Thursday, February 25, 2010

DPSAY's Road Runner Purse tops $6000!!!

Unofficial - The Board of DPSAY, through the generosity of the sponsors, and a lot of hard work, have set the inaugural ROAD RUNNER 100 purse at >$6000, split across Sled and Skijor classes - more details soon on the DPSAY blogsite!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yukon Quest Pooper Scoop

SCROGGIE CREEK SPECIAL EDITION - While Twister racers enjoyed the sun on Valentine's Day, league regular Jocelyn LeBlanc was between Dawson City and Scroggie Creek in her rookie run of the Yukon Quest 1000-mile international sled dog race.

She'd scrambled to get to the start in Fairbanks. "If she makes it to Dawson, she'll get home," said Pierre Duc, who helped build the plywood palace at Scroggie Creek. By the time Jocelyn arrived, it was a certainty. Here she pulls in from the banks of the Stewart River.

Part of what puts the front runners up front is their efficiency at each stop. The faster the dogs are snacked and sleeping, the more rest they get and the sooner the musher can take a load off, too. Jocelyn was by far the smoothest musher in the dog yard, up there with leaders Hans Gatt, Lance Mackey and Hugh Neff. "I learned from Sebastian," she said referring to former Quest champ Sebastian Schnuelle who's been clocked at two minutes to bed his team at Braeburn.

During her eight hour rest at Scroggie, Jocelyn spoke about race qualifiers. She recognized when she was at the 300 mile point, but there was so much to do on the trail, she didn't have time to reflect. "It's a huge leap from three hundred miles to a thousand," she said. "Nothing prepares you."
Below, vet Gary Kuchinka follows up on Jocelyn's dog care while she tends the team.

Jocelyn arrived ninety minutes ahead of Terry Williams, a Fairbanks rookie she'd travelled with through the Black Hills. About the potential battle for the red lantern, she said, "I'm not slowing down just to get the red lantern." Rather, "I just hope my friends are there at the end."

Although one Quest is enough for Jocelyn, if she did bootie up for another start, it would be with 10 dogs rather than 14. "That was just crazy, all those booties." She found the extra work didn't result in extra speed.
The Quest is a learning experience for every rookie, and the lesson Jocelyn learned by Scroggie was that with a bit of work in harness, she could have kept two dogs she'd dropped in Dawson.

Instead these two, below, led the smallest string out of Scroggie Creek. Her seven stalwarts pulled over half the total distance.

Here's the team in the last minute of daylight on the Takhini. Twister regulars Gaeten Pierrard and Mike Simon wave from the sidelines.
Four hours later Jocelyn crossed the finish line to the welcome she'd hoped for from fans and friends.

On the way, Jocelyn changed her mind about the red lantern. Richard Gordon of Gwichin Council bestowed the honour awarded to the last musher out on the trail. "I'll never put fuel in this," Jocelyn said. She also took home the Challenge of the North for the spirit she showed throughout the 26th Yukon Quest.

posted by Jessica Simon,
photos and video Jessica and Mike Simon

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Duffy's Pets & Tanzilla Harness Supply Race Day - Dave Mondor's Pics

Skijoring....not really so stylish....
Grizzly to the team, "he's down ladz, carry on!" that line!...ouch!
Lead dogs "Gottim!", "Yeah, makes up for that 30 miler yesterday"

Stefan and his fast and so-called "slow" dog


Must remember, must go fast, must go fast, I'm not on a tourist team, not a tourist..."

"Move! MOVE! or we will run you down!"

Jeff Diment makes it down the final moguls

Chrystal Bartzac launches down the moguls

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Duffy's Pets & Tanzilla Harness Supply Race Day -Results!

At 0'C in the sun the trail held up well and 16 sled and skijor teams made it round twists, turns, ups, and downs on way or the other - remember: follow the orange tape, and where there isn't any, don't turn off.

Talking of ups and downs, Dave Mondor captured Jon's "this is a bit steep" technique on the final, mogulled downhill - don't slow down at all, just sit on your skis and charge it. Ark has her eyes closed - "it was just so steep" she said afterwards, "I heard the monkey shout "It's ok, Go! Go! GO!" as we started on the downhill and I closed my eyes and went for it!"

Debbie Last won the best fancy dressed sled and musher award and took home 10 blocks of Icy Waters Ltd's Arctic charr dogfood as her prize. (photo Dave Mondor)
Today's results in full:

8 MILE TWISTER (all 5 dog sled unless otherwise stated)

1...Tony Radford...Drag 'n' Fly...29:15
2...Chrystal Bartzack...Drag 'n' Fly...31.51
3...Stefan Wackerhagen...32.46...2 dog skis
4...Darryl Sheepway...Smokin' Paws...33.04...4 dog skis
5...Jon Lucas...Snowpigs...33.30...3 dog skis
6...Darrell Otto...Dogged Pursuit...34.38
7...Gunter Glaser...Drag 'n' Fly...35.50
8...Claudia Wickert...36.05...3 dog skis
9...Fabian Schmitz...36.13
10...Dave Desmarais..Akeno...37.40
11...Martine Lelevier...Looping...38.09
12...Amil Dupuis-Rossi...Smokin' Paws...41.12
13...Jeff Diment...Granpa Campbell's...41.21
14...Brian McDougall...43.26
15...Stephanie Routlie...Looping...44.08
16...Debbie Last...Windy Ridge...46.15

Tony wins the elegant Moose Antler Valentines' Day trophy, carved by Gene Ennis' partner Earl, with engraved plaques from Daves Trophy shop.

