Friday, October 31, 2008

CHT & Dryland Rules Amendments

Yeah, yeah, I know, the boring stuff:

Absolutely no metal edged skis for skijorers

All dogs in all races must have necklines (unless solo class), harness, and tuglines attached (unless for veterinary verifiable reasons the dog had to be released from the tugline during the race)

Kids race is 5-13 years

Pet Dog is 14 years+

CHT 12 mile is 14 years +

Mushers Meeting - being late causes problems with the bib draw, is disrespectful of the sponsors and volunteers. Please be on time, this year the Race Officials will be tightening up on punctiality at the Mushers Meeting attendance. You perennial latecomers know who you are...

H Coyne & Sons race day, Sunday Nov 23rd, firepit and potluck BBQ, so bring some wood 'n' grub (Icy Waters Ltd splashed out and bought a BBQ, available to the race clientele).

More details to follow.

Dec 14th - Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer Poker run - Purse confirmed as $700 Cash + $400 Air North Certificates - all thanks to Yukon Brewing, Air North, and all you Drylanders (2008 Dryland entry fees of $400 in the cash pot)!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Growler Race Report

I've slathered moisturizer on my sunburn and I'm treating snowblindness with soggy teabags after the season finale of the Hot Hounds Dry(snow)land Race Series.

Ten dog boxes pulled into our parking lot at 2 p.m. and by 2:30 the first teams let loose on the 1 Mile Pet Dog course. Jonathan took the award for outrageous headgear, from his jester cap and octopus toque to grizzly dog ears on his helmet. He also took first prize, over Wendy Morrison's fabulous ride on a a thin coat of cold fresh snow. "I fell once," she said and landed in the moss. "It was soft, thank God." Scooterman Fabian Schmitz took the red lantern on his first race ever.

Race veteran Jocelyn and running mate Valerie had an eventful 1 Mile Sled Dog run. Valerie's Dino is not a solo runner, so at the last minute Jocelyn offered to switch with Little Otis. Dino gave Jocelyn an uphill battle, while Valerie and Little Otis sailed by with ease.

Jocelyn's reward came in the 2-Mile 2-Dog. Together, Little Otis and Dino whipped around the trail tails up. Meanwhile, bikejorer Crispin and his ghost team Witch and Banshee, born on Hallowe'en, fishtailed in the corners and skidded around curves to post a finish four seconds faster than the motorized class.

Formula One drivers scouted the trail in a quick spin on their ATVs before the race that Dave Johnson won with 10 Streeper dogs. "I was going to take twelve, but after looking at some of those turns..., they're pretty sharp," he said in the staging area. Even so, they rocketed around the trail ahead of Laura Lucas and newcomer Christy Oullette.

Arctic Char and dogs (hot) were on the grill for the post-race pot luck with plenty of our sponsor's beverages. Thanks to everyone who brought a dish to share and our sponsors; Yukon Brewing for the Growler jugs,
Dazhaw Du Chiropractic Clinic for the Traumeel - highly recommended by the Yukon Quest, Aurora Booties for the ever popular dog collars, and Eagle Pack foods. Without your support we wouldn't have a league!

And a special thanks to our perennial hosts Icy Waters where the Copper Haul Season opens on November 23. Timer Gene Innis reminded teams that races are planned for Rendezvous and we'll Reach for the Sky again this year. So, wax your skis and sew your booties; the dogs have a full winter ahead.
posted by Jessica Simon

Hot Hounds Growler Unofficial Finishing Times

Jocelyn coaxes Dino up 1 Mile Hill

1 Pet Dog
1st: Asha and Jonathan Lucas - 5:09:53
2nd: Irie and Wendy Morrison - 7:04:53
3rd: Wilson and Fabian Schmitz - 9:57:53

1 Sled Dog
1st: Little Otis and Valerie - 7:08
2nd: Dino and Jocelyn - 13:06:50

Passing at the false summit on 1 Mile Hill
2 Mile 2 Dog
1st: Banshee and Witch with Crispin - 9:10
2nd: Dino and Little Otis with Jocelyn - 14:38

2 Mile Formula One (minimum 4 dogs)
1st: Pia and Levi led Dave Johnson's 10 Streeper dogs - 9:14
2nd: Sammy and Grey led Laura Jane Lucas' 6 dogs - 10:30
3rd: Christy Oullette's 8 dog string - 10:58
posted by Jessica Simon

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Trail walked by host Jessica Simon, Race Officials Gene Ennis and Laura Jane Lucas, and Organiser Jon Lucas this morning. 

Trail has a light skiff of crunchy snow over hard packed sand. Sand can be kicked up by boot - ie not frozen solid and no sign of ice - YEEHAA.

