Monday, December 20, 2010

Oscar's Electric RESULTS!

A chilly -33'C (and some sun, but that didn't appear to warm anything: Snowpig's dog truck still died in the dog lot - but then that's the point of these local races - find out what's going wrong near to home, rather than a Sunday afternoon in Tok, for example) greeted the hardy mushers on Sunday. The snow packed trail was a little sticky. almost gritty at times with the temp but the times were great:

10.5 Mile Twister
(all 5 dog sleds unless otherwise stated)

1...Crispen Studer...44.47
2...Alexandra Rocket...49.20
3...Stephan Wackerhagen...49.22 (2 dog skis)
4...Darrell Sheepway...49.24 (3 dogs skis)
5...Gaetan Pierrard...49.30 (3 dog skis)
6...Dave Mason...49.50
7...Kyla Johnson...51.42
8...Jon Lucas...60.12
9...Eilidh Lucas...60.36 (4 dog sled)

5km Pet Dog

1...Mark Manolis and a pet Husky...24.22
2...Asha and Jon Lucas...25.03

Thanks to everyone for turning out including of course the volunteers who had to stand around in the cold, pointing everyone in the right direction and OSCAR'S ELECTRIC for the $$$, and First Mate Dogfood, Yukon Grain Farm ($7 a bale straw), Yukon Honda, C&D Feeds, Muktuk Adventures, Aurora Booties and of course host Icy Waters Ltd.

That wraps up Jon's organising of 4 seasons of Hot Hounds and 4.4 seasons for the CHT - thanks everyone, in the words of Vinnie Jones "It's been emotional" (first to tell me the movie that comes from, I'll buy a beer: Yukon Brewing of course, unless somehow that violates some Lotteries/Liquor Bd regulation).

Next Race, Next Year - January 16th: Duffy's Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply Race Day, kindly organised by Claudia Wickert & Fabian Schmit, live at Icy Waters Ltd.
Anyone care to step up and organise the February Race? Everything is in place except an organiser, and Jon's written out the "how to do it" checklist.

Keep watching the blog (I'm not giving that up!), Cheers, Merry Christmas and Happy Training!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Oscar's Electric Race Trail - Hard n fast

Jon ran 9 dogs down the CHT Friday night and collected a nice line in yellow fleece booties courtesy of the last musher - anyway, he didn't crash, the snow is very deep and easy to set a firm hook.

Trail to be skidoo run and smoothed with a pallet alter today

All good for tomorrow Sunday 19th, 10am Icy Waters Ltd, km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oscar's Electric Race Day Sun Dec 19th!

Registration 10am, then SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING (see details posted by DPSAY Board on DPSAY Blogsite), then Musher's Meeting and Bib Draw

10.5 mile Twister: Sleds 3-5 dogs, Skis 2-3 dogs
5km 1 Pet dog Race
5km Kids Race, sleds 2-4 dogs, skijor 1-2 dogs

Most Excellent prizes from OSCAR'S ELECTRIC, Aurora Booties, Icy Waters Ltd, First Mate Dog Food, Yukon Honda, Yukon Grain Farm, C&D Feeds, Yukon Brewing

So turn up and race for those great prizes, and attend the meeting, it's rather important for the future of DPSAY's races.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More photos - rewind to our First Twister this season

Photos thanks to snowboarding fanatic Stanislas Freiheit:

Marine Gastard of Sky High

Multiple Passing - the Twister has all your training needs! See Pierre Duc pegging like mad to get away from Claudia Wickert as Alex Rochat's team politely waits before taking the gee up the hill

Alexandra Rochat

Jon Lucas, cross-dressing from sled to skis

Fabian Schmitz

Pierre Duc, smiling into second place

and a blast from the past of the archives: Eilidh Lucas with charging Rottweillor Asha, rumour is they'll both be competing in the Twister on the 19th!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Photos from the Shoulder of Mt Mac - Nicolas Dory

Just as the mushers reach the summit of the last climb, Nicolas was there to snap those happy expressions....
Harvey Van Patten, Raven in lead, is looking for the beer

Claudia Wickert - "Thank ****, the top"

Fabian Schmit...nearly there
C'mon Darryl, a few more pushes....