1 Pet Dog, 5km (all skijoring)

1...Miriam Lukszova...13.38
2...Pippa Lawson...Tiramasu...16.05
3...Jon Lucas...Asha...19.28

Kid's Race, 5km

1...Seth Carey...13.22

Thanks to Duffy's Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply for all that luverly cash, and merchandise prizes from Yukon Brewing, Yukon Honda, Yukon Grain Farm, Circle-D Ranch Drury's Elk Farm, Yukon Ag. Assoc., Icy Waters Ltd., Midnightsun Alpacas, First Mate Dog Food.

Next Race March 7th, Sleds 2-4 dogs, skis 2-3 dogs - see you there!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Duffy's Pets & Tanzilla Harness Supply Race Day ON!

Trail nice and firm, no ice, dragged by Dave and Jon with ..erm trail drags this afternoon. See everyone 10 am, Icy Waters Ltd, Sunday (tomorrow!)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Road Runner 100 Sponsor Whitehorse Motors!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bootie reminder!!!

Remember you must show 4 booties per dog to the RM at start line - either you carrying them, or on the dogs feet.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Duffy's Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply Race Day

Trail groomed yesterday, run today and it's firm and fast. Two more packings before the Race on Sunday 14th; meet at 10am Icy Waters Ltd.

8 mile Twister - sleds 2-5 dogs; skis 2-4 dogs
5 km Kids Race - sleds 2-4 dogs, skis 2-3 dogs
5km, 1 Pet Dog - anything non-motorised

Looking good - remember we are short of volunteers for this race, please come out and volunteer, have fun in the balmy weather and get free Arctic Charr fillets, and a shot at Yukon Brewing's refreshingly frothy T shirts!!

Don't forget the inaugural Whitehorse - Haines Junction Road Runner 100 sign up closes Friday Feb 19th at 4pm, see for more details.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Just a reminder that Entry for the RR100 closes on Friday Feb 19th at 4.00pm. There are no late entries. If you plan to run this inaugural 100 mile Whitehorse to Haines Junction race, please sign up as soon as you can. The success of this race will determine if it is put on next year, and its extension to a local 200 mile Quest Qualifier.


Sunday February 14th - that's right! Valentine's Day - what better place to spend it, on a (predicted) balmy day out in the snowfields around Icy Waters Ltd, racing (or watching) dogs with sleds or skis - with the delight of the "kiss-your-handler" (or anyone else really, dogs included) at the start and finish line to win your very own aluminium wrapped Yukon Brewing T-Shirt! Annnnd not forgetting the 10 Dog Food blocks for best Fancy-Dressed Skijorer or sled/musher, and the special carved Moose ear (sorry, antler) Valentines trophy for First in the 8 mile.

Now to the serious stuff: Meet 10.00am Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd

8 mile - sleds 2-5 dogs; skis 2-4 dogs
5km Kids - sleds 2-4 dogs, skis 1-3 dogs
5km Pet Dog - 1 pet dog attached to you - run, ski, bike whatever you like, but no engines!

(5km trail hard and fast due to Norcope ploughing the road to their entrance, no gravel exposed)

Lots of luverly cash from Duffy's Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply, and merchandise from Icy Waters Ltd, C&D Feeds, Yukon Ag Association, Yukon Grain Farm, Circle D Ranch - Drury's Elk Farm, Yukon Honda, First Mate Dog Food, Yukon Brewing and Midnight Sun Alpacas.

Volunteers needed, as the Quest has stolen some of our regulars - Arctic Charr fillets as a thank you, plus the volunteer draw prizes!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

RR100 - sleds 2: skis 2

Pierre Duc from Carcross signs up in RR100 sled division!

With snow seemingly continually falling these past few days, the big trail/skidoo packing gang arranged for this weekend is looking good. If anyone wants to help out on the trail between Mendenhall and Haines Junction this weekend please call Stacie Zaychuk at 667 4502, the more the merrier, and the better trail packing!

RR100 Sign up Flash

Skijorers presently outnumber the sleds with Gaetan Pierrard and Jon Lucas (Snowpigs) already signed up for the 100 mile skis, and Claudia Wickert paid up for the 100 mile sled. 8 Skijor and 24 sled poitions remain available, sign up closes on Feb 20th!

Race Route finalised as: Shipyards Park (Whitehorse), Yukon River, Takhini River, Dawson Overland Trail, 37 mile road connector to Sebastien's Blue Kennels, Highway to Mendenhall, Highway to Pine Lake, Pine Lake (Jaines Junction) to its campground and the Finish.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dave Mondor - Pics from Oscar's Electric Race Day

Cynthia Corriveau snowploughs down the final hill