Tuesday, December 23, 2008

See the Oscar's Electric Race Day write up - two stories down

I'm only the editor, I have no idea why blogger put the story down below the results - but there it is, and it's jolly well worth the read I say!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Weatherpuppy!!

Weatherpuppy reports -36'C on Saturday evening, on the Alaska Highway. It is well known this area is considerably colder than Fish Lake Rd, where Sunday at 8am recorded -32'C on the Icy Waters Ltd Tank Farm - still, Brrr!

Thanks Weatherpuppy, for bearing all in such inclement weather!

Oscar's Electric Race Day Results

In moderately chilly temperatures somewhere around the -35'C mark, the winter solstice was marked by a great race under golden sunlight as 13 teams vied in the Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister.

1 Pet Dog, 5 km

1 ASHA  Jon Lucas Bikejor 19.30

Kids, 5km

1 Jeff Diment 3 dog sled 13.42

The Twister, 12 miles
(all 5 dog sleds unless otherwise stated)

1 Kyla Boivin 53.01
2 Jon Lucas 59.18 2 dog skis
3 Laura Jane Lucas 1.01.36
4 Matthieu Renner 1.05.08
5 Kirstie Falkevitch 1.10.04
6 Gaetan Pierrard 1.10.05 3 dog skis
7 Valerie Bussieres 1.10.44 4 dog sled
8 Katrin Steiner 1.19.27 4 dog sled
9 Sarah Stohr 1.28.24 4 dog sled
10 Wendy Morrison 1.53.31 2 dog skis
11 Adrien Laydevant 1.59.40 2 dog skis

Prizes from Oscar's Electric (dosh, $$, cash), and merchandise from Yukon Brewing (glass wrapped T shirts) , Aurora Booties, Dazhaw Du Chiropractic Clinic, Yukon Agricultural Association, Icy Waters Ltd, First Mate Dogfoods

Oscar's Electric Race Day - Racing in the deep freeze

"Actually it was warmer in the Icy Waters Ltd deep freezer" said Jonathan Lucas as he handed frozen Arctic Charr fillets to all the volunteers that had guided the 13 frosty teams around the Twister trails today.

With the Weatheman suppressed because he is based out on the Alaska Highway and everyone knows it's way colder out there than up Fish Lake Rd, hardy mushers gathered in -30'C temperatures (look, that's what my thermometer said). Just as Wendy Morrison and Team 1 left the chute the sun shone golden and glorious on the trail, whilst the smoke from Colin and Simi's Pinocchio's Springs Kennel firepit and simmering chilli added to the atmosphere. Leaving second in bib 3 (because someone held onto Bib 2 after the November race - you know who you are!) Adrien Laydevant skijored past Wendy and then tore past volunteer Jeff Diment, exiting the stone chute at high velocity... and the wrong way: "I knew I was off the trail when I started to see houses (probably somewhere near downtown)" . Adrien than had a delightful steep climb back up to Jeff to go the right way, "But I could not stop them, they were so fast, and it was downhill" yes indeed, Adrien, new to skijoring has yet to realise his body is his brake. 

Gael - Snowpigs faithful leader for Season One - was back in Gaetan's 3 dog team for his inaugural Twister skijor. Kyla -Doggone- Boivin tore round the course, beating the previous race's winning time by three minutes and pushing skijoring Jon -Snowpigs- Lucas into second. They each have 18 points from two races, but Kyla leads the League table as she has the fastest time. Jon steps away from racing to volunteer in the 6/4 dog Alpine Vet race day on Sunday 18th January leaving Kyla the opportunity to pour on the points. The Whitehorse Star pin-up girl Kirstie Falkevitch missed out on the Yukon Brewing glass encased T shirt prize by one second  by beating Gaetan by that second, although the $30 prize for 5th still buys beer.

Laura Jane -Silverpaw- Lucas, flush with success after her straight (and $300) in the Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer, raced her first Twister finishing, just two minutes behind hubby Jon, in third and straight into the League points with her big furry pompom girls team.

In the Kids section, Jeff Diment braved two hours out on the course on volunteer duty and was the only entrant, finishing in about 13 minutes, picking up $25 and adding 10 points to his quest to be kid's league Champion. Whilst in the Pet Dogs, only Asha the Rottie had an owner keen/stupid/wrapped up enough to run the course and Jon (somewhat tired after the 12 mile) bikejored on the hard packed trail to victory, $25, and another 10 points.

