Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beautiful Day for Cadence Cycle Race and First Mate Freight Pull this evening

and just a reminder - join DPSAY and race for just $10, and then just $5 for another race on the same day; or simply race as a non-member at $15 per race.

See you all there, bring good stuff for the Pot-luck BBQ!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

First Mate Extreme $39 / 40lb bag

Sponsor of tomorrow's Freight Pull, First Mate, have made their Extreme 36% Protein/28% Fat diet available at $39/40lb bag delivered to Icy Waters Ltd. Jon is taking orders now for a mid-late Sept delivery - email for more details.

Or come on out to the Cadence Cycle Hot Hounds race on Sunday and win some at the Freightpull!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cadence Cycle + First Mate Extreme Freight Pull are ON!

5pm Sunday 31st July, at Lee Kirkpatrick and Jim Hajash's Drag n Fly kennel, km 3, Old Alaska Highway - we have our first Hot Hounds Dryland Races of the summer (really? summer's still here? thought we were in fall from the feel of it).

Startlingly magnificent prizes will be up for grabs, from Cadence Cycle on Wood Street (get all your cycle stuff there, they've supported Hot Hounds for all 5 seasons!) for places 1st-3rd in our 4 races:

1 mile 1 sled dog - using unpowered wheels (bike or scooter usually)

1 mile 1 pet dog - using unpowered wheels

2 mile 2-4 sled dog - (4 dogs are for the more adventurous among us - enjoy) - unpowered wheels again

1 mile 1 dog Canicross - using powered human legs ie running

And to begin, we'll have the First Mate Freightpull:

light 0-60lb, medium 61-100lb, and heavyweight 101lb + dogs compete in their category to pull the heaviest load 16' on a trolley generously donated for the occasion by Grizzly Pigs Farm. Last dog pulling is that categories' champion. Prizes are 3 bags of First Mate for 1st; 2 for 2nd, and 1 for 3rd.

And we'll finish up with a pot luck BBQ - so bring something to eat, drink and share, and enjoy the post race atmosphere, swop accounts of terrible passing, and show off assorted bruises and grazes (nah, only joking; no you're not, this is the bonebreaker trail; shhh, don't remind them). It 's all perfectly safe, with helmets mandatory, body armour recomended, and a detailed disclaimer you need to sign before you go anywhere near that gravelled trail.

Remember, DPSAY Hot Hounds.....where all the cool dogs go