Sunday, May 31, 2009

YUKON BREWING CHT Sponsors are back!!!

In the midst of the Dryland season, most of our Snow sponsors have confirmed their committment to CHT Season 4!!

Yukon Brewing

Alpine Vet

Oscar's Electric

Chocolate Claim

Duffy's Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply

Icy Waters Ltd

Buy their stuff, they keep us going!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chocolate Claim Mud Puppy photos

Cynthia Corriveau speeds down the trail after a restart due to a little "accident" on the trail

Fabian Schmitt encourages the Vampire twins Hydro and Akin through the sunlight past the spooky photographer

Darryl Sheepway charges down the trail. oblivious to Tippy and Polar's conversation:
 "Polar, Look! Look! the man with the black bone stuck to his face, get your tongue out like Grizzly!"
"Tippy, I am not a...hound
 "Spoilsport, now we won't be in the Yukon News and famous", 

Assman and Emma approaching the ditch and driveway crossing -  Assman "Remember fake straight-on then dodge left." Emma "yeah, that should throw him off that thing". Assman "drag him down that gravel, that'll teach him to train us in summer - what about a  well deserved rest eh?"

Janet Keller and Kuzmo "I feel a little overdressed";  Yegor "Indeed, is it me or is it a tad warm out?"

Now Janet, you've told us all winter you have no leaders......

Heather "On by, Rico"; Rico "Why is Jon's dog hiding in the bush?". Jon thinks "Please go by, please make it look fast for the photographer"

"Straight on Rizzo, stop looking at those loose dogs, you were fed an hour ago, STRAIGHT ON!"

Asha "Oh goody, a camera, is this my best side? am I squinting?"; Jon "get a move on, on by, you poseur"; Asha "What? Jealous?"

Courtesy of Stefan Wakerhagen of Lone Trails (photography, wilderness tours, & expeditions)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Race Day Etiquette 101

Serious interlude

If you must bring dogs you are not going to race, to the race meet, please, please do not let them out "for some air" loose on the race trail, especially not whilst there is a race in progress. It happened on Saturday - and you should have known better.

Serious interlude over.

Hey Stephan! where are those photos, severe photo drought on blogsite - Wendy you had a camera??

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chocolate Claim Mud Puppy Results

With one of the biggest Hot Hounds turnouts ever (rivalling CHT winter meets) and a strong Pet Dog Class, the Chocolate Claim launched the third Dryland season with a flourish. Along winding (downright switchback!) trails under the trees 9 km down the Carcross road, 21 teams battled it out for delicious truffle chocolates, Aurora Booties Collars, and C&D Feeds snacks.

Photos and more comment to come later, for now


1 Mile 1 Pet Dog (1.4 miles)

1. Asha - Jon Lucas - Bike - 7.38
2. Rizzo - Megan Ennis - Bike - 10.33
3. Keno - Heather Desmarais - Scooter - 10.44
4. Novaks - Alicia Power - Legs/Canicross - 12.36
5. Alpine, the three legged rocket - Julia Nees - Legs/Canicross - 13.13
6. Aklak - Dave Desmarais - Scooter - 19.20
7. Silver - Heather Gordon - Legs/Canicross - 20.29

1 Mile 1 Sled Dog (1.4 miles)

1. Grizzly - Darryl Sheepway - Bike - 7.14
2. Peat - Dave Desmarais - Scooter - 9.43
3. Ringo - Janet Keller - Bike - 10.13
4. Rico - Heather Desmarais - Scooter - 11.29
5. Ark - Jon Lucas - Bike - 13.47

2 Mile 2 Sled Dog (2.2 miles)

1. Emma & Assman - Jon Lucas - Bike - 10.13
2. Polar & Tippy - Darryl Sheepway - Bike - 10.24
3. Hydro & Akin - Fabian Schmitt - Bike - 11.19
4. Dino & Willow - Gaetaon Perrard - Bike - 12.08
5. Kuzmo & Yegor - Janet Keller - Bike - 13.46
6. Appleton & Nero - Claudia Wickert - Scooter - 13.56
7. Raven & Pop-Eye - Jocelyne LeBlanc - Bike - 16.41
8. Justa & Adlak - Alexandra Rochat - Bike - 19.43

DNF. Nahanni - Cynthia Corriveau..

Very many thanks to host Wendy Morrison, and again to the Chocolate Claim.

Next Race - host Stacie Zaychuk at Mendenhall where apparently the delights of ant-hills, small shallow ponds, mud, and ruts await our delectation - and a rockin' Potluck BBQ of course! Sunday June 28th

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shock Horror read all about it - Weatherman in canine cranial transplant

Come on in, the water's lovely in the ride-through splash pond of the Chocolate Claim's Mud Puppy Derby - RACE IS ON - or actually all 4 of them are - a snip at $10 each (plus your one-off annual DPSAY membership) for a chance of winning those gorgeous cakes and chocolates

as well as surprising variety of other goodies.....