Many thanks to the volunteers, and Yukon Brewing, Midnight Sun Alpacas, Aurora Booties, Dazhaw du Chiropractic Clinic, Icy Waters Ltd, Yukon Agriculture Association, and First Mate Dog Foods for all the prizes.

Next Race: Alpine Vet race day, Sunday 18th January, meet at Icy Waters Ltd at the NEW TIME OF 10.00am - woohoo, almost a lie in on Sunday morning!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trail Report - Saturday 20th Dec

Jon dragged a pallet down the trail this afternoon, smoothing a few small bumps in a otherwise pretty hard packed trail. There will be no problem putting a hook in. Beautiful weather - calm, clear, sunny.

Temperature forecast is between -24 to -32 tomorrow, depending on which forecaster you look at, and no windchill, soooooo


See you all at Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd, 9.15am Sunday!!
Race Marshmallow: Brian McDougall

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sun Dec 21st Oscar's Electric Race Day

Trail report 8.30pm Friday

With temperature rising to -27'C Jon set off on his new (ooohhh) skis with Assman and Emma. Trail varies from very hard to soft in places (especially before the drop kick turn, very helpful to keep you slow approaching that one). Good Trail, and with temp set to be between -22 and -29'C out here on Sunday, in sunshine all looks good.

We await the Weatherman on Saturday evening with trepidation, and the trail packing report on saturday afternoon. See you all bright eyed and bushy tailed 9.15am on Sunday at Icy Waters Ltd -- and it's a POTLUCK, so please bring something to eat share :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sun Dec 21st Oscar's Electric Race Day

9.15am meeting, Icy Waters Ltd, km4.2, Fish Lake rd

Bring goodies for the potluck round the warming firepit with firewood generously donated by Debbie and Fred Last.

12 mile Twister: sleds 2-5 dogs, skis 2-3 dogs
5km 1 pet dog race
5km Kid's Race, sleds 2-4 dogs, skis 1-2 dogs.

Pet dogs start immediately after Kids; Pet dog racers must stop to help any kid in difficulties if asked.

See you there, it's warming up for the weekend, The Weatherman will show all.

Cash prizes from Oscar's Electric
Merchandise Prizes from Midnight Sun Alpacas, Aurora Booties, Yukon Brewing, FirstMate Dogfood, Dazhaw Du Chiropractic Clinic, and Icy Waters Ltd.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dog Gone Kennels

Thanks to Adrien Laydevant for the photos of the mushers passing Kyla's dog yard

Genessee Keevil stows a card

Hugh Neff with Walter and Watson in the lead.

Colby and Wild Bill lead Juho's string of Hugh Neff dogs.

Kirstie Falkevitch with Shufi and Avins. Great photo in the News, Ian!

Pierre Duc reaches for a card

Sweet Pea and Fred lead Jo Van Randen out. Aerial support by Raven Spotters.

Tajo and Gwen pull Renee LaPierre through the checkpoint

Sammy and Gray show Team Pom Pom's sense of humour

posted by Jessica Simon

Oscar's Electric Race Day Sun Dec 21st

Sunday 21st December, Meet 9.15m Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd

12 mile Twister (14 years+): sled 2-5 dogs, Skis 2-3 dogs

5km 1 Pet-dog race, dog must be attached to you, but otherwise any non-motorised mode of transport goes

5 km kids race (5-13 years): sleds 2-4 dogs, skis 1-2 dogs

$10 entry fee all race. Prizes from Yukon Brewing, Oscar's Electric, Aurora Booties, Dazhaw Du Chiropractic Clinic, Icy Waters Ltd.

With snow gently falling this Tuesday morning, the trail is going to be very well covered.

Firepit (thanks Debbie & Fred Last) and potluck - bring some grub to share; Many thanks to Tamra Reynolds for bringing food to the Poker run!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Up Mt Mac and Back

Is there such a thing as the Church of Dog? 'Cause whenever Cool Dogs meet on Sunday the weather is perfect. The dogs loved it. We Reached for the Sky in a snappy minus thirty; no wind, golden sunshine, crisp air, fresh snow - every day should be like this.