Race on - see you all at 2pm Sunday afternoon. Mile 4.5 Mayo road, turn at the green dredge buckets and orange tape.

Notes - Formula 1 is for a quad and a minimum of 4 dogs - it's an unlimited class. 
Helmets mandatory for all races except canicross and Formula 1
All starts are at 2 minute intervals. 
Race order:
1 Pet dog 1 mile
1 sled dog 1 mile
2 sled dogs 2 miles
Formula 1, at least 4 dogs to unlimited dogs, 2 miles

BBQ pit all ready for race BBQ - please bring goodies, this is the season finale and kick-off into the snow season

Prizes to first five positions in all races:
1st - Yukon Brewing Growler, with T shirt filling of your choice
2nd - Eagle Pack dog food courtesy of Hans Gatt
3rd - Dog Collars from Aurora Booties
4th - 10lb Frozen BBQ size Arctic Charr from Icy Waters Ltd
5th - Traumeel and joint ointments from Dazhaw Du Chiropractic Cinic - J.F. Latour

Race Officials - Gene Ennis, Mel Bedard, Laura Jane Lucas: don't argue, remember Eastwick.
Jon Lucas is Race Organiser and not a race day official, he has no input on race day.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Growler Dryland Update

Weds evening - Trail in good condition, one muddy patch (goody). Trail being flagged/snowfenced Saturday morning, watch this blog for update!

Aurora Booties delivered a big bag of shiny new collars for prizes on Thursday.

Depending on the weather the races may change a little - rain and frost = ice sheets and injury and probably little fun factor so those conditions will lead to cancellation. If there's a little snow we can go ahead on wheels, if there's a bit more snow then we'll add kick-sleds (or sleds that can be kicked along) to the wheels and make the teams up to 2 and 3 dogs for the 1 and 2 mile sled dog races. Formula 1 will go ahead in all conditions but ice. 

Remember, helmets mandatory in all races EXCEPT Formula 1, or if canicrossing.

Don't forget there's a pot luck BBQ.

Final Trail/Race update late Saturday afternoon!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Map to Growler Mile 4.5 Mayo Road

Don't know how to get to Mike and Jessica's on Mile 4.5 Mayo Road 633-3566?Head north on the Klondike Highway, over the bridge, past the gas station and turn left at the 6th driveway. If you get to Klondike Upholstery you've gone one too far. Two green dredge buckets mark the driveway. Stay on the left fork to get to the dog lot and start line.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Growler" Dryland

Photos by kind courtesy of Whitehorse Star, Jessica Simon, Laura Jane Lucas

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sunday 26th Oct, Dryland Season Finale is ON!!

The 2008 Dryland Series wraps up at Mike and Jessica Simon's place at Mile 4.5 Mayo Road on Sunday 26th October with the

Meet at 2pm, all races $10, all proceeds to CHT Org. to support the coming third Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister League.

Sponsors and Prizes:
Yukon Brewing Growler T shirts - winners receive an empty Growler (big glass bottle that you can fit >6 T shirts in) and a certificate for a fill of the T shirt of their choice from The Yukon Brewery's liquid clothing division - as they say on CKRW "no labels, no glue, no cardboard box", it's the most environmentally friendly way to wear a T shirt (I think you know what I mean)

Chiropractic Dazhaw Du Clinic - Traumeel anti inflammation ointment; and sore joint ointment, suitable for the athletes, and their monkeys.

Eagle Pack Dog Food - Courtesy of Hans Gatt of Gatt Kennel

Icy Waters Arctic Charr - 10lb bags of those delicious BBQ size bundles of Omega-3 and vitamin D

Aurora Booties - Great stuff to make sure you're ready when the snow flies...lands...and packs.


1 Pet dog 1 Mile

1 Sled dog 1 Mile

2 sled dogs 2 Miles

Formula 1 - at least 4 dogs and a quad - 2 miles
(someone please come out and beat Jon, he thinks he's some sort of winner when he's the only entrant)

Keep looking for updates, race is on whether dryland, mudland, rainland, or snowland, canx only for iceland

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hot Hounds and Mongrel Hordes

It takes all kinds to be a Hot Hound
Year round athletes

Cool Gear
and Pirate Wheels

From the Start

Darryl Sheepway had a perfect run

against the Killer Rats, Asha and Jon,

While Linda's dog took her for a run.
On the Trail

Taz pulled Sean past Harvey's truck

The Formula One, and...
The Mongrel Hordes
At the Finish Line

It was Hans Gatt in the Home Stretch

Hot Hounds and Mongrel Hordes

Live Action Footage of the Bikejor/Canicross Finish