well. Very glad I had my body armour, what with all that ice." Jon is also sponsored by SKOOKUM BRANDS NORTHERN GARMENTS, and will be modelling their latest anorak at the SPORTEES race day on Nov 21st.

The race attracted over 10 spectators and Gene Ennis amd Martin Jahr did great service as Marshall/Timekeeper and turnaround volunteer respectively.


1 mile 1 dog Canicross (1.2miles)

1st - Carmen Muhlemann - Mory - - - - 8m 34s
2nd - Fran MacKellar - Clio - - - - - - - 9m 49s
3rd - Katherine MacKellar - Kassie - - - 11m 46s
4th - Debbie Thomas - Taz - - - - - - - 21m

1 mile 1 pet dog (1.2miles)

1st - Jon Lucas (scooter) - Asha - - - - - - - - - -6m 52s

1 mile 1 sled dog (1.2 miles)

1st - Jon Lucas (scooter) - Bluto - - - - - - - - - -5m 40s

4 mile 2 sled dog (2.34miles)

1st - Jon Lucas (scooter) - Tutshi and Jedai - - - -10m 26s

The Hot Hounds Dryland racing season is now over for 2007. The races earned over $250 for the Copper Haul Twister organisation, and part of this will be ploughed into the purse for the Dec 1st "Beer Worth Climbing For" 22 mile race out of ICY WATERS LTD as YUKON BREWING, AIR NORTH, and CHT create a $1000 purse for the poker run race that "Reaches for the Sky" - that's what it feels like as you climb 2000' up over Mt MacIntyre.

Thanks again to the Hot Hounds Sponsors: YUKON GARDENS, PHILLIPE'S BIKE REPAIR, ICY WATERS LTD, YUKON BREWING; the organisers, volunteers, competitors, and overall the dogs that had such a good time this summer - clearly, they simply did not get too hot to run!

Friday, October 19, 2007

News Flash!!

Air North sponsors Dec 1st 22 Mile Hill Climb. $300 in Gift certificates from Air North joins $300 cash from the Copper Haul Twister organisation to make this a $600 purse.....and climbing.

Watch this space!

Details - read below, sometimes way below!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Th Last dryland race - running, cycling, scootering with dogs is on. Trail report from a recently married and overtired Sean Fitzgerald states 1 mile and 3.5 mile courses are flagged and good to go, so come on out and have fun with your pet and sled dogs. Great prizes from Yukon Brewing and Aurora Booties.

Meet at 2pm, Fast Dog Kennels Haines Junction. When driving from Whitehorse turn left just after the Green Muffin and carry on along the gravel till you see the Fast Dogs sign. Pot luck BBQ after the races.

YTG Highways - No Permit Required!!

Hooray! YTG Highways decided today that non of the 6 Yukon Brewing CHT races requires a $100 permit, and nor does the "Reach for the Sky and Grab the Beer" proposed 22 mile race of Dec 1st. Economy priced entry fees can continue!

Looking good for a great season, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


WWW.FIRSTMATE.COM , suppiers of quality Pet and Dog foods, available at Duffy's Pets in Whitehorse are supporting the Yukon's 4th Freight Pull competition.

Registration at 10am, Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Road, Saturday Dec 1st, running concurrently with the 1st "Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer" 22 mile hill climb dog sled race.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Last Race of Hot Hounds Season: Yukon Brewing Growler races

Yes, with the snow falling and ground turning to ice, we're set for a crashing finale of the wheeled (and feeted!) Hot Hounds Race Season. Yukon Brewing Growlers are the first prizes for the heavily armoured (it's good idea!) winners of the four races out at Haines Junction, Saturday October 20th.

Will Asha prove Rottweillors are the fastest Pet dogs out there? Will we see a resurection of the Baby Jesus in hte one sled god? Will Running Man Bill Stewart strap on his harness and launch Tycho in the Canicross, or will he stay home with an old black and white movie, reminiscing about when he was a really fast runner......who knows? who cares? get your harnesses out to FAST DOGS Kennel, Sean Fitzgerald's unique Irish style kennel at (approx) km 4, Old Alaska Highway Haines Junction - driving from Whitehorse, turn left just after the montrous plastic muffin.

This is the Yukon Brewing Race Day, providing excellent beers as prizes. Also contributing are Aurora Booties with dog jackets, booties, and collars.

This is the last wheeled race before the snow flies (ok, if it's still there and deep enough wheel put the bikes and scooters in storage and get out the sleds and skis - and no metal edges!)


WE'RE BACK! all Sponsors have returned, so the 6 race day League based out of ICY WATERS LTD (buy their Arctic Charr - it has the highest Omega-3 levels and really high Vitamin D levels, it's tasty and good for you - an unheard of combination).