At the entrance to Jackson Lake Peace Camp sunshine hiked down the hillside and turned the black spruce yellow. Thank you so much Kwanlin Dun for allowing us to enjoy our race on your land.

Quiet cut by the slice of sled runners, a snatch of verse, the occasional whistle warned of teams approaching Jackson Lake Road. Grinding gravel told of their departure. From Brian McDonald's more than one musher yelled out "whoa! WHOA!"

And because running times meant nothing mushers stopped on the trail to chat. Harvey van Patten packed carved ornaments up the trail for all the checkers and stopped to try on his Yukon Brewing tshirt at the top of Mt MacIntyre.

In fact, he pulled right off the trail and let a half dozen teams pass him. But the sun was out and the day would be short enough anyway. There was no rush. Harvey liked the fit of his shirt and picked up another to wear on the way. "I don't need any help with the team," was the last thing he told Mike before the six dog string shot off back way they came with Harvey and his sled on its side. Whoa, WHOA!

Crispin Studer ran dogs from each of his three lines - the goth dogs Banshee, Witch and Ghost, the bike line of Giant, Klein and Kona, and Becks from the beer line. Both he and Ed Hopkins blew past the checkpoint so fast I have no photos and by the time I got back to the finish line, they were already in.

Fred and Debby Last were packing up the freight pull as well. Five dogs competed in one minute heats. When Jonathan Lucas' Asha timed out against Debbie Last's dog, it looked like the Rendezvous veteran Sherpa would take it. But, in the final heat Asha pulled, to the last second, to shift the weight and squeak past Sherpa.

Behind the finish line Harvey introduced his six-dog team. They've chewed up so much trail their teeth are flat, but they danced through the trees like teenagers. "These dogs really know. They've pulled me out of whiteouts before." When they aren't pulling tricks at the checkpoints.

Our success belongs to the support of our sponsors Yukon Brewing, First Mate, and Air North, the Yukon's Airline. Join us for Oscar's Electric Race Day at 9:30 this Sunday, December 21 at Icy Waters.
posted by Jessica Simon

Thank-you to the Kwanlin Dun

The organisers of Sunday's Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer would like to thank Roseanna White, Lands Administration Manager for the Kwanlin Dun for very kindly arranging for the gates at the Jackson Lake Peace Camp to be open for the race. Thank you!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fresh from the Trail

Lynx and Cousteau lead Harvery Van P's team of pensioners - half are over 10

Best dressed team: Laura Lucas with Gray and Sammy leading Team Pom Pom

Jo Van Randen's Sweet Pea and Fred

Spot and Flash keep Martine Didier on the trail

Trevor Braun pumps behind Shipton and Ginger

Buzz and Ribs lead Ray Zadain

Martine Didier finishes her hand

After the finish

Genesee Keevil rewards her team

Pickles dreams about how to spend Will Van Randen's winnings - new collar, harness, tail braiding

Kyla schmoozing with the best of them
posted by Jessica Simon

Laura Lucas rides Team Pom Pom home

commentary by Race Marshmallow Gene Ennis
posted by Jessica Simon


In the aftermath of a long and successful day, I'm too tired (yes, indeed, I watched 19 teams start the gruelling hill climb to Mt MacIntyre (of which 18 actually came back under their own power, but that's another story), and I actively encourged Asha in the Freight Pull) to write of today's exciting events except to post the results, and here we go

First Mate Freight Pull

1st Asha  480lb Jonathan Lucas
2nd Sherpa 440lb Debbie Last
3rd Aklak 400lb Dave Desmarais
4th Keno 240lb Heather Desmarais
5th Isca 160lb Janet Keller

All competitors won 7 x 40lb bags of First Mate Extreme Dog Food, the remaining bags will be added to the Yukon Brewing CHT races prize pool.

