Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eagle Pack Mongrel Hordes - photos, Clark Rogers

Simi Morrison and pup Monjo

Susie Rogan keeps ahead of Ian and Marine in the mass start

Stefan gains on Sandro in the 1-2 dog

Janet Keller chases Moe Boksa to the finish in the Canicross

Jon Lucas, going too fast to the camera (or was Clark simply sneezing?), just before slipping past chainless Stefan in the mass start

Ian Usher, Marine Gstaard, and Cynthia Corriveau vie in the mass start

Finn Boksa, Canicross, clearly a student of the Mark Manolis "Sleep Racing" technique

Sandro Bumblebee buzzes along fast in the Canicross - he makes it look easy...

Darryl Sheepwins works hard up that Hill

Claudia Wickert pushes the scooter up that big hill in the 2 dog - probably faster than a number of bikejourers made it up there - and what a delight that soft woodchip section was, right near the top!

Alicia - this Canicross looks like hard work - and it is!

Alexandra Rochat having a fun blast in the mass start

1, 2, & 3 in the Mass Start...almost: at the last turn, 50m from the finish Stefan's chain broke, Darryl Sheepwon shot through to lead, closely followed by Fabian Schmitz and the "Foxy Rocket", with Jon Lucas and (get me out of this race) Simba racing, past a by now coasting Stefan, to 3rd. It ain't over till it's over, as Jon said later "I didn't hear a fat lady singing till we crossed the finish line, and Tutshi started howling!"

The "Hill" makes Fabian Schmitz work!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Drawn on Sunday Sept 12th, at Susie Rogan's and Hans Gatt's, under the watchful eyes of about 30 people:

1st Prize - Skookum Brand Northern Garments Anorak, value up to $995


2nd Prize - Yukan Canoe Training Courses for 2, value $400


3rd Prize - Sky High Wilderness Ranch, 1 day riding trip for 2, value $400


Many thanks to everyone who bought tickets, everyone who sold them, Virginia Sarrazin for doing all the work setting the raffle up. Gene at Fas Gas Kopper King seems to be the place to buy them, as all the winners bought their tickets there.

The raffle raised a net $1600, towards the DPSAY insurance premium of $2500 - thank you!

and if you didn't win, don't be disheartened, there's another raffle for the winter and another $995 Skookum Brand Northern Garments Anorak up for grabs as well as other great prizes - all for another stake of a mere $10!

Thanks everyone!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eagle Pack Mongrel Hordes Results in full!

Karine Grenier

1 Mile 1 Pet Dog

1 - Susie Rogan - 6.41
2 - Jon Lucas - 7.58
3 - Karine Grenier - 8.37
4 - Ian Usher - 9.04

Jon Lucas and Asha "Don't take a photo, we're just having a stroll!"

1 Mile Canicross
(tying a dog to yourself and running - pure torture: you can't even coast, you have to run with the dog, or to slow it down you have to work to hold it back, but it is for all ages: from kids to grandmothers!)

1 - Sandro Bumblebee - 8.44
2 - Paul Adams - 9.25
3 - Adam Robinson - 10.22
4 - Simi Morrison - 10.32
5 - Alicia Power - 10.41
6 - Fin Boksa - 11.31
7 - Janet Keller - 13.35
8 - Maible Boksa - 14.29
9 - Moe Boksa - 15.03
10 - Christina Reeve - 21.22

Maible Boksa, having fun

Adam Robinson, indentured Kennel Slave of Sky High Wilderness Ranch obviously cannot even afford to buy clothes, apparently someone overheard him say he'd be eating the Eagle Pack he won - can someone at least get the poor man a shirt from the Salvation Army?

