Sunday, October 31, 2010


With teamwork we can make it to the top

Without it there won't be many DPSAY races this season, Board Members and organisers needed, please contact Darryl at if you can help out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

$7 straw - Yukon Grain Farm

CHT merchandise sponsor Yukon Grain Farm has given us 12 bales of straw, for 2 prizes per race for the upcoming season - thank you! - but if you can't wait to win it, they have more, at the startlingly reasonable price of just SEVEN bucks a bale. Additionally Grain Farm owner Steve is around after hours, so you don't have to be there in shop hours - just call 633 4092 to book a pick up time.

Whilst you're there buy some Yukon grown potatoes and carrots - supporting our local sponsors is a tasty business!

Yukon Grain Farm, 633 4092

STRAW $7/bale

The CHT Org

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mark Manolis - In the ZONE

Sleep-racing Master - Mark Manolis, captured live by Jonathan Russell of the Whitehorse Star, as he navigates the trail through deep-thought meditation techniques and Decaf provides ocular senses - or is Mark really telepathically connected to Decaf? (is that allowed? check the rules-ed.) Throughout this Hot Hounds season, "Sleep-Master" Mark has been photographed sleep racing in every event, even whilst bikejouring!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yukon Brewing Dryland - small turnout, lotsa fun, everybody wins!

Eleven teams competed across the 4 categories in a light hearted and fun end to DPSAY's 2010 Summer Hot Hounds Series. This meant there was enough packs of T shirts for every entrant, and one for long suffering Summer Race Marshall Simi Morisson, who said "Thanks, but I don't wear Beer T-shirts, my husband Colin will be happy though!"

Highlights included 9lb Lola taking on 94lb Asha in the Pet Dog; Stefan W's chain not breaking; Jon's rear derailleur locking up on a steep uphill; and Darryl only winning twice and thus ending the season with only 10/11 firsts..."I'm a bit disappointed" Darryl mentioned later.

Trail marking was excellent (Darryl + Mike) and hostmanship from Jessica and Mike Simon most excellent, thank you, and thanks to the 6 trail volunteers who made sure we took the right turns and indicted we should really think about slowing down for the next section.

In the 1-3 dog 2.5 miler, Darryl ran 3 dogs and stayed upright throughout, which required considerable skill when winding downhill through the trees in the slush; Stefan and Jon ran one dog each, rationalising neither really wanted to start the snow season wrapped round/impaled upon a tree - there's plenty of opportunity to do that properly on skis later.

And so to the results:

1 Mile 1 Pet Dog

1...Asha, Jon Lucas, Bike, 6.39
2...Lola, Mark Manolis, Feet, 11.05

1 Mile Canicross

1...Grizzly, Darryl Sheepwins...7.43
2...Decaf, Mark Manolis...8.32

1 Mile 1 Sled Dog (all bikes)

1...Stefan Wackerhagen, 4.23
2...Darryl Sheepsecond, 4.37
3...Jon Lucas, 4.46
4...Gaetan Pierrard, 4.55

2 Mile 2 sled dog (all bikes)

1...Darryl Sheepwon, 10.44
2...Stefan Wackerhagen, 11.21
3...Jon Lucas, 15.58

(editor's note: small entry fields are great, takes so much less time to type it all in)

Many thanks to everyone who made this summer such a great success: sponsors, volunteers, racers, it really was fun!; remember, to make this winter a similar success DPSAY needs people to join the Board, we have the sponsors, we have a crew of race day volunteers, we need some behind the scenes organisers and volunteers to put it all together.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yukon Brewing GRR GRRR Growler Races Confirmed - We Go!

Which means the races are on - at Mike and Jessica Simon's - It is illegal to advertise alcohol as prizes, please view the totally unconnected product that is available from our sponsor's brewery shop - don't forget to ask for your 5% rewards program discount when buying there, and Growlers attract no deposit, nor enviro-fee - it's win win win at Yukon Brewing!

Race location - from Whitehorse drive to the Mayo Road (Road to Dawson) intersection, turn right, cross the Takhini River, pass Takhini Gas, then go into the 6th Driveway on the left that has the "Simom" sign just before it, and orange flagging at the driveway.

See you all at 5pm! Meat and Veggie burgers courtesey of Mike & Jessica, bring everything else for great season finale pot luck!

Yukon Brewing GRR GRRR Growler Races STILL on!!

Trail report 13.30 Saturday - light snow dusting on trails, no problem for wheels.

Trail update noon Sunday, but all looks good.

Jessica and Mike are supplying burgers and rolls for the pot luck apres-course soiree, so if you can, please bring complimentary offerings (salad, dessert, pies etc :) )

See you at the start line!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yukon Brewing GRR GRRR Growler Races on!!

Trails scoped and checked by Mike Simon and Darryl Sheepway last night - all good and Darryl promises to flag it well pre-race on Sunday - so you know who to complain too if you get lost (not that it'll do you any good).

1 mile 1 Pet Dog, 1 mile 1 Sled dog, and 1 mile Canicross (for the hard people) follows the same 1 mile trail as last year - remember the lovely soft sand climb up off the power line? here's hoping it's frozen hard this time.

2 mile 2 sled dog, is a 2.5 mile trail twisting through the trees, and dog limit is 1-3 dogs for this race. According to the trail description of tree roots, turns, climbs and declines etc Jon thoroughly recommends body armour (very reasonably priced at sponsor Cadence Cycle). Why does Jon wear armour anyway? you may ask; and the answer is because he didn't used to, and bikejouring and scootering hurt a lot and Laura wisely pointed out "you won't spend $70 or so, so off you go to chance putting yourself out for the season, or longer" that was enough and on the next run with armour Jon met a rock that shattered his shin plate (the armour plate, not the shin, although it would have been without the armour)...which is one reason everyone signs the disclaimer.

Meet at 5pm at Jessica and Mike's, see previous post for description/map of how to get there; Mike has kindly cleared out his shop and cleaned out the log stove for the post race potluck - eat and reminisce about going the wrong way in warmth, whilst savouring Yukon Brewing's glass wrapped T shirts! DPSAY spares no luxury for its racers!

Many thanks to YUKON BREWING for T shirt prizes for 1st-3rd, and Aurora Booties, Icy Waters, C&D Feeds, Muktuk Kennel and possibly yet another Yukon Ag T shirt! as supporting prizes.

IMPORTANT FINAL NOTE - this is Jon's last race as DPSAY President and race organiser - after organising 4 summer and winter seasons all the stuff he hasn't been doing has caught up with him. To keep the races going we need a few people to step up to design & put up posters, talk to the newspapers, flag a course or two, groom the odd trail, speak to sponsors, keep the Board going (to access funding like the $4,900 DPSAY has got for the Road Runner this season) - small stuff if spread amongst many people, too much if there's less than a handful. Contact Darryl on if you can help out.

and was fun!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Yukon Brewing's "The Growler" Dryland Races!

Design and printing thanks to Inkspirationz Graphix!
How to get there:
So, meet at 5pm, Sunday Oct 17th, all the usual races -
1 Mile 1 Pet Dog; 1 Mile 1 Sled Dog; 1 Mile as-many-dogs-as you-like-being-dragged-by Canicross; and the 2 Mile 2 Sled Dog.

Anything non-motorised can be used.

Many thanks to Mike and Jessica Simon for hosting the event, don;t forget the pot-luck BBQ after, and thanks to Yukon Brewing for the prize T-shirts, and Icy Waters Ltd, Aurora Booties, and C&D Feeds for the supporting prizes!

Last race with wheels before more snow flies!