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer


1 Ed Hopkins 1:43 Dogs - 10
2 Hugh Neff 1:46 12
3 Kyla Boivin 1:47 14
4 Crispin Studer 1:55 10
5 Jo Van Randen 7
5 Juho Milpressa 10
5 Luc Twedell 1:59 8
8 Genesee Keevil 10
8 Will Van Randen 2:03 7
10 Rene LaPierre 2:04 8
11 Pierre Duc 2:08 8
12 Martin Lelevier 2:15 8
13 Kirstie Falkevitch 10
13 Maren Bradley 2:16 8
15 Laura Jane Lucas 2:29 7
16 Trevor Braun 2:40 10
17 Harvey Van Patten 2:55 6
18 Ray Zaidan 3:13 4

Scratch Marine Gastard 8

Every entrant received a block of Arctic Charr Dog Food from Icy Waters Ltd

But that didn't win any money, the Poker hand won the prizes:

1 Will Van Randen, Full house, $400 Cash (Yukon Brewing and Dryland Hot Hound racing) + $100 Air North Certificate

2 Kyla Boivin, Ace high Straight, $200 Cash (Yukon Brewing and Dryland Hot Hound Racing) + $100 Air North Gift Certificate

3 Laura Jane Lucas, 10 high Straight, $100 Cash (Yukon Brewing and Dryland Hot Hound Racing) + $200 Air North Gift Certificate

Thanks to all the volunteers - Race Marshmallow Gene Ennis, Race Official Mel Bedard, start line Dave and Heather Desmarais, Amanda, Simi Morrision; Route volunteers Katrina Wohlfarth Jessica Simon, Brian McDonald, Sunshine Valley Ranch, Sky High Ranch, Guillome Gravel, Mike Simon; Freight Pull Official Esther Keddie and volunteers Fred Last, Simi Morrison, and Janet Keller - can't be done without you.

NEXT RACE - Sunday Dec 21st, Oscar's Electric Race Day, Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister League, 9.15am Icy Waters Ltd. 12 mile: Sleds 2-5 dogs, Skis 2-3 dogs + 5km 1 Pet Dog Race + 5km Kids Race (2-4 dog sleds, 1-2 dog skis). $10 entry fee all races.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Weatherman!!! Race + Freightpull is ON!!

The Weatherman says "Sled safely"; at temperatures around the -20'C mark all is good for the race and freightpull

and that was Public Service announcement 11-A23B from the CHT Org

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer - Trail Report 5.30pm Saturday

Just back from marking and flagging the trail: Great trail, good snow all round, reasonably well packed, trail taped and flagged with green and orange, or square red flags.

Rules are on this blog, we won't be going through them at the meeting.

Looks very nice indeed. 

See you all at 10am Icy Waters Ltd, please park in usual CHT parking area.

19 teams signed up, 6 places left


 MEET AT 11.30 AM , ICYWATERS LTD, Sunday 14th


$20 entry fee
Light, medium, and heavy weight categories

Trail PIcs

Laura Jane Lucas and team on Fish Lake approaching the "Tree Hole": this is Guillome's water source, please do not allow you dogs to pee on the trees.  Although a trail does turn onshore at the trees, go past about 20m and then take the trail onto the shore. If you turn at the trees you'll be in a yard. So, go past the trees, then turn onshore.

Running home....just ride the dragmat down to the Copper Haul Trail

7" snow fell over Thursday/Friday, we will be out today to pack it and flag the trail; -23 at 11am. Keep watching for later trail updates when we get back.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trail Good, Race ON

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer is ON.

So fly Air North, go buy the best beer from the Yukon Brewing brewery and get your 5% reward saving, and compete in the Dryland Hot Hounds races next summer, so we can do this all over again next year!!

Trail to be flagged and checked Saturday, tune in to the blog on Saturday evening for final update; where is "The Weatherman"???? 

Lots of snow fell this week, you sleddy people can get a hook in now :) so be happy and have a fun run.

signed up so far are:

Harvey Van Patten
Genesee Keevil
Maren Bradley
Pierre Duc
Laura Jane Lucas
Ray Zaidan
Crispin Studer
Trevor Braun
Christy Willet
Luc Tweddell
Rene LaPierre
Hugh Neff
Hugh Neff 2
Hugh Neff 3
Kyla Boivin
Kirstie Falkevitch
Diddier Moggia
Diddier Moggia 2

7 places left

See you all at 10am, Icy Waters Ltd, Sunday 14th

Don;t forget it's a potluck!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer - 9 places left!

Kyla Boivin and Doggone Kennel Jockey Kirstie Falkevitch signed up as entrants 15 and 16 today, 9 places left.