YUKON BREWING are sponsoring the three leagues to the tune of a lot of money. Buy their beer, it hasn't been hauled up the highway, spewing out greenhouse gases and gobbling up fossil fuels - and it really is a good brew - don't believe me? Then come out to haines Junction on the 20th and race (or walk your dog for a mile, on past turnouts you are going to win a prize) and try it for yourself.

SPORTEES, your local producer of all the trendy, warm, mushing, skijoring, and active outdoor or indoor gear you'll need - winter or summer.

DUFFY'S PETS AND TANZILLA HARNESS SUPPLY, all your dog sports needs under one roof! Equipment, food, even live food to keep your huskies occupied between races (that's what hamsters are for, isn't it? release one in the dog yard and watch the fun! - WARNING: do not try this at home: Hamsters are for life, not for 27 seconds in the dog yard). Anyway, Duffy's also supply many pets, including tropical fish, reptiles, birds, and all the equipment and food, (live or otherwise) you need to keep them happy and healthy.

OSCARS ELECTRIC - no job too small, from installation to tool repair, John and his crew can put the spark back into your equipment. Oscar's can fit, connect and install any electrical equipment, industrial or domestic.

ALPINE VET - Dogs, cats, large and small animals, with 24 hour call-out, the recently expanded staff at AZlpine Vet will respond 24/7 to any animal health problem; also purveyors of dog and cat foods.

H. COYNE AND SONS - Gravel, Sand, Rock, from a half load to a delivery fleet, Coyne's can handle it, also experts in any form of drilling and mining exploration.

ICY WATERS LTD - Fresh and frozen Arctic Charr, in fillets or whole fish, for sale directly from the farm gate. What you buy in the afternoon was swimming that morning - it's that fresh!

All those local companies are supporting our local sport - without them, we wouldn't have this race, so buy their stuff, if for no other reason than it really is good gear!

Provisional Timetable:

SPORTEES RACE DAY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -SATURDAY 17TH NOVEMBER

"Reach For The Sky" - in preparation, 21 mile race up over Mt Mac - climb 2000', then come down 2000' - Poker run, sled teams of 4 dogs+ (unlimited), not suitable for skijoring, provisional Purse $1000. For further details keep watching this space. If interested in volunteering, or sponsorship opportunities email Jon at

Whilst the Poker run is in progress, the TAPLOW/FIRST MATE Freight Pull will be held in the Icy Waters Ltd Car park, with a tonne of TAPLOW/FIRST MATE dog food up for grabs

Both provisinally held Saturday 1st Dec


OSCAR'S ELECTRIC RACE DAY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SATURDAY 19TH JANUARY

TBC - Carbon Hill Saturday 26th January

ALPINE VET RACE DAY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SATURDAY 16TH FEBRUARY

TBC - Silver Sled Saturday/Sunday 1/2nd March

TBC - Pine Lake Sprint Races and Triathlon, Saturday 8th March

TBC - Wilfred Charlie Memorial Sprint Race, Carmacks (+ Freight Pull), Saturday 15th MARCH

H. COYNE AND SONS RACE DAY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY 16th March

ICY WATERS LTD RACE DAY - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -SATURDAY 5TH APRIL

Keep on checking the blogsite for details, it's where all the Cool Dogs go

Monday, September 17, 2007

Icy Waters Ltd Race Day Cool and Moist - but spirits undampened

Maren Bradley with Screaming Beagle Lazarus leading the way in the 4 mile 2 dog!!

Will leads Floren to first place in the Canicross, and both win loads of Arctic Charr!

(all photos thanks to Laura Jane Lucas)

With temperatures approaching what some would term "humane" (forgetting that dogs also run around in the tropics) the 3rd Hot Hounds meet at Icy Waters Ltd saw competitors in all 4 classes. The recent rain had made the initial half mile of muddy "S" bends a slippery proposition, but in fact no one crashed and the Yukon Brewing sympathy prize went unclaimed, although Ringo might have won prettiest Pup in his first race ever.

Pretty Boy ran a close second to Asha the Rottie in the 1 pet dog over 1.75 miles, but just wasn't fast enough. With one race to go and Asha now unbeaten in every race this summer it appears a Rottie is going to be Queen of the Hot Hounds Pet Dog class. C'mon, there must be self-respecting pet dog out there that can run faster than a Rottweillor!

Asha leads Pretty Boy down the slope (not Jon, Ringo, the prettier one further back...)

Some Pet Dogs of course, aren't competitive at all and just like to go along for a walk....