A scenic view, with Kyla Johnson in the foreground

Pierre Duc, not yet knowing he holds the 2nd prize hand
The 4 "didn'ts" of Ed Hopkins today:
"I didn't get lost; I didn't crash the sled; I didn't lose the team; and...I didn't win"
(But I'm sure it was a great training experience for the dogs - although Ed didn't actually say that one)

Almost a smile there, under all the masking, from Ian Stewart

Sunday, December 5, 2010


First Mate Extreme Freight Pull

(position...Dog...Owner..weight pulled)


1...KARA...Yvonne Bohlig...280lb
2...IBEX...Gaetan Pierrard...120lb


1...ASHA...Jon Lucas...320lb


1...PUCK...Laura J.Lucas...200lb

All entrants won 160lb First Mate Extreme dog food, retail value approx $200

Reach For the Sky and Take the Beer poker run

Kindly sponsored by:



1...Crispin Studer...8 Dogs...2.11.20
2...Ed Hopkins...12...2.14.35
3...Maren Bradley...8...2.22.15
4...Pierre Duc...8...2.28.15
5...Marine Gastard...8...2.30.00
6...Marcelle Fressinau...8...2.32.15
7...Deb Knight...8...2.33.00
8...Michelle Phillips...8...2.33.45
9...Kyla Johnson...8...2.34.20
10...Darryl Sheepway...8...2.39.40
11...Genessee Keevil...8...2.42.50
12...Alexandra Rochat...6...2.43.50
13...Fabian Schmidt...6...2.48.55
14...Ian Stewart...6...2.58.35
15...Claudia Wickert...6...3.08.20
16...Harvey Van Patten...6...3.22.58

Of course times are really not important, who won the money?

1 - $450 Cash + $100 AN Cert Marcelle Fressinau 4 x 10 + 1 Ace
2 - $250 Cash + $100 AN Cert Pierre Duc 2 x Q + 2 x J
3 - $150 Cash + $200 AN Cert Crispin Studer 2 Q + 2 x 8

Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable day out, and to Gaetan Pierrard RM, Colin Morrison ARM/Timer + Chilli Chef; Mark Manolis + Brian MacDonald at Jackson Lake; Ingabritt Scholven + Steve Reid at Sunshine Valley; Jocelyn LeBlanc at Sky High; Guillome Gravel on Fish Lake; and Jessica and Mike Simon up on Mt Mac!

See you all at the next Twister on Dec 19th!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer - Run ON, 1st Mate Freight Pull - ON

Unfortunately Guillome blew his snowmachine's clutch (breaking another trail) on Thursday so Jon ran his trail machine up to Sky High this morning and marked the trail with new orange tape, although the faded hot pink from last year is still pointing the way. The creek crossing 15 mins from the start still has a steep downhill into it, and it was just starting to overflow slightly at 12.30 this aftenoon. We do not go through the KDFN Healing Village but turn off through the sand pits just before, and arrive at the same place on Jackson Lake rd, ready to take a card and venture onto the shallow and patchy overflow (at noon) of Jackson and Louise Lakes. Sky High are marking the trail on to the base of Mt Mac. From there it is just up through an undoubtedly drifted-in trail given the winds up there today, and then you meet Jessica and Mike Simon for another card and a refreshing beveredge from Yukon Brewing. It's all downhill from there!

Meet 10am Icy Waters Ltd for registration+mushers meeting, expected race start time 11am.
Purse - $1250 cash n certificates - courtesy of Air North, Yukon Brewing, and all you summer Hot Hounds racers.

First Mate Freight Pull - Meet at Noon at Icy Waters Ltd, $10 entry fee (mis-type on poster).

See you all there!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer Poker Run + First Mate Freight Pull 2010

Both held on Sunday 5th Dec at Icy Waters Ltd -

First Mate Freight Pull - 720lbs FM Extreme Dog food up for grabs, $10 entry fee: Lightweights 0-60lb; Mediums 61-99; Heavies 100lb+.

Register (FREIGHT PULL ONLY) at Noon

Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer MEET AT 10am: 4-12 dogs, complete the course (22 miles, 2000 ft climb in the first 14 miles, then 2000 back down in the middle 4 miles, then 4 miles of flat) in under 4 hours, and collect 6 cards along the route, make the best 5 card poker hand. Purse - $550 from DPSAY Hot Hounds; $300 from Yukon Brewing; 4 x $100 flight certificates from Air North. .Free Entry

RM - Gaetan Pierrard, ARM/Timer Colin Morrison

Trail packed by Darryl S on Tuesday who carved through the overflow on Jackson lake, temps up there tonight at -35'C which should set it up nicely. Guillome Gravel is taking his Skandic over the course and flagging it Saturday.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lots of Snow

Darryl Sheepway spent most of Tuesday punching through all the new snow to make a trail for Sunday, thanks Darryl! Although too much snow for grooming, the trail is now defined.