And don't forget the First Mate Freight Pull, same day, Dec 14th, but meeting at 11.30am.

Trail report - Thurs - Ray Zaidan hauled by leader Buzz (Lightyear) + Ribs, McKlusky, & Cooper over the course - "Beautiful trail" and the 4 dog team easily completes the course in under 4hours
Mel Bedard Confirms as Timer, Brian McDougall as Race Marshmallow and Gene Ennis as Freight Pull Marshall.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

14 teams signed up for Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer

Hugh Neff today signed up 3 teams, bringing the total to 14 - the same number as ran the race last year! 11 places left in this Dec 14th FREE entry Poker run for a chance of $500!

Why drive all the way to Alaska when you can run up local Yukon Mountains?

Linda Lewis roars out of the start chute

Two dogs fly down the track towing a beaming Linda Lewis in the season premier H Coyne & Sons Race Day. Linda and her dogs travelled all the way in from Destruction Bay.
(photo credit Vince Federoff)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rule 24, rule change notification

24) Outside of, and on, race days, persons being disrespectful or rude to CHT Org volunteers, or bringing the CHT Org races into disrepute, may be refused entry to the CHT Org races. Such persons may not be allowed to handle nor compete, and neither may dog kennels they own or operate, in the CHT Org races. The CHT Org reserves the right to notify any and all other Races and Race Organisations of the ban and it's reason - volunteer abuse.

We think a lot of our volunteers, and we know all you racers do too. This just tightens the rule for their protection.

The CHT Twister Org will shortly be implementing a similar complaints policy to that in place at Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous: all complaints must be in writing, and the complaint will be forwarded to the person about whom the complaint has been made. The Committee will review complaint and response before making any decisions.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Race Schedule and details

Dec 14th, 10 am Icy Waters Ltd, Registration and Musher's Meeting: Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer Poker Run. Free Entry, skill testing question on disclaimer.

4-14 dogs; 23 miles, 1900' climb up, and then 1900' down. There is no skidoo support or sweeper.

4-6 dog teams will leave at 11am, 7+ teams will leave at 11.30am

Volunteers at: Haekel Hill / Jackson Lake trail turn off; Jackson lake road end (+ card pickup); Jackson Lake / Fish Lake trail turn off; Sunshine Valley Ranch (+ card pickup); Sky High Ranch; Fish Lake to Mt Mac Trail turnoff; Shoulder of Mt Mac (+ card & Yukon Brewing T shirt pickup); Mt Mac trail to Copper Haul Trail turnoff (+ card pickup).

Sponsors - Air North, Yukon Brewing, Hot Hounds Dryland Racing

Dec 14th Meet at 11.30 at Icy Waters Ltd for the First Mate Extreme Freight Pull: 3 classes, light 0-60lbs, Medium 61-100lbs, Heavy 101lbs+  compete for a share of the 1 tonne First Mate Extreme Dog Food Purse. 

First Mate have generously donated 3.5 tonnes of dog food to dog sports competions in the Yukon since Dec 2007, and Icy Waters Ltd have shipped it all up.

DEC 21st 9.15am Icy Waters Ltd, Registration and Musher's Meeting: Oscar's Electric Race Day, Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister League

$10; 12 mile: sleds 3-5 dogs, skis 2-3 dogs; 1 Pet Dog 5km, anything non-motorised goes, so long as dog remains attached to you; Kids 5km 2-4 dogs sleds, 1-2 dog skis.

January 18th, 9.15am Icy Waters Ltd, Registration and Musher's Meeting: Alpine Vet Race Day, Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister League.

$10; 12 mile: sleds 3-6 dogs, skis 2-4 dogs; 1 Pet Dog 5km, anything non-motorised goes, so long as dog remains attached to you; Kids 5km 2-4 dogs sleds, 1-2 dog skis.

and Many Thanks to our other sponsors - Aurora Booties - dog booties, collars, jackets; Dazhaw Du Chiropractic Clinic, J F Latour - ointments and balms, plus chiropracty of course; First Mate Pet Foods, Yukon Agricultural Association, plus the race day sponsors to come - Chocolate Claim, Duffy's Pets and Tanzilla Harness supply, and  Icy Waters Ltd