The next race is out at Fast Kennel, Haines Junction, home of Fast Dogs (just because it's written, doesn't make it so) owner Sean Fitzgerald. To get there turn left at the Muffin, then proceed about 4km down the old gravel Alaska Highway. Yukon Brewing are providing the prizes for this one, so I expect they will be wrapped in glass - if you're not going to win, bring your own to the Pot Luck BBQ! Race Meet at 2pm, Saturday October 20th.

Photos to follow, (all photos by Laura Jane Lucas) which will of course make the captions up there a little clearer, your techno-luddite here is having a little trouble with the ol' Blogmaster

Many thanks to Icy Waters Ltd for their offices, and great prizes of Arctic Charr fillets to the value of $100 per place, and also to Aurora Booties for the Dog Jackets, Booties and Collars - these are becoming quite lucrative races!


The blatantly incorrect "1 Mile" (make that 1.75) Races:


1) - Will - Floren Antras - 14m 11s - legs

1 Pet Dog

1) - Asha - Jon Lucas - 10m 19s - scooter

2) - Ringo - Janet Keller - 12m 20s - bike

3) - Luna - Maren Bradley - 26m 50s - bike

1 Sled Dog

1) - Indy - Janet Keller - 13m 40s - bike

4 mile (3.5) 2 Sled Dog Race

1) Lazarus & Nanuk - Maren Bradley - 19m 33s - bike

See you all out in Haines Junction...if you think your dogs are Hot enough! I have no idea what that trails are like, I gratefully leave that to soon to be father of two (yes, an instant family!) Mr Sean "Fat Dogs" Fitzgerald!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Race is ON!!!

Meet 5pm, Saturday 15th Sept, Icy Waters Ltd offices. km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd. : 4 races - Canicross, 1 Pet Dog, 1 Sled Dog, and 2 Sled dogs. Prizes are Arctic Charr and goodies from Aurora Booties.
Bring your wheels (or legs), dogs, $10, and pot luck BBQ food for a great evening of fun and exercise - you know it makes sense!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Aurora Booties Sponsors Hot Hounds & upcoming Twister

Aurora Booties of Whitehorse have kindly donated collars, booties, and dog jackets to the remaining 2 (possibly 3 - keep watching this space!) Hot Hounds Dryland Races, and also to the upcoming Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister League of six races. More details to follow

Remember: it pays to buy local!

Contact Cindy via for all your dog teams' booties, collars, jackets, as well as warm fur hats, slippers, and mits for yourselves

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Set beside the swamplands of MacIntyre Marsh, these races start above Icy Waters in the trees off the Haekel Hill Road. If it's been raining the first 500m are going to be a bit slick (ask Dave Desmarais, his training "crash n splash" in there would certainly have won the Yukon Brewing best crash sympathy prize if it happened in a race. But it didn't, so no prize, better luck in the race). After this winding through the trees the trail opens out onto the Copper Haul up to the old landfill. Here the 1 milers (Canicross, 1 Pet dog, 1 Sled dog) complete a small loop and shoot straight back to the finish - which isn't at the start line - aha! don't worry, it will be well marked. Beware the two earth moguls on the way back and the steep final 50m down to the finish. There will be water at this turnaround.

For the delight and edification of the 2 sled dog entrants running 4 miles the trail continues into the dump after the water stop. This is relatively twisty, and includes the turn where last season Jon Lucas's Snowpigs team successfully schemed to roll a three wheeler over him....twice in one attempt. Well done dogs, I say, do it again, but better next time. The trail then opens onto the old landfill access road in a gentle downhill for a good half mile, then a sharp right (that's a "Gee" for the Team Leaders reading this) back into the trees and a shallow, muddy creek to cross. Then it's pretty much packed earth all the way home over those moguls, the downhill to the finish, and a cool refreshing beverege for the dogs whilst the monkeys prepare dinner.


Potluck BBQ after the race.

Icy Waters Ltd produces delicious Artic Charr, available for sale to the public, and are putting up Frozen Fillets and Frozen Dressed Fish as prizes for monkeys; and secondary processing products (heads and racks left from the filleting process) as prizes for the dogs. Call 668 7012 for more details, or check out the website at

Yukon Brewing provide a very fashionable T-shirt for the monkey having the most spectacular wipe-out.

Eat and drink their locally produced products! and don't forget Phillipe's Bike Repair can fix anything at very reasonable prices as well as selling the bikes, body armour and helmets you need for this non-contact sport (honest) - ask anyone involved, what's a few scrapes and bruises anyway, it's only a flesh wound. If this charging around on wheels with dogs is not for you then do a bit of gardening with Yukon Garden's plants, seeds and garden hardware, although I've often wished for a bit of body armour after stepping on the rake....

So, see you all at the Icy Waters Ltd offices for the race meeting, 5pm, Saturday September 15th...if you think you're hot enough