Disclaimer - photo taken on closed course with professional driver, do not try cranial transplants at home

erm....there honestly isn't a splash pond on the Mud Puppy Derby trails, trail boss Wendy Morrison has assured us it's just a bit muddy. All details and how to get here - click on the link just above the Duffy's logo on the right there and scroll down.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Chocolate Claim Mud Puppy Derby - Update

Trails still have some mud, remember to bring a change of clothes to relax around the pot-luck BBQ after. Flagging/checking Thurs/Fri this week. Look out for the Weatherperson!

For address details etc please click on "DPSAY/CHT Org Race Shedule" to the right of this article, just above the Duffy's logo.

Races same as always -

1 Pet Dog 1 mile; 1 Sled dog 1 mile; 2 Sled dogs 2 miles - run, use a bike, scooter, anything so long as it's unpowered and the dog(s) stay attached to you or the "vehicle" throughout the race, Helmets mandatory. 
Formula 1 - powered or unpowered quad bike with 4-12 dogs, 2 miles, Helmets advised. 

Protective body armour advised for all races. Protect yourself, because you will be signing all other protection away with the race disclaimer.

Entry Fee $10 per race

The CHT Org has joined with The Dog Powered Sports Association of the Yukon (DPSAY) in order to organise this season's expanded set of 13 race days (44 races).  DPSAY is able to apply for grant support (CHT Org cannot) and will be doing so for eg Race bibs, race organisation support, gambling licence for the "--?-- and Take the Beer" Poker Run. However there is a small cost to this - membership of DPSAY - single annual membership is $15/year; family membership is $25/year. 

To enter the CHT/DPSAY races you have to be a member of DPSAY (as happens in various other races/associations but a whole lot cheaper) - so pay the annual entry fee at your first race, and then you can enter any of the 44 races on offer for their very modest entry fee of usually $10.  

See you on Saturday 23rd, 6 pm, for a mud splattered evening and some delicious chocolate and cakes!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Training in May - what a glorious Spring we've had!

At least there's no overheating worries. Here Assman and Emma haul Jon the intrepid scooterist to the wet and slimy plywood bridge near Icy Waters Ltd. Susie "Tree Tops" Rogan has vowed to win all the Chocolate at the upcoming Chocolate Claim Mud Puppy Derby and is still ranting on about her past victories, which inexplicably seems to get uncompetitive Snowpigs Jon into training mode.

nb: "Tree Tops" is a reference to Paul Geoffrion's outburst in a "discussion" with mild-talking Susie recently "my, you climb the tree quickly!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister League race day sponsor Duffy's Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply confirms $400 for Feb 2010 race Day!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Inkspirationz Graphics prints Chocolate Claim Hot Hounds Poster

A big thank-you to Shannon at  INKSPIRATIONZ GRAPHICS for printing our poster, go there for all your printing and graphics needs

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chocolate Claim Mud Puppy Derby Update

Most excellent prizes from the Chocolate Claim await those intrepid enough to launch themselves into the mud and puddles of Wendy Morrison's Mud-Puppy trails on Sat May 23rd. Meet at 6pm. Address/contact details on "Race Schedule" blogsite (see right sidebar).

In all races except the Formula 1, any mode of unpowered transport can be used, the dog/s must be attached to the monkey (you) or the "vehicle". In the Formula 1, powered or unpowered Quads are used. Helmets mandatory in all races except Formula 1, and various items of body armour are recommended - you won't be laughing when you crack an unprotected shin on a tree, rock, part of a bike as you wipe out in the mud!

Don't forget there's a Potluck BBQ after the racing, and bring your own "T-shirt"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CHT Org. and DPSAY Launch new blogsite

Please see sidebar for "Race Schedule" blogsite, click on it and you'll see all the races scheduled for the 09-10 season - there's now no reason to lounge around drinking beer getting out of shape all summer! Although it is an odd reality that for some, racing dogs and drinking specifically Yukon Brewing's Beers actually keeps both dogs and monkey fit, apparently.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Mate Sponsors Yukon's only summer Freightpull!

 First Mate Dogfood are the prizes at the July Freightpull, held along with the "Are you Arresting ME?!!" Hothounds Dryland races at Drag 'n' Fly Kennel

Puck is looking forward to the excitment and says he'll see you all there!
(photo Laura Jane Lucas)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Chocolate Claim Mud Puppy Derby Update

DATE CHANGE - you have an extra week to train, Mud Puppy Derby now Saturday May 23rd.
More details soon!
Peat and Assman out training Dave and Jon recently! (photo Laura Jane Lucas)

Newsflash - First Mate Dogfoods sponsors July's summer Freightpull at the most controversial Phillipe's Bike Repair "Are you arresting me?!!" Hothounds, at Drag n Fly Kennel, Old Alaska Highway