2 (well, nearer 3) Mile 1-2 Sled Dog

1 - Darryl Sheepwon - 11.24
2 - Cynthia Corriveau - 11.26
3 - Adam Robinson - 11.47
4 - Jon Lucas - 11.57
5 - Claudia Wickert - 12.27
6 - Susie Rogan - 12.28
7 - Fabian Schmitz - 12.51
8 - Marine Gastard - 12.52
9 - Ian Usher - 13.23
10 - Sandro Bumblebee - 13.47
11 - Alexandra Rochat - 14.15
12 - Stephan the Photographer - 15.36
13 - Janet Keller - 22.51
14 - Fin Boksa - 24.46

1 Mile MASS START (bikes, scooters, runners, 1-2 dog)

1 - Darryl Sheepwins - 3.35
2 - Fabian Schmitz - 3.36
3 - Jon Lucas - 3.37
4 - Stephan the Photographer - 3.41
5 - Susie Rogan - 3.43
6 - Ian Usher - 3.48
7 - Cynthia Corriveau - 3.49
8 - Marine Gastard - 3.50
9 - Alexandra Rochat - 3.53
10 - Deb Knight - 4.56
11 - Claudia Wickert - 5.22
12 - Janet Keller - 6.18
13 - Sandro Bumblebee - 6.41
14 - Simi Morrison - 8.28
15 - Andy - 9.01

Many thanks to Susie and Hans for hosting, trail work, and delicious food; Simi Morrison RM, Virginia Sarrazin for all the DPSAY Raffle work (results posted soon), and Eagle Pack, Aurora Booties, Icy Waters Ltd, YAA, and C&D Feeds for all the race prizes. Thanks to Clark Rogers for all photos.
Hans, where's your dog? and it's non-powered bikes only!...oh, you're trail marking....

Sunday, September 12, 2010


43 teams turned out for the 4 races, in a fun filled afternoon at Gatt Kennel.

Blog editor is tired and worn out after an exciting day at the races, but stay tuned for Race Results and photos from Clark Rogers, coming your way on Monday evening.

Thanks everyone for a great afternoon/evening!

Saturday, September 11, 2010



Sunday 4pm, Susie Rogan/Hans Gatt Kennel, Golden Horn; Turn off the Alaska Highway south of Carcross Cut-off onto Gentian Lane, 1.6km down lane turn right (at orange flagging tape), continue straight downtrail till you can't go any further (....because you are there!)

Eagle Pack Dog Food kindly sponsoring prizes 1-3 in the 4 races. Other prizes from Aurora Booties, Icy Waters Ltd, C&D Feeds, Muktuk Kennels, and another YAA T-shirt!!

See you all there!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Eagle Pack's "Mongrel Hordes" - Dryland Races, Sun Sept 12th

The 4th Dryland outing of the 4th season is at Susie Rogan's/Hans Gatt Kennel at 4pm - off Gentian Lane. Gentian Lane is just south of the Carcross Cut-off towards Marsh Lake (that is south? whatever, it's towards Marsh Lake from the cut-off). Turn down the lane and continue down till you see a dirt road off to the right with lots of orange tape around the entrance - turn in there and just keep going straight (don't turn off) past the container truck, until the road ends at the Kennel/House.

Registration at 4pm, followed by the draw for the DPSAY raffle! Then off to the races - Hans is setting out the trails and may be varying the exact race details slightly - Bring dogs, bikes, scooters (or simply yourself for canicrossing), the trails will be 1-2miles, and the Sled Dog, Pet Dog, Canicross categories will be there as usual - Anyone on wheels MUST have a proper helmet (no wired on dog bowls this time please). Please bring something for the post-race potluck BBQ.

We're racing for EAGLE PACK DOG FOOD, and also prizes from Aurora Booties, Icy Waters Ltd, Muktuk Kennels, and C&D Feeds. Design and Printing of poster: many thanks to Inkspirationz Graphix, anyone spot the deliberate mistake? (corrected before printing).

Race Marshall - Simi Morrison - no arguing (you know it won't get you anywhere and time penalties cost you positions :) ) and no sneaking a peek at the times before the official announcements, thank you!

See you all there!